This week we reviewed the 2020 / 21 Secretaries Challenge images. This year the competition was themed ‘Travel’ in memory of MIke Dawe a long time member of the club who unfortunately passed away last year.

Unfortunatly due to covid-19 restrictions we had to change this normal print comp to PDI but this enabled us to send the images to the judge Bob Moore Hon.FRPS, Hon.PAGB, MPAGB, FIPF, FBIPP of Arden PS for Judging.

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Image Name   Comments Score (out of 20)
01 Acapulco In Moonlight Geoff Whitelocks Quite a good attempt at a panorama image. Unfortunately,it lacks quality i.e. It’s not very sharp.. 16
02 Alcantara Gorge Sicily Peter Lawrance An image that is difficult to appreciate the scale. I know it’s a gorge, tells me in the title, but how big I don’t know. The limited range of colours is attractive and perhaps the authors’ intension was to create an abstract image. 15
04 Awestruck John Denny Don’t really think the backs of people are very interesting, especially the guy with sunburn, he looks terrible. The quality is fine but I find the subject matter not inspiring. 13
05 Bellagio Ian Waite Reflections are always attractive. I think perhaps you could have straightened the horizon, it is definitely leaning. 14
06 Between The Clouds Dave Varnham Pleasant sunset/sunrise image. Probably taken on a flight. Best used in a travel talk. 13
07 Bustling Bright Brixham Al Simms Although nicely arranged it lacks lighting to give interest. Perhaps just concentrating on the colourful buildings would be more successful. 13
08 Canadian Pacific Railroad Geoff Whitelocks Good attempt and the train is well captured. Not too sure about all the trees on the right hand side 16
09 Conniston Dave Varnham Disappointing B&W image. Large areas of uninteresting tones i.e. the water. Needs better lighting. Out of focus foreground and over bright water do not help. 12
10 Cornwall Home Of The Wild Pastie Gary Wood Afraid it doesn’t work for me at all. Lacks design and depth and possibly purpose. 12
11 Covid Departure Lounge Andy Freeman Good quality image but best used in a series. 14
12 ‘Did You Chaps Call Uber’ Rob Jones Another shot best used in a series of travel images. As a single shot it’s all rather complicated. 14
13 Driving On Us Route 163 Steve Bexon Good single travel shot telling a story. Not too sure about the colour content in parts. 17
14 Early Morning La Palma John Smith Another pleasant sunrise. Lovely sky, especially on the right hand side. Poor quality of the building in the village though. Lacks clarity. 14
15 Final Leg Of The Journey Steve Pears Interesting travel shot only spoiled by contrasty shadows on the boy and the middle figure. Needs more control in post processing. 17
17 Hauganes Fishing Boat Iceland Julie Holbeche Maund On my monitor this is dull and the sky is overpowering. Needs a little more post processing control. However, the ingredients are there to work on. It’s growing on me. 17
18 Indian Builders Transport Roger Leck It’s the type of image that will fit in a talk of India. Perhaps you should have spoken to him and tried a few portraits rather than this distant shot. 16
19 Inukshuk At Mount Cook Glacier Chantal Cooper Good quality landscape. Pity about the cloud highlights that dominate the sky. Could consider cloning the cloud out completely. 17
21 Late Again Steve Bexon Sorry to say I’ve seen so many shots of this tube station recently. Good of it’s type but not original. 16
22 Lonja De Mallorca John Smith Beautiful archways dominate this image. Not too sure what post processing has been carried out. I certainly don’t think it improves the end product though. 15
24 Montargis Roger Leck Good quality. Not too sure if the square format suits the image. Harsh lighting doesn’t help. 15
26 Mount Etna Peter Lawrance Another panorama image and I’m afraid, not very sharp. 15
27 Port Of Burgas Bulgaria Geoff Whitelocks Same comments as above. Perhaps the author should ask themselves why there is a lack of quality. 15
28 Reflection John Denny I like the candles, the use of them gives a strong base. However, in my opinion the figure looks out of place. Perhaps a person more in keeping with the scene would have helped. 16
29 Sami Reindeer Herder Debbie Lowe Nice quality but rather a holiday snap type image with the main subject looking away and other elements do not help i.e. the tractor in the background. 14
30 Sand Storm James Botterill A good try. Unusual square image is not everyone’s choice but work well for me. Just lacks a little something to lift it out of the ordinary. 17
34 St Thomas Becket Church Trish Rudin A well photographed image of this attractive church. Good record shot. Just needs more input from the photographer to lift it out of the ordinary. 17
35 Stunning St Ives Al Simms And St Ives is stunning from this viewpoint. I’m slightly, if not very concerned, about the colours though. They seem rather over saturated and unreal. I don’t think it works. 13
36 Sunrays In Scotland Chantal Cooper I love the sunrays in the distance. Pity the foreground is not more interesting. Needs better post processing control to brighten up the image. And perhaps you could clone out the telegraph pole. 16
37 The Broads Gary Wood Nicely arranged with the windmill between the 2 boats. However, it is rather dull. Needs dramatic lighting to lift it out of the ordinary. 15
38 The Kitzsteinhorn Express Loz Waterson Difficult shot to comment on. It’s sharp and colourful but needs something else to make it stand out as an interesting travel shot. 16
39 The Other Albert Hall Steve Pears An attempt at a night shot that doesn’t quite work. The choice of colour would not be mine. Suggest the best night shops are taken just before dark when there is still some detail in the sky. 14
40 Tides Out Trish Rudin A disappointing shot with the dull conditions definitely against you. Landscapes really need light to give form and atmosphere. 13
41 Time Travel Jason Wainde Not for me I’m afraid and I don’t really get the titile. The technique of softening the focus in some parts of the image does not work. 12
42 Times Square Ian Waite Extreme chaos in Times Square. Puts me off wanting to go there. 16
43 View From My Window Seat Margaret Waterson Difficult to know what the author had in mind. Probably bored on his flight. Could use it in a series of travel images. 14
44 Viewing The Valley Steve Bexon I’m suspicious as it seems too good to be true. Did the guy on horseback really pose for you? Good luck if he did. Slightly over saturated colours for my tastes. 17
03 All Aboard Rob Jones The strong lines give impact to this story telling shot. Like the way the guard is looking towards the camera. Well controlled use of the steam above the train. 18
20 Lake Como Ian Waite Nicely arranged and framed image of Lake Como. Perhaps tweak the vertical wall on the left. At present it’s a bit of a irritation leaning to the right and possibly darken highlight bottom left. So easy to put right on both counts. 18
25 Morning Tide James Botterill Another slow shutter speed image. I do like the central arrangement something that was very much frowned upon only a few years ago. Not quite as harmonious, colourwise, as number 20. 18
31 Singapore Cloud Forest Peter Lawrance Interesting image which took a while to work out, Well designed and photographed. 18
33 St Clair Beach Nz Phil Mallin Another slow shutter speed image. It captures well the feeling of the tide washing over the groins. Perhaps a slightly closer viewpoint could have made it more dramatic. 18
16 Fun In The Township Debbie Lowe Now this I like. Tells a real story of travel. The two young children running in their village environment are excellent and the use of B&W is perfect for this subject matter. If the quality can take it, would like to a see an A3 print. 19
23 Moeraki Boulders Nz Phil Mallin Good shot, almost gave it 20. Excellent use of the slow shutter speed technique which gives movement in the water and clouds. Good quality and use of colour. 19
32 Smiling Sphinx Rock Nz Julie Holbeche Maund Lovely quality and colours throughout. Of it’s type, excellent. Spot on with choice of shutter speed, Well done! 20