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2021/22 Principles Of Photography Phil Savoie BS MS MFA

Last night although forced due to technical issues back to home Zoom saw the first of our guest speakers Phil Savoie BS MS MFA who presented his talk “Principles Of Photography”

To say the least an inspiring talk that covered many aspects of both his photographic journey and photography in general.

It included unsurprising many awe inspiring images, lots of useful information on a wide range of topics from Lens design to useful “cheap” gadgets & tip’s and tricks of the trade.

To see more Phils work visit his website


Resizing Images for Projected Image Competitions and for the Internet

At the moment the standard dimensions for the Club Projected Image Competition is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Anything larger / smaller than these dimensions will be automatically resized and quality may suffer because of it. 

for Adobe Photoshop,

Open your image RAW, JPEG, etc in Photoshop.

Need to convert to sRGB Colourspace. Select Edit->Convert To Profile

And ensure Destination is sRGB

To resize image Select Image > Image Size. Ensure pixels is selected.

Change the resolution from the default (usually 240) to 72.

Ensure constrained proportions is enabled

As a general rule irrespective of if image is landscape or portrait orientated enter 1080 for the height

Check that the width doesn’t exceed 1920. If it does you need to instead set the width to 1920

or Adobe Lightroom.

To resize on Lightroom you do this at the time of Export

Select image to Export then Select File->Export

First locate the File Settings

And select sRGB for Colour Space

No locate the Image Sizing section

Set Resolution

Set size to 1080 Pixels

Now you need to set the edge. If the  image is Landscape you select Short Edge and if Portrait Long Edge



2021 Exhibition Members Evening

Wednesday 1st Sept 2021 saw a return to normality with the first face to face meeting of the Club in 18 months. It was also the first meeting of the 2021/22 Season and the Presentation evening for the 2020/21 Season

Julie Holdbeche-Maund received the Secretarys Cup

Isobel Chesterman receiving the Neville Jackson Trophy for Image of the year 2020/21

For her image “Newhaven Storm”

John Denny receiving the Chairmans Trophy in recognition of the improvement’s seen in his images during the 2020/21 season

James Botterill receiving the Wendy Jarvis Memorial Trophy for Photographer of the year 2020/21 presented by Wendys grandson Henry

Isobel Chesterman receiving the Trevor Wain UK Landscape Trophy 2020/21 presented by Trevors Grandson Oli


It was held at The Atkins Gallery where we are currently holding the 2021 Exhibition. Click to see the images



2021 Members External Success

The summer has seen members achieve more success in national & international Competitions

Phil Mallin & Julie Holbeche-Maund have now both achieved BPE1 having both had a minimum of 25 images accepted at British Photographic Exhibitions  and Phil has also be awared LRPS.

Mean while several members including Debbie Lowe, Alan Wardropper and Peter Lawrance had images accepted at the 72nd Midland Salon and Peter was awarded a FIAP Silver

for his image “Reading Street” which scored the maximum 15

Reading Street-

2021 AGM

Last night was the last meeting of the 2020 / 21 season.

It was the AGM and quorum was reached as a result all actions and suggestion from the committee were agreed and a new committee elected for 2021 / 22

Officers And Committee Members

Club Chairman:

Paul Steans

Club Secretary:

James Botterill

Programme Secretary

Ian Waite


John Langham

Competition Secretary

Gary Wood

Other Committee Members :

Daniel Wood

Debbie Lowe

John Denny

Steve Pears

Newhaven Storm by Isobel Chesterman

2021 Neville Jackson Image of the year

Last night saw the last competition of the season with the Neville Jackson Image of the year which was an Open competition externally judged by David Kissman CPAGB BPE2*

David had 58 images to comment upon and was very insightful and constructive in those comments.

Isobel Chesterman emerged victorious with her image “Newhaven Storm”

Newhaven Storm by Isobel Chesterman

Newhaven Storm

just piping as an indication of the quality 3 other images that were awarded top marks


