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2018 MidPhot

Congrats to those members who entered midphot this year and special mention to Julie Holbeche-Maund for getting 3 images “Floral-Crown” & “Þingvellir” both scored 12 and were selected,  “Black-Sands” scored 13 was selected and highly Commended and Phil Mallin for 1 selection “Vestrahorn” which scored...

2018 American West by Nat Coalson ARPS ASICIP

Last night we had a change to the programme following the withdrawal of Bedworth and Exhall from our interclub competition. Fortunately we were able to arrange a talk from Nat Coalson ARPS ASICIP. Nat presented images from  his native American West. His talk was interesting and provided a nice mix of technical detail and factual information about the locations in his images which were all of an astounding quality and to quote one member “Not you average holiday snaps” Some examples of his work that we saw last night include To see more visit his...

2018 Fosse Co-op Interclub

To saw the annual Fosse Co-op Interclub which is a 20 image battle of 2 halves 10 DPI & 10 prints. It was  judge by Alan Rich and was hosted this year by the Fosse Co-op. But unfortunately home advantage didn’t help as ESCC emerged victorious with 357 from a possible 400 to 344.   PDI Author Score Pingvellir Iceland Julie Holbeche-Maund 16 Food Fight Ian Waite 17 Antique Restorer Peter Lawrence 17 Douglas Super DC3 Julie Holbeche-Maund 18 Conflict John Smith 17 Autumn Light at Shenton Peter Lawrence 17 Long Tailed Tit Chantal Cooper 18 Save Me a Bit Chantal Cooper 20 Sunset Over Gull Rock Steve Bexon 20 120mph for 1/5 second Steve Bexon 16 PDI Sub Total 176 Prints Old Breakwater Phil Mallin 19 At one with Nature Julie Holbeche-Maund 17 Lu Lu Phil Mallin 19 Harvest Mouse Ian Waite 17 Re-eyed Tree Frog Ian Waite 16 Caldron Falls Julie Holbeche-Maund 19 Touch Of Frost Robin Astle 16 Old Man On a Train Steve Bexon 20 Red Squirrel Trish Rudin 18 Desert Survivor Nat Coalson 20 Print Sub Total 181 Total...

2017/18 POTY 3 Monochrome Print

Last night was the review evening of the 3rd internal competition held the week previous. This was a monochrome print round and the review evening took a new form in that both the Print and the submitted PDI where shown and then using the PDI examples of what could be achieved with the images with just a few minor tweaks. The completion was won by John Smith with his image “Light and Shadows” which scored 12.31 From 2nd “Claude Jeremiah Greengrass Mk2” by Steve Bexon and 3rd “Walking In Staunton Harold Cp” also by Steve Bexon Full table of results...

2018 “Anniesland” by Anne Sutcliffe FRPS

Last night we had a second talk from Anne Sutcliffe FRPS entitled “Anniesland” about her adventures and images You can see examples of the images she showed at  ...

2018 Trevor Wain UK Landscape

Last night saw the first meeting of 2018 and was the Trevor Wain UK Landscape competition. It was judged this year by Chris Baldwin from Daventry    who gave some insightful comments and suggestions for each image.   The eventual winner was Julie Holbeche-Maund with her image Cauldron Falls. Images scoring 19 were highly commended and those 18 commended. Author Image Score julie Holbeche-Maund Cauldron Falls 1 20 Peter Lawrance Autumn Light At Shenton 19 Gary Wood Buttermere 19 Mike Dawe Helen 19 Phil Mallin Morning Glow 19 Alan Wardropper Tree Line 19 Robin Astle A Touch Of Frost 19 Phil Mallin Cauldron Falls 2 19 Ian Waite Grasmere 19 julie Holbeche-Maund Twistleton Scar 19 Rob Jones Woodstock 19 Steve Bexon Boscastle From Penally Point 18 Rob Jones Chesterton Windmill 18 Micheal Trigg Standing Alone 18 Gary Wood Cwm Idwal Ac Twill Du (Devil’S Kitchen) 18 Steve Bexon Stinking Cove North Cornwall 18 John Smith Winter Dawn 18 Chantal Cooper Before Dawn At Mam Tor 17 John Smith Bush Fire In Snowden 17 Martin Allen Droma 17 Graham Townsend Kirkstone Pass 17 David Varnham Brothers Reflections 17 Graham Townsend Path To Grasmere 17 David Varnham Durasic Coast 16 Roger Leck Late Afternoon Tuckers Holt 16 Lawrence Waterson Morning Over Derwentwater 16 Geoff Whitelocks Old Bridge Tower Fort Augustus 16 Ian Waite Ullswater 16 Brett Lawrence View from Bute 16 Peter Lawrance Anglesey Abbey 16 Geoff Whitelocks Brixham Marina 16 Roger Leck Crich Derbyshire 16 Martin Allen Hilton Loch 16 Alan Wardropper Over Looking The Loch 16 Micheal Trigg September Morning 16 Robin Astle Hutton In The Forrest 15 Paul Steans Kingston...

“Light is Everything”

Last night we had a presentation by Bill Allsopp LRPS LBPPA from Leicestershire entitled “Light is Everything”. This included a PDI presentation that started off looking at the work of the Belgian pictorialist Leonard Missonne and then expanded on his quote “Light glorifies everything. It transforms and ennobles the most  commonplace and ordinary subjects. The object is nothing: light is everything” by showing many different kinds or light and examples of the kinds of images that can be achieved with the eventual outcome that there is no such thing as “Bad Light” you just have to adapt to what your given or wait for something better. For more information and to see examples of Bills work visit his web site

2017/18 Open PDI

Last night we reviewed the PDI images that had been submitted for the 2nd internal competition which had an open them. In first place was Chantal Cooper with her image “Long tail Tit” Followed by Steve Bexon with “Sunset Over Gull Rock” And Ian Waites “Food Fight” Full table of Results...

Upcoming Events

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  2. 2017/18 POTY 5 Leicestershire & Warwickshire Churches

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  3. 2017/18 POTY 5 “Leicestershire & Warwickshire Churches” Image Workshop

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