Last night saw the penultimate meeting of the Earl Shilton Camera Club’s 2016/17 season and was both our Keynote speaker and presentation evening.

This was our 4th keynote speaker evening having previously had Chris Weston, Will Cheung and Bill Ward. This years speaker was Damien Lovegrove.

Damien Lovegrove is a world renowned portrait photographer and Fujifilm UK ambassador. He has been a TV cameraman, a commercial photographer, a wedding and portrait photographer and now he is a writer, columnist, teacher, motivator and artist.  He went to the BBC at the age of 19 and trained for three years to be a cameraman, going on to train as a Lighting Director, and leaving the BBC in 1998 to become a full time photographer.

Considered by many to be one of the world’s most influential contemporary photographers. He is best known for creating portraits that make women look fabulous. Damien Lovegrove’s lighting style is legendary and his picture composition, sublime. He also has the knack of being able to maximise, minimise, enhance and diminish his subject’s attributes as required. A rare skill indeed.

“I’m inspired by beauty and as I have matured as a photographer I’ve learned to see beauty in just about everyone and everywhere. It’s not what I look at that matters to me, it is what I see.”

“I love people and I suppose women in particular. I love their mannerisms, fashion, style and beauty –

Although Damien is best known for his fine portraits, he also has work involving travel and street photography.

His talk was entitled “One Light Magic” and Damien took us on a journey through a selection of his portraits discussing the techniques and systems he uses when working with just one light. He shared a range of simple strategies and formulas that he’d used to govern his individual portrait style and the accompanying imaged showed the fantastic results achieved with minimal kit.

After the intermission we had the presentation evening and raffle.

David Carter receiving the Secretaries Challenge Trophy for his image “Nigellus Love in the mist” 

Julie Holbeche-Maund for her panel “Autumn” 

David Carter for the Trevor Wain UK Landscape entry “Snowdon National Park” 

Phil Mallin for the Neville Jackson Trophy Image of the Year (IOTY) “The Old Break Water”


And Phil again for winning the Photographer of the Year 2016/17 Wendy Jarvis Memorial Trophy presented this time with Wendi’s grandson Henry