Image # Title Author Score Position
1 6990 Witherslack Hall Gary Wood 15
2 A Basket Of Oranges Julie Holbeche Maund 14
3 Baddersley Clinton Rob Jones 14
4 Beacon Hill Rocks Ken Chesterman 15
5 Bell Tower At Packwood Rob Jones 13
6 Bucolic Autumn Steve Pears 13
7 Buttermere James Botterill 16
8 Cage Fighter Debbie Lowe 18
9 Caught In The Buffers Ken Chesterman 14
10 Charlestown Harbour John Smith 17
11 Chequered Path Peter Lawrance 14
12 Clear Round Peter Lawrance 14
13 Dormant Dodgems Roger Leck 17
14 Early Morning Workout Steve Pears 16
15 Feather And Silk Phil Mallin 18
16 Feeding Time Paul Steans 14
17 For The Future Paul Steans 13
18 Grace And Elegance Graham Townsend 16
19 Guitar Hero Graham Townsend 17
20 Haute Cuisine Peter Lawrance 20 Highly Commended
21 Here Comes The Big One Ken Chesterman 14
22 High Speed Rail Ian Waite 17
23 Hot Wheels James Botterill 18
24 Leave Me Alone Roger Leck 13
25 Liss The Ballerina Al Simms 15
26 Look No Hands Alan Wardropper 15
27 M42 Orion Nebula Rob Jones 15
28 Magnolia Debbie Lowe 17
29 Mijas Serenader Roger Leck 16
30 Misty Morning John Denny 20 Highly Commended
31 Mr And Mrs Mandarin Chantal Cooper 16
32 Newhaven Storm Isobel Chesterman 20 1st
33 Pin Mill James Botterill 17
34 Pole Position Steve Bexon 14
35 Pretty Little Psycho Debbie Lowe 15
36 Rain Dance Steve Bexon 16
37 Redwing Chantal Cooper 20 Highly Commended
38 Robin In The Snow Chantal Cooper 16
39 Roystone Rocks Phil Mallin 19 Commended
40 Ruffled Feathers Graham Townsend 16
41 Saltburn View John Smith 16
42 Sensual Alan Wardropper 17
43 Smiling Sphinx Rock Julie Holbeche Maund 18
44 Swithland Morning John Smith 15
45 Taking Off Isobel Chesterman 14
46 Tea Time Ian Waite 17
47 The Barber Paul Steans 15
48 The Home Turn Isobel Chesterman 19 Commended
49 The Lighthouse Julie Holbeche Maund 17
50 The Rear Gunner Al Simms 16
51 Time For A Rest Al Simms 19 Commended
52 To The Lighthouse Phil Mallin 18
53 Torridon Steve Pears 17
54 Trevose Head Lighthouse Gary Wood 15
55 Underneath The Arches Ian Waite 14
56 Waiting To Be Invited In Alan Wardropper 15
57 West Wheal Owles Gary Wood 13
58 Wyming Falls Steve Bexon 19 Commended


2021 AGM

2021 AGM

2020_21 ESCC Chair end of year report

2020_21 ESCC Vice Chairmans Report

2020_21 ESCC Secretary’s Report

2020_21 ESCC Programme Secretary report

2020_21 ESCC Treasurers Report

Competition Secretary’s report

Newhaven Storm by Isobel Chesterman

2021 MCPF Photofolio

We entered 15 image’s into the 3 categories Colour, Monochrome and Nature and had 16 accepted 8 Colour, 7 Monochrome & 1 in Nature

With “Newhaven Storm” by Isobel Chesterman receiving a Highly Commended

We finished joint 12th out of 50 clubs in the Colour with 161. 18th out of 49 clubs in the Monochrome with 169 and 27th out of 44 clubs in Nature with 148


Colour Acceptance Mark 11

“Cariad” Alan Wardropper scored 10

“Focused and Determined” Alan Wardropper scored 13 and was accepted

“Jump for Joy” Alan Wardropper scored 9

“Innocence” James Botterill scored 11 and was accepted

“Orphan’s Hope” James Botterill scored 12 and was accepted

“Waiting for Santa” James Botterill scored 11 and was accepted

“Sea Spray” Julie Holbeche-Maund scored 11 and was accepted

“The Red Dress” Julie Holbeche-Maund scored 13 and was accepted

“Smiling Sphinx Rock” Julie Holbeche-Maund scored 9

Smiling Sphinx Rock Nz by Julie Holbeche Maund

“Chequered” Peter Lawrance scored 10

“Masked” Peter Lawrance scored 9

“Window Light” Peter Lawrance scored 9

“2LBS of Carrots” Phil Mallin scored 12and was accepted

“Carla in White” Phil Mallin scored 10

“Te Hoho Rock” Phil Mallin scored 12 and was accepted


Monochrome (acceptance mark 12)

“Evil Intentions” Alan Wardropper scored 9

“Killing Time” Alan Wardropper scored 11

“Grunta Beach” James Botterill scored 9

“Back with a Splash” Isobel Chesterman scored 11

“Newhaven Storm” Isobel Chesterman scored 14 and was accepted and awarded Highly Commended

