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2021 Ashby Camera Club Interclub

Last night saw the annual clash with Ashby Camera Club all but via Zoom however this proved an advantage as we have significant number of members from both clubs in attendance and were able to use a new judge Pat Couder QPSA CPAGB BPE1  who isnt from our area hailing instead from  south London / Kent.

Pat gave some quite insightful and constructive comments in her critique of each image.

Special mention should goto Steve Gough and David Goacher from Ashby for their images Corner Speed and Yorkshire Scar

And Steve Bexon, Isobel Chesterman & James Botterill for their images London Power, Newhaven Storm, Hot Wheels & Three Wreaks

Newhaven Storm by Isobel Chesterman

Hot Wheels by James Botterill


All of which score the top mark of 20

At the end of the evening Earl Shilton Camera Club emerged winners with 362 to Ashbys 342.

Club Clubs Image Author Title Running Order Image Title ACC ESCC
A 0 A A 0 0      
ACC 1 Phil Richardson Absolutely Conkers 1 1 Absolutely Conkers 16  
ACC 2 Alan Box Are you looking at me 1 2 Are you looking at me 17  
ESCC 1 Isobel Chesterman Back With a Splash 1 3 Back With a Splash   16
ESCC 2 Chantal Cooper Blot On The Landscape 1 4 Blot On The Landscape   17
ACC 3 James Farley Bubbles 1 5 Bubbles 17  
ESCC 3 Phil Mallin Carla In White 1 6 Carla In White   17
ESCC 4 Julie Holbeche-Maund Cathedral Cove 1 7 Cathedral Cove   17
ACC 4 Steve Gough Corner Speed 1 8 Corner Speed 20  
ESCC 5 James Botterill Crow Point 1 9 Crow Point   18
ACC 5 Clive Bew Dustanburgh stacks 1 10 Dustanburgh stacks 15  
ESCC 6 Steve Bexon Electric Power 1 11 Electric Power   20
ACC 6 Thalia Antoniadi Fallen 1 12 Fallen 16  
ESCC 7 Debbie Lowe Fun In the Township 1 13 Fun In the Township   15
ESCC 8 Ian Waite Harvest Mouse 1 14 Harvest Mouse   19
ESCC 9 James Botterill Hot wheels 1 15 Hot wheels   20
ACC 7 Larry South Hunting the Quark 1 16 Hunting the Quark 16  
ACC 8 Steve Andrews In a spin 1 17 In a spin 17  
ESCC 10 Steve Bexon Late Again 1 18 Late Again   17
ACC 9 Larry South LNER No. 1264 1 19 LNER No. 1264 17  
ACC 10 Thalia Antoniadi Lockdown summer 1 20 Lockdown summer 16  
ACC 11 Victoria Ramsbottom Lost in the moment 1 21 Lost in the moment 18  
ESCC 11 John Denny Misty Morning 1 22 Misty Morning   18
ACC 12 Steve Andrews Monarch in the rain 1 23 Monarch in the rain 17  
ESCC 12 Trish Rudin Mountain Hare 1 24 Mountain Hare   17
ACC 13 Brian Botham Mycene inclinata 1 25 Mycene inclinata 19  
ESCC 13 Isobel Chesterman Newhaven Storm 1 26 Newhaven Storm   20
ESCC 14 Steve Bexon Night Time On Tower Bridge 1 27 Night Time On Tower Bridge   19
ACC 14 Alan Box Nuthatch 1 28 Nuthatch 18  
ACC 15 James Farley River Esk 1 29 River Esk 15  
ESCC 15 Phil Mallin SS Normen 1 30 SS Normen   18
ACC 16 Victoria Ramsbottom Smoking 1 31 Smoking 19  
ESCC 16 Isobel Chesterman Taking Off 1 32 Taking Off   18
ACC 17 Martin Cooke The Busy Kitchen 1 33 The Busy Kitchen 16  
ACC 18 Steve Haywood The frozen gate 1 34 The frozen gate 16  
ESCC 17 Phil Mallin The Starlet 1 35 The Starlet   18
ESCC 18 Chantal Cooper The Thinker 1 36 The Thinker   19
ACC 19 John Picken The Working Man 1 37 The Working Man 17  
ESCC 19 James Botterill Three wrecks 1 38 Three wrecks   20
ESCC 20 Julie Holbeche-Maund Wanaka In The Breeze 1 39 Wanaka In The Breeze   19
ACC 20 Dave Goacher Yorkshire Scar 1 40 Yorkshire Scar 20  
            Totals 342 362

2021 Evesham

Congrats to members for gaining an acceptance at Evesham


Peter Lawrance LNPS for his image “Reservoir Mist”

Julie Holbeche-Maund ARPS for here images “The Red Dress”

and “Smiling Sphinx Rock”

Smiling Sphinx Rock Nz by Julie Holbeche Maund

Smiling Sphinx Rock Nz

and Phil Mallin LNPS for his images “Vestrahorn”

and “Peppers”

Click to view the Evesham 2021 Gallery



2020 / 21 Members Talk “Astrophotography” by Rob Jones

Last night we had a very interesting ta;lk from a member Rob Jones who described he journey into the world of Astrophotography.

His interest started just 2 years ago with a BBC Sky at Night magazine that had an article of local interest so his talk went back further to the 24th Dec 1965 covering the “Barwell meteorite” and the visit of Sir Patrick Moore to Barwell

The article mentions Percy England who happened to be the father of another member of the club Trevor England who recounted that it was Christmas eve, we were living at 27 The common Barwell with the brand new Vauxhall Viva parked on the drive. he found the hole in the bonnet with what we now know was the piece of meteorite in the engine compartment , which he threw across the road onto waste ground thinking it was concrete debris.   Christmas came and it wasn’t until  27th  that we became aware that there were quite a few people from Leicester university were about, asking questions and had we seen any pieces of rock….when they offered money for any finds the search was on. Quite a few pieces were found , though not the piece that damaged dads car.. I know… I spent hours on that waste ground!  The insurance did refuse to pay citing ” Act of God” .  Dad did go to the Parish Vicar , he didn’t get very far, but was asked to put any claim in writing ,so he wrote a letter addressed to  Mr God via Barwell Parish Church.  Needless to say he didn’t get any reply.  He didnt personally see Patrick Moore, though he did hear he was in the village on a number of occasions.

He thinks the Barwell Meteorite is still unique, the latest one is a different variety , it will be interesting to see what they can find out. There is still a Barwell meteorite display in the Leicester Museum and at the Science Museum London. BBC
Robs talk ranged from the local solar system including images of several of the planets and the sun, to deep space objects in the local galaxy, to completely different galaxies.

Eagle Nebula-Rob Jones

Sigma Octantis-Rob Jones

Moon and Pleiades-Rob Jones

Andromeda Galaxy-Rob Jones

Orion neb-Rob Jones

You can watch Robs talk again on YouTube



2021 Fosse Co-Op CC Intercities Challenge

Last night was the annual Fosse Co-Op CC Intercities Challenge which due to the current situation was held on Zoom but possibly as a result of this it had 68 entries from 17 clubs from around the country.

It was judged by Jim Hartje ARPS DPAGB APAGB EFIAP but was an evening of mixed results for ESCC which saw as the highpoint member Isobel Chesterman receiving a Highly commended for her image Newhaven Storm

Newhaven Storm by Isobel Chesterman

Newhaven Storm

Unfortunately our other images didn’t live up to expectation with The Thinker by Chantal Cooper scoring 16,

Wanaka In The Breeze byJulie Holbeche-Maund scoring 15

& Nightime On Tower Bridge by Steve Bexon scored 13

Which resulted in ESCC finishing in 5th with Kings Lynn on 63. It was won by Dunton with 71.

Thanks should goto Fosse Co-Op Camera Club for organising full table of results below

Click to watch the evening


2020 / 21 POTY 5 “In the Frame” Review

01 (36) A Winter Walk – Debbie Lowe

Scores 16.65 12 21 I 5.32 3 101 C 5.89 4 112 T 5.42 3 103

This image as strong impact due to use of portrait orientation and strong verticals provided by the trees which are the framing element.

