The Earl Shilton Camera Club meets every Wednesday (September through to May, breaking for Christmas and Easter) at the Earl Shilton Constitutional Club 75, Station Rd, Earl Shilton LE9 7GT.

We start the meeting at 7.30pm and finish at 9.30pm.  We break half way through the evening for refreshments which can be purchased from the Club bar.


As a guest or prospective new member, you are entitled to visit the club on two separate or consecutive occasions.  On your third visit, we will ask you to join the Earl Shilton Camera Club.  The subscription from September/October is £45 for the year ending in May.  From November onwards the cost is on a pro-rota basis.  This allows you to attend all the meetings, enter all the club competitions, enter the MCPF and PAGB competitions and be covered by camera club insurance on club outings. You will receive a club handbook and membership card on joining.  All we ask is for you to fill out a form with your contact details which is kept confidentially by the Committee and not shared with anyone outside of the Committee.

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