Justr 4 Fun Wk24 Highkey

Justr 4 Fun Wk24 Highkey

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd Score
Pink Fade Julie Holbeche-Maund 1 2 3 2 21
Whiter Than White John Langham 2 2 1   13
The White Shirt Julie Holbeche-Maund 3 1 2   11
Bag Lady Peter Lawrance 4   1 2 5
Pear Shaped Tomatoes Steve Pears 4 1     5
Rose Steve Pears 4 1     5
Fiona John Langham 7     3 3
London Model Peter Lawrance 8       0


Bag Lady by Peter Lawrance

Fiona by John Langham

London Model by Peter Lawrance

Pear Shaped Tomatoes by Steve Pears

Pink Fade by Julie Holbeche-Maund

Rose by Steve Pears

The White Shirt by Julie Holbeche-Maund

Whiter Than White by John Langham

Just 4 Fun wk 23 Windows

Just 4 Fun wk 23 Windows

5 3 1
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd Score
City Windows Steve Bexon 1 4   1 21
Broken Windows Peter Lawrance 2   4   12
The Palace Of The Winds Steve Pears 3 1 2   11
Seen Better Days Ian Waite 4 2     10
The Office John Langham 4 2     10
When I’M Cleaning Windows Peter Lawrance 6   2 1 7
Lisbon Windows John Smith 7 1   1 6
Out In The Cold Steve Bexon 7   2   6
Captive Overhead Light John Langham 9 1     5
Rose Window York Minster Margaret Waterson 9 1     5
Tintern Abbey Steve Pears 9   1 2 5
Alhambra Palace Granada Loz Waterson 12   1   3
Ely Cathedral Ian Waite 13     2 2
Seville Cathedral Window Loz Waterson 13     2 2
Backlit Window Margaret Waterson 15     1 1
The Tree Through The Window Paul Steans 15     1 1
Window Roof Roger Leck 15     1 1
Glasshouse Windows Roger Leck 18       0
Hardwick Hall Paul Steans 18       0
Lots Of Broken Windows John Smith 18       0

Alhambra Palace by Granada by Loz Waterson

Backlit Window by Margaret Waterson

Broken Windows by Peter Lawrance

Captive Overhead Light by John Langham

City Windows by Steve Bexon

Ely Cathedral by Ian Waite

Glasshouse Windows by Roger Leck

Hardwick Hall by Paul Steans

Lisbon Windows by John Smith

Lots Of Broken Windows by John Smith

Out In The Cold by Steve Bexon

Rose Window York Minster by Margaret Waterson

Seen Better Days by Ian Waite

Seville Cathedral Window by Loz Waterson

The Office by John Langham

The Palace Of The Winds by Steve Pears

The Tree Through The Window by Paul Steans

Tintern Abbey by Steve Pears

When I’M Cleaning Windows by Peter Lawrance

Window Roof by Roger Leck

2019/20 ESCC AGM

2019/20 ESCC AGM

Last night saw the first meeting of the 2020/21 season and the last of the 2019/20 season with the AGM. We had around 25 members in attendance some physical and some virtual.

The outgoing members of the 2019/20 Committer gave their reports

CHAIRMAN Statement 2020

Competition Secretary s report 2020

Secretarys Report 2020

Programme Secretary report 2020

ESCC Accounts 2019-2020 AUDITED Page 1_2

ESCC Accounts 2019-2020 AUDITED Page 2_2

Minutes for AGM 9th September 2020

This was followed by the presentation of the 2019/20 competition trophy’s which this year owing to restrictions was by the Club Chairman.
Secretaries Challenge: Winner  ‘Ivory Flame’ by Phil Mallin
Trevor Wain UK Landscape: Winner ‘Saltwick Wreck’ – Julie Holbeche-Maund
Chairman’s Trophy award to whom statistically and after deliberation by the competition committee to who they thought was the most improve photographer this season – Steve Pears
Neville Jackson Trophy for Image of the Year: ‘Herringfleet’ – James Botterill
Wendy Jarvis Memorial Trophy for Photographer of the Year – Phil Mallin
The committee then stepped down and John Smith and Julie Holbeche-Maund both indicated that they intended not to stay on the committee for the new season although both will be remaining as active and vocal members of the club.
Paul Steans was then elected as Chairman, Steve Bexon as Vice Chairman, James Botterill as Club Secretary and Peter Lawrance as a member without portfolio. Ian Waite retained the Programme Secretary role, John Langham Treasurer, Gary Wood Competition Secretary and Daniel Wood as a member without portfolio.
After about this point I must apologise as the Zoom coverage became a bit sporadic due to internet issues and this does put a question on whether its worth meeting at the Conny Club for the next 2 weeks. With the continued Covid 19 restrictions the programme as published in the handbook is subject to change and as a result the next two meetings have been rescheduled as Zoom talks invitations to them will be sent out in due course.


