Last night we had a very informative talk from member James Botterill on the process he adopts when taking a landscape image.

He covered the complete process from the initial planning, upto the point were he presses the shutter release.

He said due to pressure of family and work he tries to minimize the unknowns when visiting a new area by using the Internet to look for good images.

Having identified possible locations he finds where to park, the route to the location and the best time of day to visit generally sun rise or sun set.

He tries to give himself at least 30 minutes at the location before the expect event so that hes not rushing around.

Having arrived he takes five minutes to sit and sup taking in the atmosphere.

He then tries before erecting the tripod to find the best composition the minimizes the number of visual elements but satisfies as many of the rules as possible.

Having located this he sets up the tripod, manually focuses on the main feature and then dials in the exposure settings possibly adding filters to give the results hes after.

Then waits ………..

Daniel aided James in his presentation utilising all the facilities – projection, WiFi to Internet. Tethering etc.

James suggested a couple of You Tube videos that provided further help