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2019 / 20 Members Talk

Last night we had a very informative talk from member James Botterill on the process he adopts when taking a landscape image. He covered the complete process from the initial planning, upto the point were he presses the shutter release. He said due to pressure of family and work he tries to minimize the unknowns when visiting a new area by using the Internet to look for good images. Having identified possible locations he finds where to park, the route to the location and the best time of day to visit generally sun rise or sun set. He tries to give himself at least 30 minutes at the location before the expect event so that hes not rushing around. Having arrived he takes five minutes to sit and sup taking in the atmosphere. He then tries before erecting the tripod to find the best composition the minimizes the number of visual elements but satisfies as many of the rules as possible. Having located this he sets up the tripod, manually focuses on the main feature and then dials in the exposure settings possibly adding filters to give the results hes after. Then waits ……….. Daniel aided James in his presentation utilising all the facilities – projection, WiFi to Internet. Tethering etc. James suggested a couple of You Tube videos that provided further help

2019 / 20 Trevor Wain UK Landscape Competition

With the passing of Trevor earlier this season this competition was a bit more poignant this year but I don’t think Trevor would have been disappointed at the quality of the entries received. The competition was judged by Chris Balwin of Daventry PS who gave some quite insightful and good comments and suggestion on all the images The winner was Julie Holbeche-Maund with her image “Saltwick Wreak” Full table of results is Image Author Score Saltwick Wreck Julie Holbeche Maund 20 Lees Barn Derbyshire Peter Lawrance 19 Sutton Cheney Rob Jones 19 Mill Rock Moon James Botterill 19 Rydal Water Julie Holbche Maund 19 Lingmell Gill In Autumn Gary Wood 19 Conwy River Robin Astle 18 Chapel Porth Beach John Denny 18 Sandhole Oak Barn View Isobel Chesterman 18 Bradgate Weir at Dusk Debbie Lowe 18 Grasmere View Phil Mallin 18 Fairy Glen Robin Astle 18 Port Charlotte Lighthouse At Dawn Steve Pears 18 St Just In Roseland John Smith 17 Sgwd Dwili Uchaf Steve Pears 17 Forlorn Paul Steans 17 Holywell Bay Steve Bexon 17 Early Morning Phil Mallin 17 Eas Abhainn Etive Le Stob Dhearg Gary Wood 17 Woodland Walk James Botterill 17 Higger Tor From Carl Wark Steve Bexon 16 Penmon Lighthouse Ian Waite 16 Parkhouse And Chrome Derbyshire Peter Lawrance 16 Port Charlotte Lighthouse Steve Pears 16 Dunstable Downs Md Trigg 16 Somewhere Over The Rainbow Isobel Chesterman 16 Helvelyn From Glenridding Dave Varnham 15 Brixham Harbour At Dawn Geoff Whitelocks 15 Bodach Na Storr Isle Of Skye Gary Wood 15 Mel Tor Dartmoor Daniel Wood 15 Penmon Point Ian Waite 15 Iron Bridge In...

2019 / 20 POTY 3 Monochrome

Last night was the review of round 3 of POTY. It was an open monochrome print round that saw 59 images entered by 30 members. Finishing in 1st place with 23.57 with her image “Hollywood Glamour” was Julie Holbeche-Maund From joint 2nd with 23.36 Phil Mallin with “Pearl Bracelets” and Graham Townsend with “Flamingo” Click for Full table of results Click for POTY standings after POTY 3 Click for Gallery...