Composition is good but main subject i.e. the person is quite small would a tighter crop would be better? Looks soft. The footprints add a nice leadin element.

Technically there looks to be a blue colour cast on snow and trees so a minor adjustment to the temperature and saturation

02 (39) Ashby Canal – Debbie Lowe

Scores 15.76 9 21 I 4.95 4 94 C 5.47 4 104 T 5.26 5 100

Impact again comes from the strong framing element

But compositionally poorer as I find I first follow the canal rather then the tow path so miss the people who would have worked better if they were approaching rather than retreating.

Technical colours are a bit dull but light handled well as sky isn’t burnt out.

This has resulted in the brickwork being a bit dark. Could possibly lift shadows to get more detail in walls.

Cropped too tight to the horizonal bridge walls.

03 (20) Ashby Castle In The Frame – Ken Chesterman

Scores 18.5 12 25 I 6.06 5 109 C 6.39 4 115 T 6.06 4 109

Matches theme well but hasn’t got the impact of the previous 2

Compositionally title implies main subject is the castle but that’s cropped by the framing element

Technically this time the sky is burnt out better processing needed to improve background detail and bright areas, Could use more contrast

Frame within a frame but recession hindered by darker wall in centre perhaps lighten this and darken far wall leaving figure lighter as somewhere to lead the eye.

Multiple framed capture – good spot. Maybe lower the brightness beyond the far wall as eye drawn to upper windows though.

04 (18) Baddesley Clinton Sculpture – Isobel Chesterman

Scores 18.56 13 24 I 6.22 3 112 C 6.39 4 115 T 5.94 5 107

Impact from the bright frame but green of frame overpowers tree

Compositionally Lone trees all though small work well normally but this is spoilt by the converging frame verticals.

Technically Bright frame and dull background and its believed to be a composite image as light looks wrong and there’s a tell tale selection issue at the top

05 (37) Behind The Five Baa Gate – Peter Lawrance

Scores 16.44 10 23 I 5.44 4 98 C 5.78 5 104 T 5.22 4 94

Good framing idea but lacks impact. Compositionally good

Technical Don’t like texture and BW conversion, and spoilt by being too bright on LHS with strong shadow on right

06 (21) Bosworth Tree In The Frame – Ken Chesterman

Scores 18.38 15 23 I 6.06 2 109 C 6.17 3 111 T 6.22 3 112

Impact from colour but appears a little oversaturated,

Compositionally good framing element leads you to subject although its upstaged by the background trees. But the frame has no top

Technically has Nice pastel autumn colours and a natural frame but feels rather flat although sharp throughout and strange hazy bits at the edges

07 (34) Burbage On The Horzion – Alan Wardropper

Scores 17.13 11 22 I 5.89 4 106 C 5.56 3 100 T 5.61 4 101

Impact from Good bright colours, nicely natural frame..

Composition Road in the foreground is distracting Could have cropped the road out a bit and cloned the rest of it out.

The subject in the frame is very distant so difficult to hold interest.

Technical Looks like an imported sky. Too warm and oversaturated, strange greens hues and false sky colours

08 (6) Carla In White – Phil Mallin

09 (2) Cathedral Cove – Julie Holbeche-Maund

10 (22) Como From Varenna – Ian Waite

Scores 18.19 12 26 I 6.22 4 112 C 6.06 5 109 T 6 5 108

Impact comes from the pillars RH pillar very dominating and the lack of the top of the arch diminish impact

Compositional The frame is the subject, not “In the Frame” Three frames but none have a good view due to angle of image

Technical oversaturated

11 (8) Cromer View – John Smith

12 (4) Driving Home For Christmas – James Botterill

13 (12) Fairest Of Them All – Graham Townsend

Scores 20 12 28 I 6.89 6 124 C 6.22 6 112 T 6.89 5 124

Great idea. Good image The chair provides a second frame to the mirror and the contrasts of white against the richer leather and skin tones is excellent.

It’s an ‘In The Frame’ competition yet the main subject and composition area is not in a frame

It’s more about the part that’s not in the frame? Perhaps needed right half cropping out as legs are too dominant.

Marked down because the frames around the mirror don’t have a top.

