2018 / 19 Workshop Using Lightrooms

2018 / 19 Workshop Using Lightrooms

Last night we had a master class in the use of Adobe Lightroom by Phil Mallin.

He described his general work flow and the types of adjustments that he does whilst working on an image in Lightrooms.

  • Basic Adjustments: He starts with the basic tools panel which does global adjustments

As a general rule he reduces the  Highlights to around -50, increase both the shadows and whites to +50 and finally reduces the blacks to -50. Note  this is just a starting point and during the pressing will often return and do further minor tweaks to these values.


If you want to see the image full screen press F (see https://makeawebsitehub.com/adobe-lightroom-keyboard-shortcuts-cheat-sheet/ ) for other keyboard short cuts

  • Spot removal: Having set some basic adjustments he looks to clean up the image using the spot removal tool Set to heal

Scans the image for imperfections due to marks on lens or dust on sensor

You probably need to be zoomed in to do this use the zoom options which are to the top left

Too move / pan around the image whilst zoomed in and having a tool selected, press and hold down the Space bar which changes the cursor to the hand icon.

You can also visualise where these imperfection might be by selecting the visualise spots toggle on the tool bar

If this tool bar is missing select the Show Tool bar from the View menu or press T

Note although this is called spot removal and the brush is round its really a clone stamp and you can select any area by moving the brush whilst holding down the left mouse button.

  • Cropping / straightening

Dragging the edges of the box will change the cropping and moving the cursor to the corner changes to rotate

Selecting the crop overlay again apply’s the change.

  • Graduated filter: He then sees what detail is in the Sky or Foreground by altering the exposure level in the basic panel. But actual uses the Graduated filter tool to apply exposure changes to a large area.

You can alter any of the basic settings in this ool or select from a list of presets

Holding down the SHIFT key whilst placing the graduated filter will ensure its horizontal. Moving the mouse to the centre line changes the cursor to the rotate icon. The graduation runs between the two parallel line so the wider the distance between these the more graduation. The graduation starts at the first selected location and ends at the second. The area before the first selection gets the full effect.

  • Radial Filter: (Best tool ever …. !) or press Shift+M

Select the centre of the area you want to adjust, change the size of the ellipse by dragging the cursor with the left mouse button selected. Move the cursor near the line changes to the rotate icon so you can alter the angle.

You can alter the feather amount or invert the filter

You can duplicate or delete either the graduated or radial filters by right mousing clicking on the pin for the menu. You can also display the mask that shows the area effected by the filter by using the “show the mask area” or by pressing O

  • Adjustment brush: For even finer adjustments he use this to make the dark areas darker and the light areas lighter aka performimg local contrast adjustments.

Adjust the size of the brush with the mouse wheel, Start with all adjustments centred, paint the area you wish to alter (again toggling the mask with O my help with this). Then alter the setting Phil generally either used Dodge or Burn again these are available from the preset menu but basically they increase or decrease the exposure to make it lighter or darker respectively.

  • Saturation. Press the toggle to the top left of the Saturation tab in the HSL Colour panel. Then select the colour for which you wish to alter the saturation

  • Sharpening  increase the sharpening to about 90, then alter the mask. Moving the slider you will seen no effect but press and hold the the alt key (option on Mac), at first you will see all white drag the slider to the right and the black ares wont be sharpened.

  • Effects. For vignettes use the effects panel

2018 / 19 Interclub v Ashby Camera Club

2018 / 19 Interclub v Ashby Camera Club

Last night we held the annual Inter-club: vs. Ashby PS. at ESCC it was a 20 Ppint battle and judged by Graham Heywood EFIAP/p FBPE

who gave some interesting and insightful comments on all the images. Earl Shilton finally emerged victories with 325 points to 310.

Club Author Title ACC ESCC
ACC Clive Bew Chocolate Labradors 17  
ESCC Trish Rudin Crummock Water   15
ACC John Picken Are you OK Mum? 16  
ESCC Ian Waite The Scamp   16
ACC Nigel Shaw Rowing boats for hire 14  
ESCC Jules Holbeche-Maund White Feathered Goddess   19
ACC John Picken The Bridge 15  
ESCC Paul Steans Silverback Gorilla   16
ACC Steve Andrews Milk Frog 15  
ESCC James Botterill Combesgate Beach   18
ACC Larry South Twins 16  
ESCC Jules Holbeche-Maund Black Princess   15
ACC James Farley Vipers Bugloss and hoverfly 14  
ESCC Phil Mallin Vestrahorn   20
ACC Nigel Shaw Derbyshire deep mid winter 17  
ESCC Phil Mallin Last Man Standing   18
ACC Clive Bew Newly emerged painted lady 16  
ESCC James Botterill Talacre Lighthouse   15
ACC Sally Thearle Grey Cob 15  
ESCC Jules Holbeche-Maund Autumn Fashion   16
ACC Alan Box Pip 15  
ESCC Phil Mallin Floral Beauty   19
ACC Larry South Staithe Lane Thornham 17  
ESCC Steve Bexon Lower Padley   14
ACC David Goacher Naked Attraction 16  
ESCC Alan Wardropper Scary Clown   15
ACC John Picken Waterdogs 15  
ESCC Trish Rudin Red Squirrel   18
ACC Nigel Shaw Start of another day on the Helford 17  
ESCC Gary Wood Chesterton   17
ACC David Goacher Black Rhinoceros 15  
ESCC Peter Lawrance Swooping Falcon   15
ACC Clive Bew Feeding Kestrel 16  
ESCC Ian Waite Male Barn Owl   14
ACC Arthur David Rust in Peace 13  
ESCC James Botterill Windermere Mist   15
ACC Sally Thearle A little girl’s dream, 16  
ESCC John Denny Fairy Glen   15
ACC Larry South Stonehenge 15  
ESCC Ian Waite Praying Mantis   15
    Totals 310 325
2018 / 19 MCPF Award

2018 / 19 MCPF Award

Phil Mallin collected his award medal on Wednesday night from The Midland Counties Photographic Federation for his image “Vestrahorn” that he entered into this years Midphot Projected Image competition.

2018/19 Speaker: “The Journey to Platinum”

2018/19 Speaker: “The Journey to Platinum”

Last night we had a presentation by Malcolm Cook EFIAP of Leicester Forest Photographic Society. It was originally to be “The Journey to Platinum” the story of his journey to achieve platinum status having successfully achieved 1500 acceptances, 138 awards and some 11 gold medals worldwide. But having given this talk a number of times he decided instead to give us his new talk “Endless Skies”.

The presentation consisted of a good mix of final images plus some showing the work involved in their creation and finished with a live demonstration where he showed some of the techniques he had discussed.

2019 / 20 Competition Calendar

2019 / 20 Competition Calendar

The 2019 / 20 Competition Calendar has just about been finalised

Date Meeting Type Title Speaker/Judge Submission Date
October 2 Print Competition Secretary’s Challenge Nat Coalson LRPS Sep-18
October 16 Print Competition POTY Round1 Open Peer review Oct-02
November 20 PDI Competition POTY Round 2 “Graffiti” Nov-06
December 11 Print Competition POTY Round 3 Open Mono Nov-24
January 15 Print Competition Trevor Wain UK Landscape Chris Baldwin Dec-18
February 5 PDI Competition POTY Round 4 “Industry” Jan-22
March 4 Print Competition POTY Round 5 “Nature” Feb-19
March 18 PDI Competition POTY Round 6 “Winter” Mar-04
April 22 Print Competition POTY Round 7  “Street” Apr-01
May 13 Print Competition IOTY Peter Gennard Apr-29

Note there may be some minor tweaking of theme definitions but it will only be semantics