5 3 1
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd Score
Trees Chantal Cooper 1 2 3   19
Crotchets Peter Lawrance 2 2 1   13
Autumn Glory Julie Holbeche-Maund 3 2   1 11
Birmingham New Street Julie Holbeche-Maund 4 2     10
Wild Flowers Loz Waterson 5 1 1 1 9
Early Autumn Steve Bexon 6 1 1   8
Bluebell Fantasy Ian Waite 7 1   1 6
Dahlia Dance Roger Leck 7   2   6
Ice Cream Peter Lawrance 7 1   1 6
Blue Bell Wood Gary Wood 10   1 2 5
Garden Alan Cook 10   1 2 5
Centre Of The Circle Paul Steans 12   1   3
Nation Ian Waite 12   1   3
Bench Among Ferns Margaret Waterson 14     1 1
Into The Woods Steve Pears 14     1 1
Tarn Hows Gary Wood. 14     1 1
Tree Lines Steve Bexon 14     1 1
Croft Trees John Smith 18       0
Ferns Margaret Waterson 18       0
Flowers Chantal Cooper 18       0
Only A Rose Steve Pears 18       0
Overgrown Ferns Loz Waterson 18       0
Rose Garden Alan Cook 18       0
Roses Roundabout Roger Leck 18       0
Warwick Castle Paul Steans 18       0
Wild Bracken John Smith 18       0


Autumn Glory by Julie Holbeche-Maund

was taken at Harthill Hayes country park during the autumn last year.
Using a slow shutter speed and high depth of field. Processing was very light just a boost of colour.

Bench Among Ferns by Margaret Waterson

taken at Caulke Abbey earlier this week
never done this before , hope the results of my efforts are ok

Birmingham New Street by Julie Holbeche-Maund

was taken by setting the camera to multiple exposures and slow moving the camera in all directions
to create the image. this shot is out of camera.

Blue Bell Wood by Gary Wood

This was at Harthill Hayes country park and was the first of a 3 image merge. This and another being taken on a tripod.
For this image the camera was angled up, set to a long exposure and the tripod head tilted down during the exposure.
The second image camera set to short exposure and image take from where the head had finished.

Then a third image added extra larger bluebells.

Bluebell Fantasy by Ian Waite

Centre Of The Circle by Paul Steans

After many unsuccessful hand held attempts I changed to my 70-300 lens which has a tripod collar and
placing it on the tripod was able to spin it so that the red cosmos flower remained in the centre.
Shot at half a second, f14, iso 100.
Processed in Affinity Photo I copied the layer and changed blend mode to overlay and boost the effect.

Croft Trees by John Smith

Crotchets by Peter Lawrance

This was taken using some small coloured lights against a black background using ICM. Tidied up in LR and PS.
The finished result reminded me of musical crotchets.
2.5 seconds at f.4.0 ISO 80 with a 24-120 lens at 60mm. Nikon 850.
Dahlia Dance by Roger Leck

Never tried this before. Read the instructions and used plants in the garden.
Early Autumn by Steve Bexon

Ferns by Margaret Waterson

taken at Caulke Abbey earlier this week
never done this before , hope the results of my efforts are ok

Flowers by Chantal Cooper

Garden by Alan Cook

Iso 100 Two grey filters to get long exposure tweaked in PS

Ice Cream by Peter Lawrance

Taken using a couple of my granddaughters toy wooden ice creams. Placed on a black background and ICM applied.
Tidied up in PS and LR.
Nikon 850 1 second at f 8. ISO 100 with a 24-120 lens at 44mm.
Into The Woods by Steve Pears

Nation by Ian Waite

Only A Rose by Steve Pears

Overgrown Ferns by Loz Waterson

Rose Garden by Alan Cook

ISO 100 2grey filters tweaked in photoshop
Roses Roundabout by Roger Leck

Tarn Hows by Gary Wood.

Walked around Tarn Hows in the Lake District it was a relatively misserable day and found this quite spooky corner.
Tree Lines by Steve Bexon

Tree Lines by Chantal Cooper

Warwick Castle by Paul Steans

I had taken a few images by quickly flicking the camera about my wrist, a technique used by a Youtuber I watch
called Andy Gray, where he creates very painterly images of mostly iconic landmarks, which I quite like.
In Affinity Photo I combined 4 images setting the opacity of the added layers to a low value to try and get the look
I was after. This is my first attempt but I have a very long way to go!

Wild Bracken by John Smith

Wild Flowers by Loz Waterson