2018 New Fosse Challenge Trophy

2018 New Fosse Challenge Trophy

Tonight saw the New Fosse Challenge Trophy which is hosted by Fosse Co-op Camera Club. Its a 6 print open theme competition which saw entries this year from 10 camera clubs across the East Midlands.

It was judged by Jim Hartje ARPS DPAGB APAGB EFIAP BPE5*

We were trying to retain the shiled for the 3rd year but fell short by 5 points finishing in 2nd place with 108 points from a possible 120 to Sileby PS who scored 115,

Images used were

Steve Bexon “Sunset over Gull Rock” 19

Chantal Cooper “Long Tail Tit” 14

John Smith “Light & Shadow” 18

Ian Waite “The Scamp” 20

Jules Holbeche-Maund LRPS “Pingvellir” 18

Phil Mallin “Vestrehorn” 19

Table of results

Club Score Place
Sileby PS 115 1st
Earl Shilton CC 108 2nd
Leicester & Leicestershire PS 106 3rd
Leicester Forest PS 106 3rd
Nuneaton PS 105 5th
Melton Mowbray 104 6th
Fosse CCC 103 7th
Hinckley & DPS 100 8th
Coalville & DPS 98 9th
Lutterworth PS 97 10th
2018/19 Secretaries Challenge

2018/19 Secretaries Challenge

Last night was the first competition of the season it was Open Print externally judged by the indomitable Bob Moore FRPS, Hon. PAGB, MPAGB, FIPF.

It had a high entry of 60 images from 25 members and Bob as usual gave some very insightful and forthright comments on all the images.

At the end Ian Waite emerged victorious with “The Scamp”

Although only just from Julie Holbeche-Maund LRPS with “Black Princess”

Alan Wardropper achieved 3rd with “Thoughts”

and 4th with “Scary Clown”

Phil Mallin came 5th with “The Jetty Iceland”

# Image Author Score Pos
21 The Scamp Ian Waite 20 1st
26 Black Princess Julie Holbeche-Maund 20 2nd
58 Thoughts Alan Wardropper 20 3rd
42 Scary Clown Alan Wardropper 20 4th
19 The Jetty Iceland Phil Mallin 20 5th
11 Woolacombe Bay James Botterill 19
47 Hosier Lane (Out on the Street) John Langham 19
49 Miss Red Julie Holbeche-Maund 19
54 The Cove Iceland Phil Mallin 19
36 Mt Cook Chantal Cooper 18
30 Food Fight Ian Waite 18
55 King fisher Ian Waite 18
25 Windermere Mist James Botterill 18
48 Tree In The Rocks Martin Hall 18
17 Six Bridges Robin Astle 18
14 Photography Today John Langham 17
10 Laetiporus Sulphureus (Chicken Of The Woods) Martin Allen 17
6 Dead Juniper Tree & Buttes In Monument Valley Steve Bexon 17
7 Eigg Concretions with Run Steve Pears 17
4 Caged Alan Wardropper 16
56 Looking Out Gary Wood 16
13 Peyto Lake Canada Geoff Whitelocks 16
50 All On My Own Geoff Whitelocks 16
44 Shocking Call John Langham 16
32 Hotrod John Smith 16
51 Amongst The Clouds Mike Dawe 16
8 Giraffe Paul Steans 16
38 Posers Rob Jones 16
22 Three In Harmony Roger Leck 16
34 London Bad Food Guide Steve Bexon 16
29 Early Morning Visitor Steve Pears 16
18 Tethered Trish Rudin 16
46 Tasty Trish Rudin 16
33 Lady Emma Hamilton Dave Carter 15
5 Chesterton Gary Wood 15
28 Duck Pool Gary Wood 15
43 Seen Better Days Geoff Whitelocks 15
12 Old John Martin Hall 15
20 The Renegades Md Trigg 15
31 Gerberas Paul Steans 15
16 Red Curls And Lace Peter Lawrance 15
52 Foodies Peter Lawrance 15
9 Hung Out To Dry Rob Jones 15
39 Reflections In The Slug Robin Astle 15
40 Reflections On Blackfriars Bridge Roger Leck 15
59 Waiting for the return of the fishing boats Steve Pears 15
24 Waiting For The Tide Chantal Cooper 14
37 On The Marsh Daniel Wood 14
57 Storm At Sea Daniel Wood 14
15 Pier House Hotel John Smith 14
41 Rocky Outcrop Md Trigg 14
2 A Steam Punker Mike Dawe 14
27 Caught In The Act Peter Lawrance 14
1 A Scotsmans Garden In Italy Dave Carter 13
23 Tulips in the garden Graham Townsend 13
35 Monkey Business Mike Dawe 13
60 Whakanewha Bay Martin Allen 13
3 Arches Daniel Wood 12
45 Sunburst In A Box Martin Allen 12
53 Helianthus Annuus John Smith 12


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2018/19 Speaker “Moments In Time”

2018/19 Speaker “Moments In Time”

Last night was the first speaker evening of the 2018/19 season and for this we had Richard Cobby ARPS CPAGB from Northampton who presented a mix of projected images and AVI’s under the caption “Moments In Time”. It include some worked examples, methods for removing the bain of the photographers life “Tourists” and even changing day into night. To see more of Richards images visit his PBase page 


2018 / 19 Informal Interactive Image Critique

2018 / 19 Informal Interactive Image Critique

Last night we had the informal interactive Review of members PDI image. There was an open discussion with emphasis in regard to judging and critical image appraisal hosted by Andrzej Jablonski across a number of images which met one of the the  3 Themes

  • Modern Buildings

  • Movement

  • Open Spaces

NOTE: This was NOT a competition but learning evening for how to judge the images in the POTY rounds.

2018 / 19 handbook

The  2018/19 handbook