Last night Earl Shilton Camera Club hosted its second Zoom meeting with a very interesting presentation by Lee Sutton.
It again let us see and meet someone who we wouldn’t have done in the physical world although we didn’t go as far as the previous week
just to Preston it was no less impressive with the images shown and you could soon tell from Lee’s talk that he is someone who is passionate about what he does.
The talk was really his life’s journey (so far) into photography from absolute beginner to after just 8 years a multi award winner.
It describes how this journey has been driven by his need to improve owing to becoming interested in competitions and shows how he has and has gone beyond just capturing the photograph into the realms of image creation and has a collection of ‘just in case’
His work is very diversified he hasn’t become a master of a single genre but is willing to try his hand at all sorts of subjects readily admitting its this diversity that has kept him interested.
Lee punctuates his talk with lots of examples of his work including showing some as originally processed and what he would do now.
He discusses how his images are influenced by both subjects and other photographs showing his attempts at trying to emulate their work but with his spin on the image.
He also discuses his work processes including usage of Photoshop and discussing various techniques he uses in both pre and post production.

At the end of the day you can tell Lee isn’t giving his time / talks for the cash reward but for his passion of the subject.

Visit his website to lean more and to see his images