Last night was the first workshop evening with 7 setups including

WORKSHOP 1 – by Daniel Wood

Tutorial Videos in small room cinema although no ice creams during the interval include videos that focused on the next two competitions (1ST 2 for 2020). this workshop will be based on

1. Landscape

2. Industrial

WORKSHOP 2 – by Steve Bexon 

Basic to Advanced Camera Techniques

Associated camera settings, Maximizing Sharpness, Depth of Field, Hyper focal Distance
Long Exposure, ISO settings, Light Readings etc.
Bring your Camera


WORKSHOP 3 by Ian Waite

Light Room

Ian will answer questions on light room and demonstrate this software from basic to advanced applications

WORKSHOP 4 – by Gary Wood

Demonstration of Still Life in a Light Box Set Up
Gary is going to do a festive still life set up and give you the opportunity to ‘have a go’


Bring your Camera

WORKSHOP 5 – by Peter Lawrance 

was involved with showing how the camera settings effect various aspects of the exposure triangle

WORKSHOP 6 – by Julie Holbeche-Maund

Advanced cut outs techniques in photoshop

WORKSHOP 7 – by Phil Mallin

Demonstration of Still Life

WORKSHOP 8 – by James Botterill

Tips for Landscape Photography –

James will run through considerations for landscapes including: use of tripod, camera set up, filters, composition, short
cuts and tips. NB This workshop would dovetail well with Steve Bexon’s ‘Camera Techniques’

Unfortunately James was unable to attend due to a last minute work commitment so has been proposed that he may do this for one of the 1/2 evenings after Voting

But once again the evening put into question “Is this the sort of evening members want” because alought the responses to the questionnaire suggested it is only 14 members other than committee members and those doing the demonstrations participated.