JUST 4 FUN WEEK6 – The suggestion for this weeks theme is
How about LOCKDOWN (Skype, zoom, clapping for NHS, talking to neighbours or dog walkers keeping 2 metre distance, queues outside shops, celebrations, VE Day etc , anything that you have seen or done during lockdown)
We decided to up the anti and now alloud 2 images per member
I was going to enter this Loone with Pirantical tendencies but thought it would make it to easy for you to pick the winner

Duf by Gary Wood

Otherwise known as Dress Up Friday.
At work on a Friday before lockdown we had a Dress Down Friday i.e. if we gave a £1 for the
company supported charity we could wearn non busness oriented clothing i.e. jeans and a teashirt
Well since lockdown some bright spark decided we should do a dress up to some theme instead and submit an image of
our self working so we have had Creative, Sun, Sea & Sand, 70’s Disco, favorite sport,
and last week was film characters so I choose Long John Silver

Church In Lockdown by Steve Bexon

None of your suggestions happening in my area worth photographing, so had a walk around and looked for lockdown locks!!


Escc Live by Daniel Wood

Forever Washing by Wendy Cook

Going Nowhere In Lockdown by Margaret Waterson

we were out walking when i spotted this one along the canal
I didn’t have my camera so used my phone , i haven’t done very much to the photo it’s more or less how i took it
Handmade V.E Day Decorations by Margaret Waterson

Again taken on my phone ,
the decorations i made for V.E day looked nice when laid out in a pattern , this photo i took today (tuesday)
i used photoshop to crop them and re – size

Ignoring ‘Stay At Home’ by Chantal Cooper

Keep Reading And Carry On by John Smith

I enjoy reading and at the moment I am doing a load more>
I thought how can I reflect this in an image. So I placed several books at an angle
on top of a sideboard. I then took a book opened it and placed my specs on top.
I utilised the lamp at the side of the sideboard by switching it on to give some high lights
and shadows. On a tripod – f/8 1/60 sec ISO 400 Just minor adjustments in Lightroom
M69 In Lockdown by Paul Steans

Making Scrubs by Steve Pears

Mowing by Daniel Wood

My Turn To Shine by Alan Wardropper

Park In Lockdown by Steve Bexon

Queuing To Shop by Chantal Cooper

Social Distancing by Loz Waterson

Socially Distanced Queueing by Andy Freeman

Some Party by Alan Cook

The Centre Of Attention by Alan Wardropper

taken at our streets VE celebrations . One of the residents is a professional singer Sam Southall
He set up Speaker on his front lawn and invited people to join in. He sang for about 2hrs interspersed with sessions from
one of the neighbours Norman who is a Saxophone player and Lauren who can really handle a Hula Hoop. We all came out again at
9.00 pm and sang We’ll meet again and he did a few more songs a great time was had by all .
the images just capture neighbourly mood I hope.
The Isolation Blues by Peter Lawrance

inspired by my desk and what I spend a great deal of time staring at including writing music for a couple of recent ESCC competitions.

The Last Post Ve Day by Peter Lawrance

was played by my neighbour on his drive on VE Day. He played either side of the two minutes silence.
Very strange as there were only a few people outside their houses but very moving as it was so quiet.

Tunnel Vision by Gary Wood

For my exercise I’ve been walking from Broughton Astley to Ullesthorpe along the old disused original Leicester to London Main line viar Rugby.
The other day the wind had blown and there was a lot of blossum lying around.
Took image on phone as thats what i had avialble then in Photoshop duplicate layer, applied a rotation motion blur blur and the a
mask to bring back path from background layer

Ve Day With The Queen On Zoom by John Smith

I was thinking about the words Zoom: Lockdown & VE Day.
Was suddenly inspired by the Queens VE 75 Speech. So we got it back on ‘playback’ unfortunately
there was a lady doing sign language, so not to let this worry me I decided to carry on
with her in the picture. We sat in front of the tv with our feet on the footstool and took
the shot hand held. I also took a selfie and brought it all together on elements.
I had downloaded an image of the Zoom task bar. I took my own image and moved it into
the bottom of the tv screen and resized. This covered the bottom of the lady doing sign language.
I then drew a black rectangle around her. Finally I took the image of the Zoom task bar
and carefully placed on the bottom of the tv screen. The original image of the tv and our
feet was taken at f/5 1/40th sec ISO 400
Ve Day by The Future by Roger Leck

VE Day The Future, taken with my Cannon 128mm, 1/200sec at f6.3, iso 100
The boy was lightened on Lightroom with the back ground darkened
Virtually In The Office by Gary Wood

From the same week as DUF I initially couldnt find a parot so decided I would be Rodney Skinner from The League
of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Walking Through The Golf Course by Steve Pears

Walled In by Roger Leck

taken in my lounge with my IPad using the Photo Booth App
Exposure 1/50 sec at f 24, focal Length 3.3mm iso 32.
Where Has All The Traffic Gone by Loz Waterson


5 3 1
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd Score
Forever Washing Wendy Cook 1 3 4   27
Keep Reading And Carry On John Smith 2 4 1 2 25
Virtually In The Office Gary Wood 3 3 1 1 19
The Isolation Blues Peter Lawrance 4 2 2 1 17
Socially Distanced Queueing Andy Freeman 5 3   1 16
Making Scrubs Steve Pears 7 2   1 11
Some Party Alan Cook 6 2 1   13
M69 In Lockdown Paul Steans 8   2 4 10
Park In Lockdown Steve Bexon 9 1 1 1 9
Ve Day With The Queen On Zoom John Smith 9   2 3 9
The Centre Of Attention Alan Wardropper 11   2 1 7
Tunnel Vision Gary Wood 11   2 1 7
The Last Post Ve Day Peter Lawrance 13 1   1 6
Ve Day The Future Roger Leck 13   2   6
Church In Lockdown Steve Bexon 15   1 2 5
Social Distancing Loz Waterson 15 1     5
Walled In Roger Leck 15 1     5
Going Nowhere In Lockdown Margaret Waterson 19   1 1 4
Escc Live Daniel Wood 15   1 2 5
Handmade V.E Day Decorations Margaret Waterson 20     1 1
Duf Gary Wood 21       0
Ignoring ‘Stay At Home’ Chantal Cooper 21       0
Mowing Daniel Wood 21       0
My Turn To Shine Alan Wardropper 21       0
Queuing To Shop Chantal Cooper 21       0
Walking Through The Golf Course Steve Pears 21       0
Where Has All The Traffic Gone Loz Waterson 21       0