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2019 Tips and Tricks

Tips, Tricks and Observations Before you go out:   Plan your shoot – Know where you are going and what time of day you need to be there. Check online for sunrise and sunset time or Moon rise and Moon sets for the location.  or Photograher’s Emphemeris at . Check the times for any transport you are photographing or need to use to get to location. Check the weather. There are many apps you can put on your phone or android and they are free. Write down a list of things you what to take a picture of when on the location. Go on goggle and find other photographers images of the same location and see if you can think of a different and better image. Camera Cards- Always format cards in camera not on your computer this can corrupt the card when done on computer. Always buy the best and fastest cards available. Check that you have a camera card in camera and spares in your camera bag. Have a place in your camera bag to place used cards or a gadget to hold them. If you worry about losing images from less reliable cards buy small cards such as 8 or 16Gbt instead of the larger 64Gb and above. Batteries – always buy the manufacturers camera batteries, other brands may not hold the charge and will empty a lot faster than the manufacturers. Check that your batteries have full charge in them and that you have a battery in camera and spares in your camera bag. Keep batteries in the dry, warm and waterproof place....

2019 speaker Tony Winfield “Improving Your Picture Taking skills”

Last night we has a presentation by Tony Winfield CPAGB on “Improving Your Picture Taking skills” Exploring the non-technical side of photography. During his presentation Tony explained why various factors can effect an image both for the positive and negative. He covered techniques on how to give the image which is basically a 2D presentation the impression of depth using things like strong foreground, lead in lines, limited depth of field, stacking / overlapping details. He then went on to discuss horizons 20 / 80, on the thirds, across the centre etc. How our brain is programmed to look at people. The use of rules and how they may be broken. Ideas on composition, balancing the image, forming triangles, odd numbers etc. Colours, the colour wheel how neighbouring colours jazz and complementary colours give more contrast. Warm colours v cool colours. Positive & negative space, how your eye always goes to the brightest element or area with highest contrast. How removing a sky can lead to a stronger landscape. Light and the different types / strengths of light during the day. His presentation included lots of images to illustrate the topics he was discussing which can be found on his website

2018 / 19 Trevor Wain UK Landscape Competition

Last night saw the 2018 / 19 Trevor Wain UK Landscape Competition. This is an externally judged print competition with the theme of UK Landscapes. There were 49 entries and it was Judged by Nat Coalson ARPS. Nat gave a master class how to analyse an image and described what was good and bad with each of the entries. He included plenty of advice and tips on how they could each be altered / improved. The evening ended with 3 images scoring the maximum but James Botterills image “Combesgate Beach” was selected as the Judges winner with the comment “there isn’t much that could be improved on this” From Phil Mallins “Last Man Standing” And Julie Holbeche-Maund with “Porlock Weir” Results Author Image Score   James Botterill Combesgate Beach 20 1st Phil Mallin Last Man Standing 20 Highly Commended Julie Holbech-Maund Porlock Weir 20 Highly Commended Phil Mallin After the Harvest 19 Commended Steve Bexon Parkhouse And Chrome From Hitter Hill 19 Commended Steve pears Canna 19 Commended Steve Bexon Hen Cloud From The Roaches 19 Commended Dave Carter Bolderwood New Forest 18   Chantal Cooper Cementworks Hope Valley 18   Trish Rudin Crummock Water Reflection 18   Julie Holbech-Maund Snowhill Lavender 18   Steve pears Steephill Cove 18   Rob Jones Stourhead 18   Ian Waite Tarn Howes 18   Geoff Whitelocks The View From Rhos On Sea 18   James Botterill Crow Point Wreak 18   Geoff Whitelocks Morning Scottish Sun 18   John Denny Normanton 18   Robin Astle Sheep Country 18   Gary Wood The Crowns 18   Trish Rudin Wrynose Pass 18   Steve...

2018 / 19 POTY 3 Monochrome Print Results

In first place “White Feathered Goddess” by Julie Holbeche-Maund Lrps with 23.82 2nd “Wensley falls” Phil Mallin 23.00 3rd “Duckpool” Gary Wood with 22.55 Full Table of Results 2018 / 19 POTY 3 Standing after POTY3 2018 / 19 POTY 3 Gallery  ...

2018/19 POTY 3: Open Monochrome

Last night was the POTY 3: “Open Monochrome”: 3rd round of POTY. It was an Open Themed print competition but the prints had to be monochrome. Usual print rules and peer voting applied and 33 members voted on the 58 submitted images. The voting was followed by a presentation from one of our new members James Botterill entitled  “The confession’s of a virgin Wedding Photographer.” during which James explained the importance of preparation and planning in this case in relation to his first ever attempt at wedding photography for his Cousin (so no pressure). Weddings are probably the single most planned event in a persons life with the planning starting months in advance if not years but on the day the only fixed point in time is when the bride arrives at the church, registry office, ceremony what ever but who often is late. The rest of the day sort of follows a pattern but is quite fluid in when and what happens. He described how he undertook both physical and virtual web research, looked at other peoples images for ideas, locations near the wedding venue and the realisation that the presentation of the final images needed to have a common look and feel to them. How when he went to the actual locations found they weren’t quite as shown but how on the day the previous visit scouting locations paid dividends as events didn’t go to the expected timetable and he end up with just 5 minutes to whisk the bride away to get some images. How he got he bride and groom to practice poses like in the professional images which are actually...

2018/19 “British Landscapes Colour & Mono”

Last night we had a presentation from Bill Allsopp LRPS LBPPA from Leicestershire entitled “British Landscapes Colour & Mono”. During his talk Bill explained the ins and outs of what it takes to be a Landscape Photographer and presented lots of good images to enforce what he was saying. You can see more of Bills work on his web site or you could buy his...

2018 Workshop

The Camera Club (Earl Shilton Camera Club) had its 2nd members workshop last night. Phil and Jules took 4 sets up for macro photography. 2 with continuous lighting and 2 for flash (Nikon and Canon). 40 of the 43 members turned up and everyone took part. There were also Lightroom, Photoshop, and camera techniques sets...

2018 / 19 POTY 2 Birds

Tonight we had the critique for the 2nd round of POTY. This was a themed PDI round with the them being Birds. It attacted 61 images from 32 members and we 38 scoring. The image finishing in 1st place with a score of 25.41 was “Swooping Falcon” by Peter Lawrance 2nd “Male Barn Owl” by Ian Waite with 22.41 And 3rd “Herring Gull In Flight” by Gary Wood with 22.22 Click for Full Table of Results 2018 / 19 POTY Table  Click to View Gallery...

Upcoming Events

  1. 2018/19 Inter-club: vs. Ashby PS

    March 27 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
  2. 2018/19 POTY 6 – “Patterns & Textures” : PDI

    April 3 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
  3. 2018/19 POTY 6 Review

    April 10 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm