Final round of POTY for the 2019 / 20 Season it was Themed Street ans saw 56 entries although because of the current situation was changed from a print round to web hosted competition.

The winner was Steve Bexon with his image “Rain Dance” scoring 22.62

Steve also came second with his other image “A Rubbish Night” scored 22

in 3rd was Ian Waite with his image “Walk on By” scored 21.38

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To help the image review members were invited to return comments an abridged version of these is given below.

A couple of the members also made some general comments on the round

Generally thought that there was too much processing going on.
Street is all about capturing what is happening, so making HDR skies, colour popping and vignettes do not make good Street images, nor do just pictures of streets
need to look at The Masters to understand what ‘Street’ is all about.

Took ages to add comments so probably wrote too much.
I’ve taken more Street photos than anything else over the years and use criteria from a number of sources and publications when taking my own pictures and today when marking our competition, so hope I haven’t been too critical.
Some things I look for include
A moment in time which tells a story
A Strong focal point,
A Main subject which pops out of the background
Only crop to improve visual balance but keep original aspect ratio or to remove unwanted element,
Add More contrast or clarity to increase ‘wow’ factor,
Sometimes more impact in colour so don’t convert to mono for the sake of it,
Needs to evoke emotion,
Shouldn’t be pictures of random strangers or street scenes with very little happening,
Close-ups will be considered as Street Portraits and only loosely fit into a street photography category,
Posed or set-up pictures where permission is asked is not really Street.
People photographed from the back, the disabled, beggers, homeless and street performers are easy to take and not considered good street photography.
So not much to think about really!

Finished 56th scored 14.86
Image 8
Cross Buskers
By Dave Varnham

Too busy
lots going on
3 separate groups of people.
Main subjects are lost in the scene and because of the bright sun light are dark due to high contrast.
Perhaps crop to left of cross and slightly more space on right would focus attention on buskers.
You need to leave one of the other groups to show why the buskers are cross
the two ladies sitting on the bench more interested in their phones are probably the better set. to leave as they give a reason for the buskers to be cross
Lighten buskers as their quite dark.

Finished 55th scored 14.95
Image 52
Rebel Underfoot
By John Denny

Well seen, with the cover 90 degree out of alignment.
Is the suggestion that the incongruity of the cobble angles is rebellious?
Image made me smile and look further into the image, good use of Black and white
A bit literal but intriguing although a little plain and not what I’d call street photography
More a Patterns image.

Finished 53rd scored 15
Image 24
Primary Colours In Lockdown
By John Denny

Reflects the moment, good colour but disjointed thus little impact.
Colour idea good but without title means nothing especially out of context with current situation.
Just a picture of an empty street – without title, it is meaningless
A lazy picture, there are many options to make it better.

Also 53rd scored 15
Image 3
Centre Of Attraction
By Alan Cook

Generally view was it needed cropping both from the left and a little from right to remove the waste bin.
or even just cropping to just the right hand half of the image would be much more effective.
Pity you cant see the girls face as this is the main focal point but its covered by her hair. Should have waited for a better shot.

Finished 52nd scored 15.32
Image 31
Old Bangers
by Alan Cook

Has a point of interest and converted to mono. Title says it all; not technically brilliant
Writing and spots very off putting and where are they going?
Where is the story or something to make you think.
Spoilt by lettering bottom right. Should be cloned out or cropped
Whites look to be clipped and the push the button device has a hot spot on the corner.
Sign in corner too prominent a bit messy due to spots & the crossing panel.
Too fast a shutter speed as the spokes are sharp!
Obviously a shot taken quickly, so meeting the essence of street photography.

