Last night saw the final competition of the season with the Neville Jackson Image of the Year. This is an externally judged open print competition and had 48 entries. This years judge was  John Lewis LRPS. from Daventry who gave some very insightful comments about the images including discussion of the various compositional elements seen in the images from leadin lines, framing, S or C curves, circles, horizons, hands, eyes, closure, foreground elements and whether these can be blurred or sharp, how they provide an impression of depth and how if they’re a strong element they can detract from the main subject, story elements

After the main scoring there were some 14 images held back which is a good indication of overall quality of the entries.

Following further deliberations this was reduced to 4

“Kelsey” by Daniel Wood

“The Scamp” by Ian Waite

These were both finally awarded 19 with the remaining 2 images getting 20

“Franz Josef” by Chantal Cooper

“Four men in a boat” by Steve Pears

With this image being given the overall win

Author Image Score
Steve Pears Four Men In A Boat 20 Winner
Chantal Cooper Franz Josef 20
Debbie Lowe 92214 Leicester City 19
Julie Holbeche-Maund In The Attic 19
Daniel Wood Kelsey 19
Alan Wardropper The Illusionist 19
Ian Waite The Scamp 19
Debbie Lowe Bradgate Weir At Dusk 19
Peter Lawrance Puppet Master 18
Roger Leck Morning On Calpe Beach 18
Steve Bexon Street Artists Meeting 18
Gary Wood Duckpool 18
Ian Waite Garden Beauty 18
Debbie Lowe Summer Sun On The River Lin 18
Graham townsend Excess Baggage 17
Steve Bexon What Are They For 17
Roger Leck Where’s Her Number 17
John Smith Fowey 17
Alan Wardropper Halloween Friends 17
Daniel Wood Lumsdale 17
Julie Holbeche-maund Rydal Water 17
Phil Mallin Sydney Opera House 17
Steve Pears Thoughtful 17
Rob Jones Warehouses In Trondheim 17
Alan Wardropper 2 Beauties 17
Steve Pears Canna 17
Phil Mallin Mixed Peppers 17
John Smith Bridge 42 16
Gary Wood Chesterton 16
Martin Allen Female Kestrel 16
Phil Mallin Grassmere Morning 16
Rob Jones Star And Plane Trails Around Polaris 16
Geoff Whitelocks The View From Rhos On Sea 16
Chantal Cooper Tia 16
Trish Rudin Young Kestrel 16
Martin Allen Grinds Brook 16
Peter Lawrance Kings Cross Tunnel 16
James Botterill Maggpie Mine 16
Gary Wood Priests Cove 16
Ian Waite Rescued 16
Trish Rudin Squirrel 16
Geoff Whitelocks Todays Jobs 16
Trish Rudin Crummock Water Reflections 16
Daniel Wood Hannah 16
Julie Holbeche-Maund Rydal Mist 16
Peter Lawrance- Stag Silhouette 16
James Botterill Mam Tor 15
Brett Lawrence Three Al Pacas 15

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