Strange angle possibly better lower and no books showing and she has lost her feet. Also I thought the frame should be natural?

Unbalanced image

14 (16) Finely Balanced – Alan Wardropper

Scores 19.5 13 25 I 6.61 4 119 C 6.11 4 110 T 6.72 5 121

Face too close to edge, top of frame chopped off, for this competition was hoping to see a complete frame

Good image, the skin colour need to be constant,

Same comments as last outing, great pose but ideally would have had more space on left and less on right.

Sharp image but unfortunately the model isn’t framed.

Too much shadow

15 (27) Hill House – Steve Pears

Scores 17.75 9 22 I 5.89 5 106 C 5.83 4 105 T 5.78 4 104

Hill House is a unique building, interiors and collection by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh.

The Hill House is ‘dissolving like an aspirin in a glass of water’ according to the National Trust for Scotland.

To protect the Hill House, National Trust Scotland has embarked on a pioneering conservation programme.

The first stage was the construction of the Hill House Box, a protective steel frame structure covered in a chainmail mesh designed to

protect the house from the rain. This is to allow the walls to dry and prevent further damage.

Certainly a dominating frame but very busy.

IMO would have been better taken from a distance and if possible under more interesting and contrasting lighting to illuminate the house slightly.

Grey sky, frame and house a bit too much.

I’d prefer only one side of it.

Unusual! What’s going on here? What’s the story?

Well spotted but too busy and cluttered for me for ‘In the Frame’

16 (13) Icebound – John Denny

Scores 19.94 9 26 I 6.5 6 117 C 6.67 6 120 T 6.5 5 117

Nice composition, interesting image Winter shot with subtle colours. Some interest in the sky

Composition would improve with both sides of the bridge in shot yet someone else felt left side and top need cropping to make more of the framed scene

Would have liked more contrast to give depth to image.

17 (15) Ironbridge – Chantal Cooper

Scores 19.88 9 25 I 6.63 5 126 C 6.47 6 123 T 6.47 5 123

Impact from Great sky although it does look over saturated

Compositional Liked this but kept getting drawn to roof of building caught in frame of bridge. A few steps to right would possibly have improved this.

Think could have cropped off the river and removed the greenery bottom right. Or got a bit lower and to the right to get all of the house within the frame of the bridge.

Technical A bit oversaturated, scene in frame not very interesting and bottom right corner is distracting. Sky looks odd.

Good sky replacement, but reflection is the wrong way and Chromatic aberration visible in the bridge.

18 (30) Kingswear – Ian Waite

Scores 17.56 8 21 I 5.67 5 102 C 5.5 4 99 T 6.06 5 109

Image is more about the arch that the view through the arch A bit less wall and a bit more scene would improve this?

Compositional As with previous images a couple of steps to right would have put boat in the frame and improved image a great deal.

19 (1) Mesa Arch – Phil Mallin

20 (5) Mirro Lake – Julie Holbeche-Maund

21 (26) Old Climbers – Dave Varnham

Scores 17.82 13 22 I 5.84 4 111 C 6.26 4 119 T 5.68 3 108

Different type of shot and frame works well. Nice group image but Let down by subjects almost exclusively looking away from image taker.

Presumably at someone else taking the same shot. Could have lifted shadows of figures at the rear of shot.

22 (40) Old Doors In Marble Frame – Roger Leck

Scores 15.69 10 24 I 5 5 90 C 5.39 5 97 T 5.44 5 98

Door is completely framed but needs to be vertical and not the most interesting of doors

Shame the doors are closed would have worked better with someone in the door way

Would have benefitted from more dodging and burning and keeping all of top brackets in the image.

A simple shot like this needs something in the contrast and colouring work to keep the audiences interest.

23 (25) Old John In The Frame – Isobel Chesterman

Scores 18.13 13 21 I 6.17 3 111 C 6 2 108 T 5.83 3 105

A well found shot with good leading line of path towards Old John.

Good composition but Old John needs to be stronger in picture as the frame and interest is really only RH side of image.

Again the frame doesn’t seem complete?

Appreciate the interest in the branches on right but might have been better cropped into portrait.

