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2020 / 21 MCPF Travelling Portfolio

Last night we viewed the print section of the MCPF Travelling Portfolio which because the Photofolio 2020 Exhibition had to be cancelled included all the accepted images. It was good to see so many of the clubs prints with 15 accepted which must be the best performance of the Club at this event. Alan Wardropper “Flower girl” scored 12 and was accepted “Searching” scored 12 and was accepted “Hungry” scored 12 and was accepted Peter Lawrance “Towards Tower Bridge” scored 12 and was accepted “Battling on” scored 12 and was accepted Graham Townsend “Flamingo” scored 12 and was accepted Isobel Chesterman “Doggy Paddle” scored 12 and was accepted “Salad Days” scored 12 and was accepted “Sandhole Oak Barn View” scored 12 and was accepted “Somewhere over the Rainbow” scored 12 and was accepted “Sweet Peas” scored 12 and was accepted Julie Holbeche-Maund “Saltwick Nab” scored 12 and was accepted “Still Life-Pheasant” scored 12 and was accepted And the highlights included “Normanton Church” by Isobel Chesterman scored 13 and was Highly Commended and the Best Colour Landscape image “Rydal Mist” by Julie Holbeche-Maund  scored 15 and was awarded a Midphot Golden Jubilee...

2020 / 21 Zoom Speaker Mike Martin AFIAP AWPF “It’s Not what You See, It’s What You Make”

Last night saw a change to the planned programme owing to the use of Zoom and doing the POTY round on line we found we didnt need the Image Review evening so arranged for another speaker, This time we had a presentation Mike Martin AFIAP AWPF from Bristol entitled “It’s Not what You See, It’s What You Make” It was in summary a resume of his photographic career but with emphasis on his image making in particular his composite model  images. He showed various examples where he included the before and after and a brief description of how he merged them and ensured that the colours were balanced. He also discussed how he set about creating his panel for his AWPR including talking about why he selected certain images and why he presented them in the layout he choose. It was a excellent presentation and I’m sure the practical examples and insight into how to create a panel will have given at least some of the members lot of ideas and inspiration from it. To see more of Mikes work visit his web site or for his worked example...

2020 / 21 POTY 1 Open

  Competition: Open       Date: 14/10/20     No Title Author Rank Avge 24 Nightime On Tower Bridge Steve Bexon 1 23.96 48 Wanaka In The Breeze Julie Holbeche-Maund 2 23.74 17 Maruia Falls Phil Mallin 3 23.70 7 Crow Point James Botterill 4 23.13 10 Floral Fantasy Julie Holbeche-Maund 5 22.39 20 Mother Cap James Botterill 6 21.96 40 Sunrise Over Castleton Trish Rudin 7 21.74 29 Riding Into The Sunset Peter Lawrance 8 21.65 37 St. Benet’S Abbey Isobel Chesterman 8 21.65 27 Powder Puff Graham Townsend 10 21.57 45 The Black Hat Phil Mallin 11 21.39 13 Harvest Mouse Ian Waite 12 21.30 38 Star Trails Over Dunstanburgh Steve Bexon 13 21.26 21 Mount Cook Chantal Cooper 14 21.17 43 Sweeps Lunch Al Simms 15 21.04 32 Seeking Inspiration Alan Wardropper 16 20.87 49 West Wheal Owles Gary Wood 17 20.78 39 Stargazer Lily Margaret Waterson 18 20.74 41 Sunset Priests Cove Gary Wood 19 20.43 9 Fairy Steps Alan Wardropper 20 20.30 18 Miss Celis Al Simms 21 20.22 2 Bathed In Light Ken Chesterman 22 20.17 31 Say Hello To My Little Friend Debbie Lowe 23 19.96 46 Totalnd Pier Isobel Chesterman 24 19.61 25 Normanton Sunset John Denny 25 19.39 4 Caribbean Storm Roger Leck 26 19.35 8 Early Morning At The Taj Mahal Steve Pears 27 19.22 19 Morning Crossing Steve Pears 27 19.22 23 New York Apartment Block Geoff Whitelocks 29 18.74 34 Somebody’S Watching You Andy Freeman 30 18.61 42 Survival Of The Fittest Debbie Lowe 30 18.61 12 Froth Peter Lawrance 32 18.43 33 Short Clawed Otters...

