2020 MCPF Midphot

2020 MCPF Midphot

As they say you have to be in it to win it and this year we had a record entry of over 56 images from 9 members.

4 images scored more than the acceptance score of 12 and where awarded

“Rydal Mist “ by Julie Holbeche-Maund scored 15 and was awarded a Midphot Golden Jubilee Trophy

“Peppers “ by Phil Mallin scored 14 and was awarded a PAGB Silver Medal

“Ivoryflame “ also by Phil scored 13 and was awarded a MCPF Ribbons

“Normanton Church” by Isobel Chesterman scored 13 and was Highly Commended

a further 22 images achieved an acceptance score of 12

Phil Mallin

“Hollywood” scored 12 and was accepted

“Raudasandur Beach” scored 12 and was accepted

“Sydney Opera House” scored 12 and was accepted

Julie Holbeche-Maund

“Saltwick Nab” scored 12 and was accepted

“Still Life-Pheasant scored 12 and was accepted

“Pennywise” scored 12 and was accepted

“The Black and White Hat” scored 13 and was accepted

“The Saloon” scored 12 and was accepted

Isobel Chesterman

“Doggy Paddle” scored 12 and was accepted

“Salad Days” scored 12 and was accepted

“Sandhole Oak Barn View” scored 12 and was accepted

“Somewhere over the Rainbow” scored 12 and was accepted

“Sweet Peas” scored 12 and was accepted

John Smith

“Serenity” scored 12 and was accepted

Alan Wardropper

“Flower girl” scored 12 and was accepted

“Searching” scored 12 and was accepted

“Hungry” scored 12 and was accepted

Peter Lawrance

“Towards Tower Bridge” scored 12 and was accepted

“Battling on” scored 12 and was accepted

Graham Townsend

“Flamingo” scored 12 and was accepted

Steve Bexon

“Going Underground” scored 12 and was accepted
“Late Again” scored 12 and was accepted

and another 13 just missing out with 11.

“Contemplation” – Daniel Wood
“Eyes Left” – Daniel Wood
“Grasmere” – Phil Mallin
“Whitby Pier” – Phil Mallin
“Wood Nymph” – Phil Mallin
“Carla” – Julie Holbeche-Maund
“The Chicken or the Egg”- Julie Holbeche-Maund
“Millstone Edge” – Peter Lawrance
“Mont Blanc” – Peter Lawrance
“St. Pauls” – Peter Lawrance
“Share Our Planet” – Steve Bexon
“Rubbish Night” – Steve Bexon
“London City View” – Steve Bexon


Friday saw the Annual interclub competition against Fosse Coop PS this year hosted by them and judged by Alan Rich how gave some quite insightfull comments on all the images.

Special mention should go to Clive Pearson (FCPS) “Female Stonechat in Autumn”, Phil Mallin LNPS (ESCC) Ivory Flame, Julie Holbech-Maund LRPS (ESCC)  “Rydal Water” and Ian Waite (ESCC) “Praying Mantis” all of which score the top mark of 20


Club Clubs Image Author Image Title FCPS ESCC
Prints     0      
ESCC 1 Steve Bexon 1 Gherkin Slice 15
FCPS 1 Clive Pearson 2 Female Stonechat iN Autumn 20
ESCC 2 Phil Mallin 3 Peppers 19
FCPS 2 John Bollands 4 One Was Red 16
ESCC 3 Phil Mallin 5 Ivory Flame 20
FCPS 3 Peggy Franks 6 Revealing Langdale Pikes 15
ESCC 4 Julie Holbeche-Maund 7 Rydal Water 20
FCPS 4 Peter Lucas 8 November Trees 17
ESCC 5 Julie Holbeche-Maund 9 Saltwick Wreck 19
FCPS 5 Ray Phipps 10 Robin in the snow 15
ESCC 6 James Botterill 11 Curly 17
FCPS 6 Pete Swanson 12 Canal at Aylestone 16
ESCC 7 Steve Pears 13 Four Men In a Boat 16
FCPS 7 Ray Phipps 14 Small Skipper 16
ESCC 8 Graham Townsend 15 Flamingo 18
FCPS 8 Pete Swanson 16 Glencoe 17
ESCC 9 Gary Wood 17 Lingmell Gill 15
FCPS 9 Clive Pearson 18 Little Egret Fishing 17
ESCC 10 James Botterill 19 Mill Rock Moon 18
FCPS 10 Peter Lucas 20 Speingtime 16
          165 177
ESCC 1 Julie Holbeche-Maund 1 Hollywood Glamour 19
FCPS 1 Derek Walker 1 Urban Fox 16
ESCC 2 Ian Waite 2 Harvest Mice 16
FCPS 2 Peggy Franks 3 Winter tree St, Johns in the Vale 18
ESCC 3 Alan Wardropper 4 Gruesome Twosome 17
FCPS 3 Pete Watson 5 Inca tern 16
ESCC 4 Trish Rudin 6 Boy With the Rainbow Umbrella 19
FCPS 4 Clive Pearson 7 Devine Contemplation 19
ESCC 5 Steve Bexon 8 Share Our Planet 16
FCPS 5 Linda Phipps 9 Spoiled for choice 18
ESCC 6 Isobel Chesterman 10 Tides Out 19
FCPS 6 Peggy Franks 11 Cob Web 17
ESCC 7 Peter Lawrance 12 Battling On 19
FCPS 7 John Walters 13 London Eye 17
ESCC 8 Phil Mallin 14 Raudisandur 18
FCPS 8 Ray Phipps 15 Porche 918 17
ESCC 9 Julie Holbeche-Maund 16 Woodland Warrior 16
FCPS 9 Derek Walker 17 Dropped it 17
ESCC 10 Ian Waite 18 Praying Mantis 20
FCPS 10 Clive Pearson 19 Just a bass note 16
          171 179
  Totals 336 356
2019 / 20 Hinckley Mix & Match 50

