Author Image Score
Steve Bexon Blegberry Beach 18
Susan Carter Sleepy head 17
Trevor England A taste of Cornwall 16
Dave Carter Durdle Dor 19.5
David Crowson A-C 18
Alan Wardropper Getting the Facts 15
Richard Carter Blue Dyed Lily 17
Robin Astle Space Center 17
Rob Jones Waterfalls in the Mist 16
Mike Dawe The Ferry Man 16
Ian Waite Cleo 18
Trish Rudin Converse on the Beach 16
Martin Allen Amarylis 17
Phil Mallin Alum Creek 17
Julie Holbeche-Maund Lemons & Limes 19
Roger Decon Hay Stacks Fell 16
Chantal Coper Waiting for the tide at Sunrise 17
Clive Jarvis Castle in Scotland 17
Geoff Whitelocks Two from Home 15
Peter Lawrance Are you looking at me ? 20
John Smith The River Dove 15
Paul Steans Needs a Mini Restoration 17
Gary Wood Broken Willy 15
Jay Matthews Brighton Rock 17
Alan Wardropper Determined 18.5
Chantal Coper Hunstanton Dusk 17
Clive Jarvis Narrow Boat 16
Dave Carter Kimmeridge Bay 17
David Crowson Print of a Lady 18
Gary Wood One of the Few 18.5
Geoff Whitelocks Abandoned Crane 13
Ian Waite Foxton sunset 19
Jay Matthews Beddgelert Bridge 16
John Smith Blosson Time 15
Julie Holbeche-Maund Fairy Dust 17
Martin Allen Fox Cub 17
Mike Dawe We’ll Meet Again 15
Paul Steans Not going for a Rive 17
Peter Lawrance Venice 19.5
Phil Mallin Morning after the Fire 17
Richard Carter Reproduction time 17
Rob Jones Amanita Muscaria 17
Robin Astle Hover Fly 17
Roger Decon Casiguran Boatman 16
Steve Bexon Bearded Gent 19
Susan Carter Autume blur 14
Trevor England A journey into books 18
Trish Rudin Magpie Mine 17