Could be improved with some dodging and burning and saturation, especially Old John which is the framed subject

24 (13) Pigeonholed – John Denny

Scores 19.94 14 25 I 6.78 3 122 C 6.61 3 119 T 6.5 5 117

Simple but effective., The title made me smile.

Better as a square crop with cute pigeon in the centre of image

Good detail in the pigeon, Sharp head on bird and good eyes with an interesting frame.

As the Pidgeon is so shallow perhaps crop into portrait removing the out of focus rocks which appear very dominant in image.

25 (30) Ready For The Day – Steve Bexon

Scores 17.56 9 23 I 5.89 5 106 C 6.06 6 109 T 5.44 4 98

A very moody BW contrasty image captures the Atmospheric conditions of the scene which is often taken from the other side of engines.

But from this angle the bridge provides the framing element

Very sharp but IMO a little to dark but this may have been authors considered intention.

Some thought Trains too dark, sky too light

26 (9) Roach End Barns – Steve Bexon

27 (33) Snowy Out – Gary Wood

Scores 17.18 6 24 I 5.74 6 109 C 5.84 6 111 T 5.37 6 102

A bit over bright in the centre.

Brightness contrast nicely with the darker area under the bridge. Like the contrast of the colours close to camera with the mono outside.

Details lost in bricks around top half of bridge due to removing too many shadows, background sky area needs darkening a little

I didn’t spot the snow at first.

Prefer other shot of this as this image seems rather too overworked in an attempt to get colours on brickwork and undergrowth on left.

Shame sky is just big bright spot. (But snowy skies are like that)

Some cloning done to left leaving smudges and to left hand side of the bridge roof is smudge.

Twigs across distant tree are distracting

28 (41) St Just In Roseland – John Smith

Scores 15.38 6 20 I 5 4 90 C 5.17 5 93 T 4.94 5 89

Greater depth of field needed

Nicely framed by the overhanging tree leaves and the water. Green cast & Oversaturated?

Possibly a few steps to right may have included more of end of church. Whole image quite soft and over processed IMO.

The composite has issues the leaves at the front creating the frame are false.

And some greenery has been added at the back and the colouration at the front does not match the image at the front.

Too warm and oversaturated, green hues look wrong. Frame only in corners, missing at the top

29 (7) St Mary De Castro – Andy Freeman

30 (17) Stags In Waiting – Chantal Cooper

Scores 19.12 12 28 I 6.58 5 125 C 6.05 5 115 T 6.58 6 125

good capture of some good looking stags with the main three looking towards camera.

Good shot but where’s the frame?

I like the way the photographer has created his own frame or emphasised what is already their.

Maybe wrong but looks like parts of the frame has been added and not very well

Wonderful shot of the stags but if this was framed by trees it is lost in what appears to be heavy vignette.

IMO in another competition this would be a much more successful image

31 (42) Stonebridge Lake From The Hide – Andy Freeman

Scores 15.13 9 19 I 5 5 90 C 4.78 4 86 T 5.22 4 94

Different style of image which is really just hinting at the view, which is mostly hidden by the hide! Inevitable graffiti which can be read if you want to.

A very heavy frame partially obscuring what looks to be beautifully coloured setting.

Would possibly be improved by shooting slightly closer to frame and having top, bigger opening dominant and therefore including more background.

Crop away a lot of the excessive frame.

Lake too obscured by plank of wood, the graffiti distracted me a little.

This is the frame, not in the frame

This pic is all about the bar, not the view beyond

32 (24) Summer – Gary Wood

Scores 18.18 10 24 I 5.84 4 111 C 6.05 5 115 T 6.16 5 117

A better image than the snowy one?

A contrast to image Snowy Out in that this is a different time of year so now the colour is outside rather than under the bridge.

Nice colours with good sky interest.

Can see more brick detail this time but strange colours in framed part of image and fence at front blocks the view

This is same view as pic 27, what a difference the weather makes. Could still open shadows up

What’s the subject?

Works better than other image from this spot as there is now somewhere to walk out of the frame

33 (28) Sunrise From Under The Pier – Al Simms

Scores 17.69 8 22 I 5.94 5 107 C 5.67 4 102 T 5.78 5 104

Good letterbox crop nice wide frame

Nice coloured sun rays through the clouds. Could be either sunrise or sunset.

