Last night Earl Shilton Camera Club ESCC had their last Zoom presentation of 2020 it was by  Gareth Martin AWPF CPAGB who presented his talk entitled “In The Making”

It got off to a good start when  the Chairman said “You’re from Stoke aren’t you” and was politely told in a lilting south welsh accent “No Port Talbot”

During the evening he demystified what does it in Wales “Photographically” speaking. Gareth entertained us with a selection of different genres from Welsh landscapes in all weathers, to indoor shots of unlikely subjects, to detail study solely of hands or Feet. In many cases he took us on the journey through his thought processes and the techniques he employed from start to finish to put his award winning images together often sharing with us relevant and some time quite irrelevant stories but that helped you with understanding Gareth as a photographer. It was quite surprising to see how some of the images started as what many would consider to be no hopers and made you think of how to use all those images that you have long forgotten that sit in your computer.

So see more of Gareth work visit he facebook page