Last night was the last meeting of the Earl Shilton Camera Club for the 2016/17 season and was the AGM.

We fortunately just made the quorum requirement to enable the AGM to take place. A good evening was had with lots of lively debate on various aspects the minutes were


Wednesday 31st May @ 7.30 pm.  Earl Shilton Constitutional Club


ATTENDANDED:  Bret Lawrence (Chairman); Geoff Whitlocks (Vice Chairman); John Smith  (Club Secretary); Ian Waite (Programme Secretary); Gary Wood (Competition Secretary);  Committee Members: Jules Holebeche-Maund and John Langham.

MEMBERS:  David Crowson; Allan Francis: Martin Hall, Robin Jones, Phil Malin, Keith Mundy, Paul Steans, Mike Trigg, Dave Varnham, Alan Wardropper, Loz Waterson, Margret Waterson

Attendance 22

  1. Apologies: Kevin Poyner, Steve Bexon, Nat Colson, Martin Allen, Roger Leck, Dave Carter.
  2. Minutes from the last AGM: These were outlined by John Smith, Club Secretary
  3. Matters arising: There were no matters arising and the minutes were adopted and signed by the Chairman and Secretary.
  4. Officers Reports: These were presented by each of the club’s officers with their own perspective of the last year.
  • Chairman – Delivered by Brett Lawrence, (see attached) During the delivery of his report, Brett thanked Geoff Whitlocks for all his work on the committee and his contribution to the club.  Geoff leaves the committee because of health reasons and was wished all the best with the gift of a bottle of whiskey.
  • Club Secretary – Delivered by John Smith, (see attached)
  • Programme Secretary – Delivered by Ian Waite, (see attached)
  • Competition Secretary – Presented by Gary Wood in the form of a power point presentation with Gary’s usual information of all results and statistics
  • Treasurer – In Martin Allens’ absence the balance sheet and details was presented by Gary Wood, (see attached)

Following the Financial Report members raised several points

  • Mike Trigg enquired about the room hire which is approx £25 for each meeting
  • Paul Steans asked if it was financial feasible to have models on club nights and how would this be organised.
  • Jules Holebeche Maund referred to the two studio evenings that have been held so far. This has been in addition to club evenings and the last one cost £15 per person for the room hire and models fees.   It is best that these evenings have a maximum of 6 members but others could attend to observe.
  • Jules also added that with £299 in the bank we have flexibility for such activities.
  • Mike Trigg suggested we could even have a team competition between members.
  • All these points will be considered for future workshops.
  1. A proposal by the committee for membership to remain at £45

The committee proposed that subscriptions stay at £45 to ensure that the club remains financially viable.  There is a strong feeling that we may well loose members and that 30 members is the breakeven point.  Membership at £45 should keep reserves at the current level.

Jules Holebeche Maund  pointed out that at the next committee meeting we must discuss insurance which will be an additional expense.

We historically loose members every summer; but last year’s Atkins gallery Exhibition was a great success and was responsible for boosting our numbers.  This coming year the exhibition is in September so we will have to wait and see what benefit this may be , or not, for the club

A vote was in favour of keeping subscriptions at £45

  1. Election of Officers




Brett Lawrence Ian Waite Keith Mundy


John Smith Ian Waite Robin Jones


John Smith Geoff Whitlocks Jules Holebeche Maund


Martin Allen John Langham Jules Holebeche Maund


Ian Waite Brett Lawrence John Langham


Gary Wood John Smith Mike Dawe


Jules Holebeche Maund Chantel Cooper Phil Malin


John Langham Geoff Whitlocks Chantel Cooper  



Chantel Cooper


Ian Waite


Mike Dawe



  1. Programme 2017/18

 Ian Waite ran through the programme for 2017/18  with a projected presentation

  • The MCPF Travelling Portfolio will still be part of the programme; but we will run through the images without the commentary.
  • Mike Dawe asked about the timescale for MCPF Portfolio, would we see all the images. We will have to see how the evening runs.
  • The evening with Andy Jablonski on 13th September will be a repeat of last year when he will critique members images giving an insight to the thinking of a judge. Ian Waite has made him aware of our voting system
  • For 2018/19 we may drop the 3D evening; but this will be discussed at a committee meeting.

The programme presentation was followed by Gary Wood outlining the handbook for next year.  John Langham said that although he has left FastAnt they will consider a full or the handbook, therefore most costs for the handbook will be covered by advertising

  1. Review of Peer Voting for Photographer of the Year Rounds

Following a whole season with the ‘new’ voting system the following points were made during a review

  • Should we increase the range above 15?
  • The new voting system has been a vast improvement helping concentration
  • Established that PDI’s should be run through four times
  • The idea of external judges. This has been brought up several times; but there is a matter of cost plus it was felt that judges vary on opinion and with peer voting we have never seem to be surprised by the top images.
  • There was comments regarding the position of the racks and the quality of lighting
  • Peer voting gives the opportunity to be fully involved

Note:  All comments made are considered by the committee at their own meetings.

  1. AOB

 Would it be possible to have a club poster in the ‘Conny’ club? John Smith will ask about this; but the ‘Conny’ committee does not seem too keen to advertise other than their own events.

  • The Constitutional Club has a beer festival during November. As our annual exhibition is in September this year, we will ask if it is possible to have some form of exhibition at the club during this festival.
  • It was suggested that on critique night only the top and bottom images are reviewed. Gary arranges critique night with a standard to be praised and often compares similar images.  It only seems fair to critique all members’ images.
  • It has often been suggested that members should be able to talk about their images and how they achieved the results. It has been suggested that next year the title label should also include what camera settings were used.  The design of this label will be discussed at the next committee meeting.
  • Mike Trigg proposed a show of appreciation for the work carried out by the committee.

Meeting Closed at 9.45 pm

 NB: The officers reports are available on request from the secretary; but these minutes will be posted in full on the club’s website


The first meeting of the 2017/18 season will be on the 30th August hopefully see you all there