Finished 51st scored 15.33
Image 39
Ok For Some
by Isobel Chesterman

A bit miserable, subtle message. Too much external info.
Crop down to three main characters and highlight figures slightly against drab grey background
A little messy.
Another sad picture of a homeless person but not very good needs a lot of work on exposure and main point of focus to improve

Finished 50th scored 15.52
Image 13
Begging In Berlin
By Roger Leck

Well spotted picture next to the poster but they don’t seem that needy!
Are these a couple of jokers asking for dog food, weed and beer, written in English in Berlin?
And where’s the dog?
Needs some dodging and burning to improve and perhaps a lesser crop.
Too many distractions on the edges parts of people & objects giving a cluttered feel.
Would be a much better composition if the picture was taken from more in front which would help remove distractions like
the feet in top left, large box and bike with writing which all detracts from main subjects
Also then the shallow depth of field both characters would be in the same plane of focus

Finished 49th scored 15.68
Image 37
I Have Got Legs
by Martin Hall

If only there had been someone looking or showing someone would have made much more impact
Well spotted but spoilt by people top right and bin top left
The crop is a bit tight need straightening more reenactment than street.
Probably snapped at 1940’s WW2 weekend at the GCR but not very interesting I’m afraid.

Finished 48th scored 15.95
Image 48
Grand Central
By Debbie Lowe

Looks good in mono.
Good light. Captures the daily commute.
Busy image but that’s what the subject is
Snapshot of a moment but no central figures of interest more a reflection of Grand Central as a venue.
Needed to wait for the right moment to take the shot or a different perspective from the balcony
What’s the story here?

Finished joint 45th scored 16.05
Image 46
Waiting To Start Work
by Loz waterson

Captures an individual but of no real interest to an audience as no context
Subject is out of focus but wall is sharp.
Needs more in the background

Image 41
Night Time In Valencia
By Roger Leck

Nice evening shot light handled well but shame about the colour balance.
Not enough interest conveyed in what couple are doing, where their going and
could have been taken when subjects were less central
It’s not really telling me a story.

Image 36
Good Old Days
by Dave Varnham

Intriguing this has got me thinking.
What are they queuing up for or what is central point of photo?
Possibly a better title is “oh no have you seen the queue”.
It’s not a really old photo as the car registration number gives it away, so perhaps the author is just referring to before social distancing.
Maybe a bit too much sky would make good letter box image.
brighten subject.Mono and ‘wow’ could be improved by upping clarity and dodging and burning
Poor comp. Too much sky and floor. Needs straightening

Image 32
Finished 44th scored 16.1
Vegetable Stall Holder Vietnam
By Geoff Whitelocks

Nice natural portrait, good colour photographer has used flash, which has highlighted the subject.
Put its more an environmental portrait not really a street photo

Finished 43rd scored 16.19
Image 17
Just The Ticket
by Alan Wardropper

Tells a storey, the warden is sharp.
But poor composition needed a wider shot to get more of the cars in and maybe his legs as well.
There are some distractions.
Doesn’t engage the audience or create empathy with protagonist.
As it is its more and Environmental portrait really needs more in the scene like a person watching
the traffic warden or a Ferrari getting a ticket to make it work to be a Moment in time.

Finished 42nd scored 16.27
Image 5
Corona Crescent
by Daniel Wood

Good angle of view taken at a low level, Good depth of field, sharp throughout, would have been better with some Dodge & Burn
Some distracting elements though like the sign at the top.
Title makes sense in current climate but image holds no central interest or theme other than contextualised title.
Could be a Sunday morning shop or just a quiet time of the day if it wasn’t for the title.
Needs a shop window sticker in the photo to indicate why it’s not a normal day
This is photography of a street – not ‘Street Photography’. The viewer would need to know the background to understand the picture.

Finished 41st scored 16.29
Image 19
Crazy Cyclist
by John Langham

Cycling down Southbank in Melbourne
Good image but would have liked to see more of the bike as it is it doesn’t tell a story other than someone trying to get attention.
Contrasting opinions in that some thought it was Only sharp area is body whilst others said depth of field good.
An amusing picture but again needs to be in a wider scene otherwise ends up more portrait than street espcially as
he looks like he is stationary and posing for the photo.

Finished 40th scored 16.57
Image 45
Oh Sh!!!!
By Alan Wardropper

Well that’s what you get for soapbox derby
great expression on crowd and look of panic is well caught on driver and you feel the bit of drama.
Would love to see all of soap box as barriers very bright and are first thing you see.
Works better with these cropped out.
Main subject is out of focus and too small.
Shame a lot of the cart is hidden by the barrier, but can just make out it is toppling over.

Finished 39th scored 16.68
Image 9
Husky Power
by Martin Hall

Novel subject. The dogs are caught well and looking at camera which is good.
Good light decent composition but possibly improved if you could see where had come from or going too
i.e. put their location into more context.

Some however thought it was a snapshot and not sure whether it’s a Street photo
Also is suffering from a bad case of tone mapping as colours are over saturated and it been over sharpened.
Needs levelling up and some dodging and burning.

Finished 38th scored 16.76
Image 35
Late For Rehearsal
by Andy Freeman

The shot was taken in Castle Square in Leicester.
It was just a single shot as the cyclist went past.
He seemed to be in a bit of a hurry, and he had a violin case, hence the name.
Regarding editing, I just use Snapseed on the iPad.
This has had a good crop, switched to portrait and B&W, plus I took out the window in the top right and reverted it to bricks, as keeping part of the window looked odd, and extending the crop to include all of it didn’t seem so effective.
This may be the start of me selling my soul to photo editing software 🙁

Well caught moment lots of potential for subject but needs a bit more of conceptual background
Makes you wonder why is he late ?
Image fits the title but really its just a guy riding a bike and its the title that makes the image.
Contrast needs upping to improve mono midtones. Backs of people aren’t good
Try a lower angle to give a more dramatic image or a square crop to get rid of the signage

Finished 37th scored 16.71
Image 33
Street Art
by Daniel Wood

Taken on a Samsung S10 f2.2, 1/33 second exposure 180 millimetre.
Good subject Colourful night-time shot, interesting but needs different angle and people either silhouetting or lightening. Crop right
Confusing image busy too many distractions and is soft throughout.
Good effect with the lighting, well caught. The figure front left is slightly distracting
Crop right hand side a little and clone out tower clock etc in background

Finished joint 34th scored 17
Image 23
Healthy Living
by Rob Jones

I like it – envious been waiting to capture this myself!!
Good depth of field. natural and topical
Not really dramatic enough to suggest either healthy or unhealthy living.
Nothing to make you interested in character.
Bit more street needed
More portrait than street.
Would be a better composition to include more of scene and more of the smoke drifting away and perhaps in mono
Sarcastic title.
Perhaps more could have been made of the amount of vapour that these devices produce.

Image 15
Flat Iron New York
By Phil Mallin

A great photo of the architecture.
Good composition giving a commanding view of the building with strong colours and sharpness where needed and nice sky.
Some felt it had a good balance of building, people and sky whilst others that the people appeared incidental with little relationship to the building
And therefore is this perhaps a record shot of an iconic building rather than a moment in time and more a Architectural or Travel Photo rather than a street image.

Image 4
Resident Langa Township
By Geoff Whitelocks

Well balanced, Colours work well, good composition Head sits between the line of the top of the door and the stair rail, Great portrait but is it street ?
Several thought it was overpowered by the white card as this was quite dominant but two differing views on how to solve it.
One was to see wider setting thus showing the environment where this proud man was standing and making the white card smaller in the image.
Another said bottom half distracting – crop.
And a third was just to darken it.
Several thought the Vignette spoils it making it a little dark in the corners whilst another view was that there was no need to vignette on ‘Street’ photography

Image 51
Finished 33rd scored 17.24
V For Vain
By Rob Jones

A moment captured taking a selfie, probably one of many they took that day!
A popular Eastern tradition to pose with V but this is not the most interesting and phone not immediately obvious.
Tight crop, would benefit from a little dodging and burning
Maybe crop the part face of the bloke off at the right?

Finished 32nd scored 17.27
Image 56
With Me Mates
by Robin Astle

True moment in time.
Clearly something made one guy laugh and the one on the left looks bemused by it.
Nice candid group shot and the Magic 3 plus the dog.
Dog is the most interesting subject but the three characters don’t seem to jell or intermix and unfortunately busker is blurred and is he yawning, singing or shouting..
Works with tight crop and the dog.
Perhaps crop out edge of W on window or even the S to leave ‘MEN’

Finished 31st scored 17.48
Image 11
Leading The Parade
By Isobel Chesterman

Eye catching, Great colours but is it the best of compositions because the crowd in the background have already been walked past so their not looking at this person instead their looking at next part of the parade
but we can not see that as there is only this person and no other context.
Possibly needs to have been taken a few seconds later to see less of the crowd and for the next person in parade to come into view.
so we see more of the scene and a glimpse of what is behind the leader this would enhance the image, as this is what the spectators are looking at.
Face needs lightening possibly with a spot of dodging and burning.
Question though if this is really ‘Street’ or more ‘Event’

Finished 30th scored 17.52
Image 49
OAP Barrow
By Gary Wood

The image captures the inventiveness of the older generation.
Nicely captured and emphasised by mono-chroming the background.
Good colour popping but too cropped.
If she had been in a fairly empty street or wider angle with context would possibly be more interesting
Creative use of partial colour.
Is this a Portrait?
Cropped too tight, other person a distraction, probably better in full mono
Good. No need for the selective black and white


Finished 29th scored 17.68
Image 28
By Robin Astle

The composition of this is done well, there are several interactions going on.
Technically good, nice idea and a creative image but no outstanding colour or subject and seems rather busy and cluttered.
Which leads many to find it confusing some even thought it was multiple exposure which isnt street photography.
Also would it be better if the man was positioned to right of Tower bridge.

Finished joint 27th scored 17.71
Image 18
Buskers In Vienna
by Loz Waterson

Great subject, slightly funny gave me a smile but not engaging.
Needs some context as it raises several questions like
What were they looking at?
Why do they have horses heads on?
Is there a story there?
Are they perhaps well known?
If you could have seen what they were looking at it would have increased the interest as a street photo.
Composition and lack of processing lets it down.
Not really what I’d call street photography, a snap of buskers in Vienna

Image 7
Just Walk On By
By Andy Freeman

It was taken in Belfast earlier this year.
The busker is playing what I believe is a Stroh Violin, it has strings but no sound box, with a horn instead.
He didn’t really get much attention, and the girl in shot gave him no eye contact at all.
I like the fact that he just caught sight of the camera as the shot was taken.
I also liked the poster behind him with the legs mimicking what was going on in front of him.
Processing wise nothing special with the edit, just a slight crop, sharpen and shift to black and white.

Good social commentary, a message of the social divide, Facial expressions on both work well
girl with eyes closed looks like she’s trying to ignore him.
Great image, good use of Black and white although could do with some dodging and burning and more contrast to make it ‘pop’.
Great match of the walking legs in the advertisement to the subject but possibly moving to the right slighlty and allowing the girl to enter frame more would then show both poster and walker.
But the busker is a bit blurred which I think is unintentional would have been better if the walker has motion blur.

Image 6
Finished 26th scored 17.81
Our Playground
By Margaret Waterson

Interesting to see this venue used by little children. Usually quite a noisy bustling area.
Subjects are well placed but are lost in the scene making it appear to be more about the street art.
The kids should have been more prominent.
Possibly crop bottom to draw attention to the children more
or as its a bit busy crop to just the 3 kids on scooters.
Or is it the wrong angle of view
could a lower angle make for a stronger image?
Image has a lot of noise due to the low lighting conditions and need to freeze the action.
Nice colours but over saturated, could do with some dodging and burning.

Finished 25th scored 18
Image 29
I Don’t Want To Talk About It
by Peter Lawrance.

Amusing well timed photo with the dog walking through the scene.
Good capture, well caught subject, colourful. Although a little busy at the back.
People and the dog looking miserable and not communicating
Whose dog is it?
Why is it just walking into the scene?
Image is soft.


Finished joint 22nd scored 18.1
Image 53
Friends On Holiday
By John Smith

A nice bright image. The central subjects work well. They seem to be enjoying it.
Slightly over exposed.
Crop top and bottom and slightly enhance colours to stand out against sandstone colour of background
and image could have done with some Dodge and burn, whites are a little clipped.
A posed holiday snap, doesn’t really work for me as street photography.
Picture needs work to improve the blown highlights etc
Bright image, perhaps a bit too bright in places? Captured well.
Again, low angle needed. (Like the photographer in the shot!)

Image 16
A Lightbulb Moment
by Ken Chesterman

A well spotted and Intriguing photo that would have been a great photo if it had been of a living person
Makes good use of Black & White.
Like the row of empty chairs. but possibly better taken from nearer to the floor.
and possibly needs more in the scene e.g. a person walking past or someone looking at the manikin or mime artist?
And as its just a “sculpture” its not really capturing a moment.

Image 2
Cathedral Wheelie
by James Botterill

Good subject against a strong background.
Nice contrast of cultures and attitudes.
Suggests world weary attitude of pedestrians at having their space invaded.
Composition is getting there, two people looking at the title subject and also steps pointing toward him as well
Possibly sun rays look a little artificial.
Could have lightened characters at the front as their dark compared to the background
and reduced background contrast to make them pop

Others felt that it needed cropping to subject as it is a little busy with the 2 people behind and felt the sky was distracting and image dominated by the cathedral which although framed well has little relevance to the subject and takes the eye away from the kid doing a wheelie.

Image 25
Finished 21st scored 18.48
A Rainy Day
by John Smith

A well spotted picture with the umbrella nicely matching the other colours.
Rain and reflections add more interest and work well and give impact but there is not anything to invoke interest in character or setting.
If could have suggested a goal for person or reason.
Needs crop to improve and less processing
A little bit of Dodge and Burn needed.

Finished 20th scored 18.57
Image 1
Catch Me If You Can
by Peter Lawance

Definitely a moment in time,
full of action,
makes you feel happy and remember child hood.
Its a well timed exposure and its good to have the balloon mans face inside the bubble – tells a story
Main issue is that the background is very busy and distracting
A smaller f number could have helped to blur background and made people standout more
or could have lightened characters at the front and reduced background contrast for same effect.
But as it is the subjects are confused with the background.
Its also already been over processed for ‘Street’
including over sharpened and the tone mapping is too heavy
Don’t know whats too the left i.e. was it a better back ground but a move to the left would have helped to decrease gap and angle between children and bubble blower.
Alternatively perhaps not crop as tight, add more of the original scene if possible so characters are not on the edge of the frame.
Could also have tried a lower angle,

Finished 19th scored 18.62
Image 26
Delhi Street Shower
By Steve Pears

Another world good story good moment in time, although I imagine it would have been a long moment, ready made street scene.
If possible take from other view as impact would have been better if the main subject was looking at camera.
Or at least one of them.
A good street scene but poorly composed, cropped too tight on the bottom cutting off hand and foot also on
left hand it side needs a bit more street.

Finished 18th scored 18.67
Image 14
In Pursuit
By Paul Steans

This was taken outside New Street Station in Birmingham looking up at the reflective surfaces on the building,
so no one was aware that I was photographing them.
I composed the image and waited for two or three people to be in the frame,
leaving enough space around to crop it.
A bit of cloning out of some aspects was done, then it was just a case of adjusting light and dark to get the desired effect.

Different, clever idea and love the angle and good use of reflections give a slightly sinister but a different perspective.
The reflected bricks seem very ‘swirly’ etc., for something that appears to be straight or flat.
Could have enhanced colour to bring out contrast of red and blues against gray
Some felt it a bit confusing to look at having split reflective ceiling panels
Wondered about the presence of the diagonal line I know it was really there but it presents a physical barrier for the pursuer to cross.
and though this sort of picture works better with shadows.

Finished 17th scored 18.81
Image 47
The Market Trader
By John Langham

Great subject well taken with good expression taken from a good low angle.
Very nice environmental portrait and probably not staged but rather static
Maybe taken a bit to the left to capture all of the tray.


Finished 16th scored 18.9
Image 21
Minding The Kid
by Gary Wood

Horrible social storey but well composed
Gritty realism, good light, sharp.
This looks a dangerous scene! I wouldn’t have fancied being there!
Has potential but a lot too implied only.
No story, no point of interest or emotion, just three lads talking ?
I question this comment as I’m able too
plus others have also disagreed
3 lads drinking in a sub way with a push chair how is there no storey or point of interest !!!
Can’t see two of the faces or whats in push chair.
Mixed views on colour some said Good colour popping others colour distracting and yet others that its not “Street”
Noticed the man on far right , i can’t make out the top of his head properly hence the lower tech score
Creative colouring, shame you only see half of the buggy.
Not sure about part-mono
I was out taking images for the graphite round
there are lots under a bridge in Tamworth by the Snow dome
saw these three lads whilst i was the other side of the bridge
so walked up adjoining section and shot it from the hip as I came round corner but they had seen me and put their hoods up as they didnt want to be identified.
Had a chat with them nice lads really just girl friend didnt want them hanging around flat told them to take kid for a walk (yes there is a kid in push chair)


Finished 15th scored 18.95
Image 34
The Artists Environment
By Margaret Waterson

Good all round image, very well taken and light handled well.
Lots to grab attention, powerful image of a section of society.
Perhaps more cropping will give it a little more interest as the left side of the image has a flat wall blocking your eye from moving back into the image and the artist is soft.
Good subject but its more a street art picture or Graffiti image.

Finished Joint 13th scoring 19.05
Image 54
Elephant Approaching
By Steve Pears

Great opportunity to get such an interesting and colourful shot.
Conveys the bustling street and well captures India’s chaotic roads and reflects the culture.
Ideally would like to have missed motor bike out on left to emphasise elephant and bike more.
Busy image but lots of interest and atmosphere
Over sharpened. But like the subjects.
Good street scene with lots going on, dodging and burning some areas would improve composition

Image 27
Street Wise
By Julie Holbeche-Maund

Good subject, Good composition, Nice angle, Good image and mono processing.
But more an observed portrait or even poseed than a naturalistic street scene.
Differing opinions on whether there are any distracting elements.
Some say none
others suggest that it should be cropped in closer to avoid sky distraction and that the angle of the building behind is distracting.


Image 43
Finished 12th scored 19.24
By Phil Mallin

Romantic! And makes you think
leaves you asking many questions!
Are they together or having an affair?
What are they talking about?
Great image Great story, great picture for travel brochure but does have significant staged look to it.
Great use of Black and White
image has atmosphere and intrigue. Sharpe.
Good expressions on the subjects.
Shame building cut in half by window frame.
Possibly crop out some of the opaque screen at the bottom would bring faces towards the third.
Cropped too tight for a street picture in my opinion
Perhaps the guy’s face could have been lightened a bit?

Finished 11th scored 19.67
Image 22
By Al Simms

Says what it is
and has a colourful main character who is displaying everything about the title.
It tells a story and the central character is well framed by the others in the parade
also the vignette helps to concentrate the eye on the main subject.
Great image, love the colours and atmosphere captured.
Good expressions.
Some felt the vignette too heavy and suggested crop instead but to crop would remove the parade and context
Controversial being “Street” but great image to Colour Pop

Finished 10th scored 19.71
Image 55
Sydney Flinders Street Railway Station
By Julie Holbeche-Maund

First several people think Flinders Station is in Melbourne and not Sydney. after a quick bit of Web Browsing can confirm this
Good long time exposure and well captured. It has lots of impact, and is eye catching
but photo of a lit up building in a street more an architectural interest or nighttime shot that a real street scene.
Possibly removal of the cable line top right to make a cleaner image.
Shame the full station name wasn’t in the shot and more people in the scene.
Would have cloned or cropped out the yellow car


Finished joint 8th scored 20.19
Image 42
Lunch Time
By Paul Steans

This was taken in the Haymarket shopping centre in Leicester.
He had the camera hanging by his side resting on the camera bag.
Was controlling the camera using his phone so no one was aware he was taking photos.
Seeing the image on my phone slightly adjusted the camera position with lower arm to compose.
Focus and exposure were adjusted using the phone.
The lens was at its widest at 24mm but struggled to get everything in.
A wider lens would have been very useful.
Wasn’t sure what to title the image.
One option was to call it “Strangers don’t talk” but decided to let the viewer come up with their own story.
Did clone out some elements and blurred the background a little and also did some dodging and burning.

loved this subject,, the composition and everything about it. Had nice contrast of cultures and the background is nicely blurred.
Girl is well framed but would have been better if her right arm had not been partially covered.
Good image spoiled by the people on the far right
Great image, good depth of field, shame that the Asian gentlemen is out of focus.
Suits a tight crop but possibly too much at the base.
Catches the mood well.
Nicely taken from low angle.
Background well blurred but a bit bright compared to foreground.

Image 30 also joint 8th scoring 20.19
by James Botterill

I like the composition and it has a good story with great expressions on the Tug of War men.
Your left wondering what happened, so a good image.
Good use of Black and White, image is balanced between the performer and the robe pullers but would like to have had more context
Dislike vignette, More of a people picture and cropped or composed a little too tight.
I would have moved position to angle the shot from the other direction


Image 50
Finished 7th scored 20.62
St Ives Mermaid Sets Up The Deli
By Alan Simms

Excellent image with a great subject and good impact. Lots of interest well shot.
I like the way the strong colours have been handled
Nice environmental portrait.
Full of interest
The shop is well framed, if a little tightly cropped
Plenty of different colours.

Colourful picture but no emotion
Don’t get the title?

PS. For anyone interest, the reason for the strange title of my photo is that the lady in the picture does a lot of work for mental health charities under the guise of the St Ives Mermaid – and yes, she does swim in the sea, pools etc wearing a great big mermaids tail

Finished 6th scored 20.67
Image 20
Fun In The Township
by Debbie Lowe

Fun In The Township by Debbie Lowe

Fun In The Township

This is an excellent street picture with a strong storey which is made better by the use of monochrome
It has depth on the left leading you to the moving children with well captured expressions and possibly an accompanying adult.
Conveys children innocence and joy in contrast to the poverty of the African township
The unfortunate bit is because there’s someone in the distance with a white shirt you first look at them and only see the children after.
Try getting a lower angle this would work better
The border although a good idea on projected images is too thick in this case

Finished 5th scored 20.76
Image 40
Watching The World Go By
By Ian Waite

Good street picture telling a story with a strong subject. Its well taken and implies the girl walking is being watched.
I like the mens facial expressions which makes for a powerful image and its really sharp
Subject suits monochrome.
Could possibly have seen a bit more of the woman although it’s obvious what the guys are looking at,
may be even better at a slightly different angle and slightly faster speed.

Finished 4th and scored 20.9
Image 44
Sorry Text Is Quicker
Ken Chesterman

Brilliant! Well spotted
Good street scene
Very clever, grabs attention. Love the mans expression.
Interesting shot, corny title
Crop left slightly?
Great image, but no contrast to bring the image to life.
Need dodging and burning on person and background
Looks a bit set up like he’s posing for photographs but may be wrong perhaps he has done this before?.
Although There are some distracting elements!

Finished 3rd scored 21.38
Image 12
Walk On By
by Ian Waite

A good monochrome street picture of a homeless person in the rain which tells a story.
The blurred figures take you straight to the subject thats well framed between the moving figures
and conveys movement well and how they are ignoring the homeless person
but is it moral to photo homeless people?.
Some felt it was a bit over processed or that a slightly faster shutter speed should have been used to lessen the blurring.

Finishing in 2nd place having scored 22
Image 10
A Rubbish Night by Steve Bexon

Definitely tells a strong story powerful image of social commentary
Creates emotion. ‘City of Westminster’ text is good to see in this case as it puts it in context.
Rich versus Poor?
Makes you think!
Good monochrome with nice contrast and not over worked.
Author may want us to think this is a homeless person, from the title, but is he?
Clothes look neat, and boots, and that newish rucksack next to him doesn’t give this impression,
Or does rucksack belong to the photographer and this is a set-up?
Bench certainly isn’t for sleeping on with those arms!
However irrespective of this it got me thinking about the image, which is good.
Possibly a shallower depth of field would have highlighted the tramp more.
Good, but some of the rubbish looks like its been added
Or could a better comp be to move character to middle.

And finally in 1st place scoring 22.62
Image 38
Rain Dance
again by Steve Bexon

Well spotted, excellent Street photograph
Clear central interest with the girls interacting (but not dancing), great subject, with implied movement and great colour which is well captured and like the matching of the colours in the background to the subjects,
Person with umbrella moving out of the frame says to me that the rain has passed!
Pity main subject is out of focus because of the motion blur and has lost a foot behind one of the others!
A well composed street action image but not quite sure that the motion blur works fully might be better without he man on right and the scaffolding