This years MCPF Midphot was restricted to PDI images. We had 7 members enter in excess of 60 images with 31 accepted including awards for highly commend, MCPF Medal and MCPF Ribbon


Al Simms

Open Colour (acceptance mark 12)
“Proud”  scored 11
“What a Fright!”  scored 10
“Cariad”  scored 9
“Sweep at Lunch”  scored 9

Open Mono (acceptance mark 12)
“The Rear Gunner”  scored 12 and was accepted

“Late Night with Jim B”  scored 10
“Never!”  scored 10
“Silhouette”  scored 9

Scapes (acceptance mark 12)
“Reflection”  scored 9
“Sunset from the Island”  scored 9
“Daybreak”  scored 9
“Choppy at Porthmeor”  scored 9

Ian Waite

Open Colour (acceptance mark 12)

New Crew 12 accepted

Sydney By Night 10
The Scamp 11


Giant Asian Praying Mantis 12 accepted

Food Fight 9
Harvest Mice 9
Kingfisher 9

Isobel Chesterman

had 4 images accepted

A Storm Brewing

Forging Ahead

Paddy’s loves the Sea

That Sinking Feeling

John Smith

Open Colour (acceptance mark 12)

“The Wood Store” scored 9
“A Special Occasion” scored 9

Open Mono (acceptance mark 12)

“A Norfolk Beach” scored 9
“Port Leixoes” scored 11
“The Wood Store” scored 9
“Whitby” scored 9

Scapes (acceptance mark 12)

“Cromer Beach” scored 11
“Hunt Cliffs, Slatburn” scored 11
“Saltburn Beach” scored 10

Julie Holdbeche-Maund

Open Colour (acceptance mark 12)
“Figs on a Bench”  scored 12 and was accepted
“Lemons and Limes”  scored 12 and was accepted
“The Red Dress”  scored 12 and was accepted
“Katelyn”  scored 12 and was accepted
“Basket of Oranges”  scored 12 and was accepted
“Carrot Suspension”  scored 11

Scapes (acceptance mark 12)
“Smiling Sphinx Rock”  scored 14 and was accepted awarded a MCPF Ribbons

“Sea Spray”  scored 13 and was accepted and awarded a MCPF Medal
“Wanaka Tree”  scored 12 and was accepted

“Whitby Pier”  scored 12 and was accepted

“Early Morning in NZ”  scored 12 and was accepted

“Woolacombe”  scored 11

Triptych (acceptance mark 12)
“When Children Sleep”  scored 12 and was accepted

Peter Lawrance

had 3 images accepted

Baker Street

Hanging About

Two’s A crowd

Phil Mallin

Open Colour (acceptance mark 12)

“Feather and Silk” scored 13 and was accepted
“LBS of Carrots” scored 12 and was accepted
“Chopped Apple” scored 12 and was accepted
“Tumbled Carrots” scored 12 and was accepted
“Pears” scored 11
“Black Hat” scored 10

Scapes (acceptance mark 12)

“Te Hoho Rock” scored 13 and was accepted and Highly Commended

“SS Nornen” scored 12 and was accepted

“Moeraki Boulders” scored 12 and was accepted

“St. Clare Beach” scored 12 and was accepted
“Tarangua Bay” scored 10

Steve Bexon 

had 2 images accepted

Rain Dance

Old Man on Train