2019 / 20 Hinckley Mix & Match 50

Last Friday was the annual Mix & Match 50 with Hinckley & District PS.

Hosted this year by Hinckley and judged by Tony Pedley from Melbourne PS.

Who did an admirable job even though being barracked by the audience and gave some quite insightful comments on the images.

It was good to see so many of our members at the event aho enjoyed a very fun evening.

We ran out eventual winner with 277 pts to Hinckleys 249

2019 / 20 Members Talk

2019 / 20 Members Talk

Last night we had a very informative talk from member James Botterill on the process he adopts when taking a landscape image.

He covered the complete process from the initial planning, upto the point were he presses the shutter release.

He said due to pressure of family and work he tries to minimize the unknowns when visiting a new area by using the Internet to look for good images.

Having identified possible locations he finds where to park, the route to the location and the best time of day to visit generally sun rise or sun set.

He tries to give himself at least 30 minutes at the location before the expect event so that hes not rushing around.

Having arrived he takes five minutes to sit and sup taking in the atmosphere.

He then tries before erecting the tripod to find the best composition the minimizes the number of visual elements but satisfies as many of the rules as possible.

Having located this he sets up the tripod, manually focuses on the main feature and then dials in the exposure settings possibly adding filters to give the results hes after.

Then waits ………..

Daniel aided James in his presentation utilising all the facilities – projection, WiFi to Internet. Tethering etc.

James suggested a couple of You Tube videos that provided further help



2019 / 20 Trevor Wain UK Landscape Competition

2019 / 20 Trevor Wain UK Landscape Competition

With the passing of Trevor earlier this season this competition was a bit more poignant this year but I don’t think Trevor would have been disappointed at the quality of the entries received.

The competition was judged by Chris Balwin of Daventry PS who gave some quite insightful and good comments and suggestion on all the images

The winner was Julie Holbeche-Maund with her image “Saltwick Wreak”

Full table of results is

Image Author Score
Saltwick Wreck Julie Holbeche Maund 20
Lees Barn Derbyshire Peter Lawrance 19
Sutton Cheney Rob Jones 19
Mill Rock Moon James Botterill 19
Rydal Water Julie Holbche Maund 19
Lingmell Gill In Autumn Gary Wood 19
Conwy River Robin Astle 18
Chapel Porth Beach John Denny 18
Sandhole Oak Barn View Isobel Chesterman 18
Bradgate Weir at Dusk Debbie Lowe 18
Grasmere View Phil Mallin 18
Fairy Glen Robin Astle 18
Port Charlotte Lighthouse At Dawn Steve Pears 18
St Just In Roseland John Smith 17
Sgwd Dwili Uchaf Steve Pears 17
Forlorn Paul Steans 17
Holywell Bay Steve Bexon 17
Early Morning Phil Mallin 17
Eas Abhainn Etive Le Stob Dhearg Gary Wood 17
Woodland Walk James Botterill 17
Higger Tor From Carl Wark Steve Bexon 16
Penmon Lighthouse Ian Waite 16
Parkhouse And Chrome Derbyshire Peter Lawrance 16
Port Charlotte Lighthouse Steve Pears 16
Dunstable Downs Md Trigg 16
Somewhere Over The Rainbow Isobel Chesterman 16
Helvelyn From Glenridding Dave Varnham 15
Brixham Harbour At Dawn Geoff Whitelocks 15
Bodach Na Storr Isle Of Skye Gary Wood 15
Mel Tor Dartmoor Daniel Wood 15
Penmon Point Ian Waite 15
Iron Bridge In May Geoff Whitelocks 15
Yesnaby Orkney John Denny 15
Off The Beaten Track Paul Steans 15
Flood At Congerstone Rob Jones 15
Buttermere Isobel Chesterman 15
Incoming Tide Allan Simms 14
Bracklinn Falls Scotland Brett Lawrence 14
Breedon Church Md Trigg 14
Winter at Bradgate Martin Hall 14
Room With A View Dave Varnham 14
View from Beacon Martin Hall 13

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