At popular request I’m  changing Just 4 Fun this week to run with a rolling 4 week theme
So this week the theme is ICM
  • WEEK 20 13th-19th Aug – ICM – Intentional Camera Movement Most images require the camera to be still but you can capture something completely different by deliberately moving it during the exposure. see https://www.wexphotovideo.com/blog/tips-and-technique/a-guide-to-intentional-camera-movement-photography/ or https://www.theschoolofphotography.com/tutorials/icm-photography

Then the following themes will be –

  • WEEK 21 20th – 26th – Water – Water Water any sort of Water be it river, stream, lake or sea, rain or droplet any will do.
  • WEEK 22 27th Aug – 2nd Sept Entertaining
    This is different to entertainment. It could cover anything the author has done, seen or experienced that they found entertaining. This could range from amusing pets antics, food or drink, sports, or performers.
As usual images must be submitted by the Tuesday and Voting by 5pm on the Wednesday