Last night we had a Zoom presentation by Tal Chohan entitled “Sandwell to India Wildlife” during Tal discussed his journey through life since taking up photography, his aims and desires.

He illustrated his talk with lots of unique images and some video.

The presentation was in 2 halves the first showing local wildlife and  his endeavours to get a unique or unusual shot of an animal be it a King fisher, fox, badger, squirrel or kestrel either showing the animal in its natural habitat or to extreme close ups using fish eye lens.

The second half moved us to India and Indian Wild life but in particular wild tigers again Tal shows us his attempts to get that more unusual image and he also discussed how the conservation for tigers is helping other wildlife and feeding back into the community and thus encouraging the community to help as tourism because of the tigers is more lucrative than poaching so hopefully a win win scenario.

To see Tals work visit his web site