Newhaven Storm by Isobel Chesterman

“The Thinker” Chantal Cooper scored 11

“Fun in the Township” Debbie Lowe scored 12 and was accepted

Fun In The Township by Debbie Lowe

“She Warrior” Julie Holbeche-Maund scored 13 and was accepted

“Tegan” scored 10 Julie Holbeche-Maund

“The Pearl Bracelet” Julie Holbeche-Maund scored 12 and was accepted

“The Widow” Julie Holbeche-Maund scored 12 and was accepted

“Birmingham Graffiti” Peter Lawance scored 12 and was accepted

“Massage” Peter Lawrance scored 10

“Roystone Moonlight” Phil Mallin scored 11

“The Starlet” Phil Mallin scored 12 and was accepted

Nature (acceptance mark 12)

“Male Kestrel on the Look Out” Trish Ruddin scored 11

“Mountain Hare Against the Elements” Trish Ruddin scored 13 and was accepted

“Red Squirrel Reflection” Trish Ruddin scored 9

“Red Squirrel” Trish Ruddin scored 11

“Giant Asian Praying Mantis” Ian Waite scored 9

“Harvest Mouse” Ian Waite scored 10

“American Red Tailed Buzzard” Ian Waite scored 9

American Red Tailed Buzzard-Ian Waite

“Hedgehog Unrolling” Chantal Cooper scored 10

“Jumping Fox” Chantal Cooper scored 9

“Redwing” Chantal Cooper scored 11

“Robin in the Snow” Chantal Cooper scored 9

“Secret Squirrel” Debbie Lowe scored 9

“Dark Blue Tiger” Peter Lawrance scored 9

“Keep Your Distance” Peter Lawrance scored 9

2021 PAGB GB Trophy Results

Results for 2021 PAGB GB Trophy saw ESCC finish 18 from 41 clubs with 137 for the top 12 images and also 18 with 174 for top 16 images

We  submitted 32 images into theThe GB Trophy 2021 – GB Cup or Trophy Club Competition/Selection Process.

This Competition/Selection was judged/selected on the 30-01-2021.

Please find your results below :-

Alan Wardropper Looking to the Light 9
Alan Wardropper Searching 9
Alan Wardropper Thoughts 9
Alan Wardropper Queen of the Dance 9
Debbie Lowe Bradgate weir at dusk 9
Debbie Lowe Thoughtful 8
Debbie Lowe Fun in the Township 9
Debbie Lowe Sunset Storm 9
Ian Waite New Crew 9
Ian Waite The Scamp 10
Ian Waite Sydney by Night 8
Ian Waite Coming through 9
James Botterill High Tide 10
James Botterill Mother Cap 10
James Botterill Woolacombe Bay 10
James Botterill Mill Rock Moon 11
Julie Holbeche-Maund Saltwick Nab 13
Julie Holbeche-Maund The Black and White Hat 9
Julie Holbeche-Maund Rydal Mist 12
Julie Holbeche-Maund Smiling Sphinx Rock NZ 11
Peter Lawrance Undercover Speed 9
Peter Lawrance His masters Voice 8
Peter Lawrance Tenament Toil 9
Peter Lawrance Pastel Man 9
Phil Mallin Feather and Silk 9
Phil Mallin Peppers 11
Phil Mallin Vestrahorn 15 4. Certificate
Phil Mallin Ivory Flame 12
Steve Pears The Preacher 11
Steve Pears The Shoeseller 9
Steve Pears Four Men in a Boat 9
Steve Pears Street Seller 11


In the GB Trophy Nature round we finished 25th from 33 clubs with 116 for top 12 images

we entered 16 images into The GB Trophy for Nature 2021 – GB Cup or Trophy Club Competition/Selection Process.

This Competition/Selection was judged/selected on the 30-01-2021.

Please find your results below :-

Chantal Cooper Barn Owl Chick 9
Chantal Cooper Mountain Hare 12
Chantal Cooper Fox in Flowers 9
Chantal Cooper Kestrel feeding on post 9
Ian Waite Bee on Stachys 9
Ian Waite Harvest Mouse 9
Ian Waite Giant Asian Praying Mantis 10
Ian Waite Food Fight 9
Steve Pears Peacock Tree Frog 9
Steve Pears Jungle Babbler 9
Steve Pears Lunch 10
Steve Pears Crested Gecko 8
Trish Rudin Red Squirrel reflection 10
Trish Rudin Mountain Hare against the elements 10
Trish Rudin Male Kestrel on the look out 10
Trish Rudin Blue tit 9


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