Last night we has a presentation by Tony Winfield CPAGB on “Improving Your Picture Taking skills” Exploring the non-technical side of photography.
During his presentation Tony explained why various factors can effect an image both for the positive and negative. He covered techniques on how to give
the image which is basically a 2D presentation the impression of depth using things like strong foreground, lead in lines, limited depth of field,
stacking / overlapping details. He then went on to discuss horizons 20 / 80, on the thirds, across the centre etc. How our brain is programmed to
look at people. The use of rules and how they may be broken. Ideas on composition, balancing the image, forming triangles, odd numbers etc.
Colours, the colour wheel how neighbouring colours jazz and complementary colours give more contrast. Warm colours v cool colours.
Positive & negative space, how your eye always goes to the brightest element or area with highest contrast.
How removing a sky can lead to a stronger landscape. Light and the different types / strengths of light during the day.

His presentation included lots of images to illustrate the topics he was discussing which can be found on his website