2019 / 20 4th December Workshop

Last night was the first workshop evening with 7 setups including WORKSHOP 1 – by Daniel Wood Tutorial Videos in small room cinema although no ice creams during the interval include videos that focused on the next two competitions (1ST 2 for 2020). this workshop will be based on 1. Landscape 2. Industrial WORKSHOP 2 – by Steve Bexon  Basic to Advanced Camera Techniques Includes:- Associated camera settings, Maximizing Sharpness, Depth of Field, Hyper focal Distance Long Exposure, ISO settings, Light Readings etc. Bring your Camera   WORKSHOP 3 by Ian Waite Light Room Ian will answer questions on light room and demonstrate this software from basic to advanced applications WORKSHOP 4 – by Gary Wood Demonstration of Still Life in a Light Box Set Up Gary is going to do a festive still life set up and give you the opportunity to ‘have a go’ Bring your Camera WORKSHOP 5 – by Peter Lawrance  was involved with showing how the camera settings effect various aspects of the exposure triangle WORKSHOP 6 – by Julie Holbeche-Maund Advanced cut outs techniques in photoshop WORKSHOP 7 – by Phil Mallin Demonstration of Still Life WORKSHOP 8 – by James Botterill Tips for Landscape Photography – James will run through considerations for landscapes including: use of tripod, camera set up, filters, composition, short cuts and tips. NB This workshop would dovetail well with Steve Bexon’s ‘Camera Techniques’ Unfortunately James was unable to attend due to a last minute work commitment so has been proposed that he may do this for one of the 1/2 evenings after Voting But...

2019 / 20 POTY 2 Graffiti

Last night was the review of the 2019 / 20 POTY round 2. Which was a themed PDI round with a theme of “Graffiti”. This round saw an impressive 66 entries from 33 members which means that we have already achieved 90% of member this season entering a POTY round. The winner was Julie Holbeche-Maund with here image “Red, White and Blue” From Steve Bexon with “Save Our Planet” And Julie Holbeche-Maund   again with “Goth & Graffiti” All three of these images plus many of the others show a good connection between the surroundings and the graffiti Full table of Results Graffiti Gallery POTY Standings after round 2...

2019 / 20 POTY 2

Last night was the 2nd round of POTY 2019 / 20. Given the number of entries 66 from 33 members the images were made available on the web 1 week prior to the voting and from feed back after wards it has been decided to repeat this for the remaining 2 PDI rounds irrespective of number of entries. The second half featured videos of Black and...

2019 / 20 Cedars Challenge

Last night was the 2019 / 20 Cedars Challenge unfortunately Broughton Astley PS were unable to participate so it was a 3 way battle between our selves, Lutterworth CO-OP PS and Hinckley & District PS. There were 36 prints 12 from each club judges by Graham Walton DPAGB of Arden Photo Group in Solihull. He gave some insightful comments on each image with suggestions in some cases for improvements and in the end we emerged victorious with 198 points. Special mention should go to Julie Holbeche-Maund for her image “Rydal Water” which topped the individual scoring with 20 points Also John Haddon of LCPS for “Sailing III” scoring 19, Paul Wiles of LCPS for “Bumblebee”, Louise Beech for “Kestrel Searching in the Rain” and Steve Pears of ESCC for “Four Men In a Boat” all of which scored 18.   Club Clubs Image Author Image Title ESCC HDPS LCPS       0         ESCC 1 Jules Holbeche-Maund 2 Serenity 17     HDPS 1 Martyn Fisher 3 Jinty Working Hard   16   LCPS 1 John Haddon 4 Tranquil Morning     15 ESCC 2 Steve Pears 6 Four Men In a Boat 18     HDPS 2 John Shilladay 7 First Light   15   LCPS 2 Paul Wiles 8 Bumblebee     18 ESCC 3 Gary Wood 10 Lingmell Gill 17     HDPS 3 Graham Holt 11 What Number was it?   15   LCPS 3 Alan Shean 12 Belton Lake     14 ESCC 4 Ian Waite 14 Harvest Mice 15     HDPS 4 Chris Miller 15 The Tree on...

2019 / 20 Speaker Tim Pile “Have I Got Nudes For you”

Last night we had a talk from Tim Pile ARPS MPAGB EFIAP/p FIPF in which he described his journey from his entry into digital photography to the present day. He explained how and why he came to specialize in photographing the nude and also showed the images he used to gain his MPAGB and Fellowship panels. See his Fellowship panel Or visit his website to see more work Welcome to Tim’s Pile of...

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