Last night we held the annual Inter-club: vs. Ashby PS. at ESCC it was a 20 Ppint battle and judged by Graham Heywood EFIAP/p FBPE

who gave some interesting and insightful comments on all the images. Earl Shilton finally emerged victories with 325 points to 310.

Club Author Title ACC ESCC
ACC Clive Bew Chocolate Labradors 17  
ESCC Trish Rudin Crummock Water   15
ACC John Picken Are you OK Mum? 16  
ESCC Ian Waite The Scamp   16
ACC Nigel Shaw Rowing boats for hire 14  
ESCC Jules Holbeche-Maund White Feathered Goddess   19
ACC John Picken The Bridge 15  
ESCC Paul Steans Silverback Gorilla   16
ACC Steve Andrews Milk Frog 15  
ESCC James Botterill Combesgate Beach   18
ACC Larry South Twins 16  
ESCC Jules Holbeche-Maund Black Princess   15
ACC James Farley Vipers Bugloss and hoverfly 14  
ESCC Phil Mallin Vestrahorn   20
ACC Nigel Shaw Derbyshire deep mid winter 17  
ESCC Phil Mallin Last Man Standing   18
ACC Clive Bew Newly emerged painted lady 16  
ESCC James Botterill Talacre Lighthouse   15
ACC Sally Thearle Grey Cob 15  
ESCC Jules Holbeche-Maund Autumn Fashion   16
ACC Alan Box Pip 15  
ESCC Phil Mallin Floral Beauty   19
ACC Larry South Staithe Lane Thornham 17  
ESCC Steve Bexon Lower Padley   14
ACC David Goacher Naked Attraction 16  
ESCC Alan Wardropper Scary Clown   15
ACC John Picken Waterdogs 15  
ESCC Trish Rudin Red Squirrel   18
ACC Nigel Shaw Start of another day on the Helford 17  
ESCC Gary Wood Chesterton   17
ACC David Goacher Black Rhinoceros 15  
ESCC Peter Lawrance Swooping Falcon   15
ACC Clive Bew Feeding Kestrel 16  
ESCC Ian Waite Male Barn Owl   14
ACC Arthur David Rust in Peace 13  
ESCC James Botterill Windermere Mist   15
ACC Sally Thearle A little girl’s dream, 16  
ESCC John Denny Fairy Glen   15
ACC Larry South Stonehenge 15  
ESCC Ian Waite Praying Mantis   15
    Totals 310 325