16th Sept is A zoom presentation by Glyn Edmunds who is a wildlife photographer and will talk about his work with an animal conservancy project. See his Website https://glynedmunds.com/


23rd Sept  A zoom presentation by Lee Sutton BPE5* DPAGB EPSA EFIAP LRPS ADPS GPU Cr3 GPU Zeus  who will talk about his photographic journey after only starting eight years ago! To see examples of Lee’s work visit his web pagehttps://ldsphotography.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR0akf8LzOqLsJqcoPmLNFSzR69vi-je3mdYQqRKwKRE4pwdJh1CzKV6CAE

30th Sept will be a Review of the Secretary’s Challenge which this year has a theme of Travel as a memorial to past member Mike Dawe who passed away last year. Hopefully it will include comments and scores from Bob Moore Hon.FRPS, Hon.PAGB, MPAGB, FIPF, FBIPP from Arden PS who will judged the images at home offline


In regard to competitions all those scheduled for this year Secretary’s Challenge and POTY 1, 2 & 3 will now be electronic submission only. It’s hoped the remaining 4 rounds can be held as print round but this will be under continuous review dependent on government guidelines so keep an eye on the web site for other programme / event updated.
In regard to The  Secretary’s Challenge please send me by the 16th Sept your electronic copies as Jpegs, resized nominaly 1920 x 1080 sRGB colour space with the naming format <image name>-<author name>.jpg  (Please no – in image name) as per club rules see http://www.earlshiltoncameraclub.org.uk/competition-rules/ also you need to ensure you nave renewed you club membership as all competitions are only open to members.

Gary Wood

Competition Secretary

Just 4 Fun Wk22 Entertaining

Just 4 Fun Wk22 Entertaining

5 3 1
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd Score
Enraptured Peter Lawrance 1 7   1 36
Sans Lumiere Peter Lawrance 2 2 2 4 20
Flying High Steve Bexon 3 1 3   14
Rock On Steve Bexon 4 1 1 1 9
Woody & Friends Roger Leck 5   1 1 4
The Table Is Set For Entertaining Steve Pears 5   1 1 4
Afternoon Tea Roger Leck 7   1   3
Entertaining The Tourists John Langham 7   1   3
War Dance Ian Waite 7   1   3
Small Audience Ian Waite 10     2 2
Entertaining The Shoppers John Langham 11     1 1
Anyone For Cards Steve Pears 12       0


Woody & Friends by Roger Leck

Rock On by Steve Bexon

Taken in Camden Town, London. Difficult to take as the guy never stopped moving whilst performing an over the top rock guitar impression

Afternoon Tea by Roger Leck

Flying High by Steve Bexon

Taken at a Moto Cross event. The guy pulled out all the stops when he saw my camera was pointing in his direction

Small Audience by Ian Waite

Enraptured by Peter Lawrance

was taken at Piccadilly Circus. It was the expression on the onlooker’s faces that appealed to me and was far more entertaining than the obligatory living statue.

Sans Lumiere by Peter Lawrance

Should it be ‘Son et Lumiere’ (sound and light show) – sans lumiere translates to ‘without light’ !)

was taken at a projected event on the front of Lichfield Cathedral on a 12mm wide angle. Have tried to keep the verticals upright with some limited success.
It was taken in the dark although the cloud patterns are quite visible.

Entertaining The Tourists by John Langham

The piper is always popular to the American tourists – Westminster Bridge, London, 105mm lens set to f4 to throw background out of focus, 1/1600 sec ISO 125

Entertaining The Shoppers by John Langham

Street entertainer in York – got in close using a 35mm prime lens, 1/125 at f9.5 ISO 400

Anyone For Cards by Steve Pears

The Table Is Set For Entertaining by Steve Pears

War Dance by Ian Waite