2020 / 21 Secretaries Challenge

This week we reviewed the 2020 / 21 Secretaries Challenge images. This year the competition was themed ‘Travel’ in memory of MIke Dawe a long time member of the club who unfortunately passed away last year. Unfortunatly due to covid-19 restrictions we had to change this normal print comp to PDI but this enabled us to send the images to the judge Bob Moore Hon.FRPS, Hon.PAGB, MPAGB, FIPF, FBIPP of Arden PS for Judging. Click to View Gallery Image Name   Comments Score (out of 20) 01 Acapulco In Moonlight Geoff Whitelocks Quite a good attempt at a panorama image. Unfortunately,it lacks quality i.e. It’s not very sharp.. 16 02 Alcantara Gorge Sicily Peter Lawrance An image that is difficult to appreciate the scale. I know it’s a gorge, tells me in the title, but how big I don’t know. The limited range of colours is attractive and perhaps the authors’ intension was to create an abstract image. 15 04 Awestruck John Denny Don’t really think the backs of people are very interesting, especially the guy with sunburn, he looks terrible. The quality is fine but I find the subject matter not inspiring. 13 05 Bellagio Ian Waite Reflections are always attractive. I think perhaps you could have straightened the horizon, it is definitely leaning. 14 06 Between The Clouds Dave Varnham Pleasant sunset/sunrise image. Probably taken on a flight. Best used in a travel talk. 13 07 Bustling Bright Brixham Al Simms Although nicely arranged it lacks lighting to give interest. Perhaps just concentrating on the colourful buildings would be more successful. 13 08 Canadian Pacific Railroad Geoff...

2020 21 Zoom Presentation Julian Elliott

This week we really pushed the boundaries for whats possible using Zoom with a presentation by Julian Elliott. Julian Elliott has been a professional landscape and travel photographer for 10 years. Having started writing for a number of British UK photography magazines he started selling his work through the World renowned Getty Images. To date his work has sold in over 40 countries and he has travelled in over 30 countries capturing the world around him.  It was felt he was as good as any keynote speaker we have had and that we were very privileged to have had such a talk when,  without Zoom, we could not possibly have managed an eminent speaker who is located so far away based in France.  Obviously his methodology of minimal post processing and making sure that the image is correct first time round is in contrast with many club photographers but his success is shown in that he is making a living at it and the hit rat he is achieving selling / renting around 1000 images a year using Getty, and that agencies such as Alamy and Shutterstock are seen as also-rans. Julian started his talk with an introduction of who he is and his history in photography, he then proceeded to describe Mongolia From Steppe to Eagle Hunters. He did this from the aspect of the tour he leads giving a day by day break down of what could be expected during the journey from Mongolia’s capital to the Altai in the country’s far west. He interspersed this with images that showed how the journey in this vast country...

2020 / 21 Zoom Presentation by Lee Sutton

Last night Earl Shilton Camera Club hosted its second Zoom meeting with a very interesting presentation by Lee Sutton. It again let us see and meet someone who we wouldn’t have done in the physical world although we didn’t go as far as the previous week just to Preston it was no less impressive with the images shown and you could soon tell from Lee’s talk that he is someone who is passionate about what he does. The talk was really his life’s journey (so far) into photography from absolute beginner to after just 8 years a multi award winner. It describes how this journey has been driven by his need to improve owing to becoming interested in competitions and shows how he has and has gone beyond just capturing the photograph into the realms of image creation and has a collection of ‘just in case’ His work is very diversified he hasn’t become a master of a single genre but is willing to try his hand at all sorts of subjects readily admitting its this diversity that has kept him interested. Lee punctuates his talk with lots of examples of his work including showing some as originally processed and what he would do now. He discusses how his images are influenced by both subjects and other photographs showing his attempts at trying to emulate their work but with his spin on the image. He also discuses his work processes including usage of Photoshop and discussing various techniques he uses in both pre and post production. At the end of the day you can tell Lee isn’t giving his...

Justr 4 Fun Wk24 Highkey

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd Score Pink Fade Julie Holbeche-Maund 1 2 3 2 21 Whiter Than White John Langham 2 2 1   13 The White Shirt Julie Holbeche-Maund 3 1 2   11 Bag Lady Peter Lawrance 4   1 2 5 Pear Shaped Tomatoes Steve Pears 4 1     5 Rose Steve Pears 4 1     5 Fiona John Langham 7     3 3 London Model Peter Lawrance 8       0   Bag Lady by Peter Lawrance Fiona by John Langham London Model by Peter Lawrance Pear Shaped Tomatoes by Steve Pears Pink Fade by Julie Holbeche-Maund Rose by Steve Pears The White Shirt by Julie Holbeche-Maund Whiter Than White by John...

2020 / 21 NPS Recognition for members Work

2 members Peter Lawrance and Phil Mallin have had achieved further recognition for their work wining  awards from the National Photographic Society

Upcoming Events

  1. An Interactive Lightroom Presentation

    November 4 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
  2. 2020/21 POTY 2: “Rust & Decay” PDI Hand in

    November 4 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
  3. 2020/21 Cedars Challenge

    November 11 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm