Well done to Jules & Phil who entered the Open Projected round of MCPF 2018 Midphot competition with Phil receiving an MCPF medal for his image
“Vestrahorn” and has a further two images accepted whilst Jules also had 2 images “Miss Red” & Autumn Fashion accepted

Open Projected Image (acceptance mark 12)

“Alum Creek” scored 12 and was accepted

“Porlock Weir” scored 12 and was accepted

“Vestrahorn” scored 14 and was accepted

“Wongaling Beach” scored 11


“Bear and Books” scored 11
“Miss Red” scored 13 and was accepted

“Miss Yellow” scored 11
“The Arrangement” scored 9
“Warrior” scored 10
“Sarah” scored 11
“Autumn Fashion” scored 12 and was accepted