Tonight we had the review of the POTY 4 Macro entries.

It started with a conversation of what is macro  and the generally accepted idea thats it is when the size of the sensor matches the real size aka 1:1 but as not all members have access to dedicated macro lens, extension tubes etc. close ups were allowed and it was also noted that just using a macro lens didn’t mean that you were doing macro photography as most macro lenses only achieve 1:1 at their closest focusing distance.

An analogy of a postage stamp compared to sensor size was given

In 1st spot was Ian Waite with his image “Praying Mantis” scoring 23.06

From Steve Pears who finished in both 2nd & 3rd with his images “Peacock Tree Frog” and “Crested Gecko” which scored 23.03 and 23 respectively.


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