Not obvious that it’s under the pier but is still framed uniformly.

Not very interesting. nothing sharp in image, strange colours for sunrise

34 (35) Sydney Model In Window Frame – Roger Leck

Scores 17 10 20 I 5.56 4 100 C 5.61 4 101 T 5.61 3 101

Not very interesting, would be better square. Need to balance amount of brick work

would have left a bit more brick on the right or taken a bit off the left.

Pretty shot presumably lit from inside. Unbalanced frame but maybe there was a distraction to the right side of frame.

Someone else’s artwork model in a frame. Badly cropped

The frame is IMO to modern and uninteresting for the image and could have been cropped.

I appreciate that this was how figure was placed but if possible could have moved her to left in the frame increasing void on right rather than left.

35 (11) Tempting – Peter Lawrance

Scores 20.13 15 29 I 7.11 5 128 C 6.61 4 119 T 6.61 6 119

Good connection with the shopkeeper. Interesting colourful objects but not sure what relevance to products.

Maybe should have shot slightly to the right and lower to get all of the wording on the sign and included all of the shopkeepers hat?

Well spotted colourful image, hope the author bought something. Perhaps slightly wider frame at edges if available to match top

36 (22) Tower View – Graham Townsend

Scores 18.19 9 24 I 6 5 108 C 5.83 5 105 T 6.17 5 111

36 Good balance of lighting and positioning to just get all of tower within the frame.

36 Nice frame and lighting held quite well. DOF could have been deeper as the frame is now dominant factor.

A slightly different viewpoint would have included all the tower and it could then have had verticals corrected and

which is main attraction in images which is the main

Nice image but too tight in the frame

Not a bad composite but the edges of the window frames need a bit of TLC

Perhaps a little less frame would have enhanced the scene more

37 (37) Venus De Medici – Paul Steans

Scores 16.44 9 20 I 5.39 4 97 C 5.5 4 99 T 5.33 4 96

A record shot that unfortunately has wrong DOF and frame itself is only partially well lit and soft on RH. Needs better cropping and processing

38 (10) View From The Grotto – Paul Steans

39 (3) Waiting For Santa – James Botterill

40 (19) Why Cant I Come – Daniel Wood

Scores 18.53 9 30 I 6.32 7 120 C 6.26 7 119 T 6.05 7 115

Certainly looks like the dog has a sad expression. Narrow depth of field forces the viewer to look at the dog.

Eye not in focus

Less is more. The close crop and mournful eye says more than a whole head shot.

Very nice photo. Simple but effective.

41 (43) Wintery – Al Simms

Scores 15 6 24 I 4.83 6 87 C 5.28 6 95 T 4.89 6 88

Good idea using a wire fence to frame the shot. Makes the viewer feel cold, as it should, because of the impression of a windy snow shower.

Good, different idea for a frame and B/W works well. Stark frame goes well with start landscape beyond.

Greater depth of field needed, not very interesting

Not sure about this one.

42 (29) Wolf Run – Steve Pears

Scores 17.63 10 25 I 6 4 108 C 5.94 6 107 T 5.67 5 102

Nice idea of framing a competitor but the person doesn’t convey the effort that a wolf run would require.

Novel idea although main protagonist soft compared to parts of the frame.

Think I would have cropped out the Wolf Run at the top to make the photo square.

43 (32) Workmen – Dave Varnham

Scores 17.29 10 23 I 5.53 3 105 C 5.84 5 111 T 5.84 5 111

Frame is obvious but subject matter not interesting IMO. If men had been facing camera would have improved greatly.

Lucky it rained and got a reflection in the puddle.

One man to dig the hole, one to point where the post needs to go and another to make sure they are both doing it properly. Good framing of the workmen with nice contrasting colours of their work clothes against the green of the field and wood behind.

Reflection in puddle is distracting

Tunnel does take you to workmen, puddle adds extra element of interest

——————— X —————————

38 (10) View From The Grotto – Paul Steans

Scores 20.25 14 27 I 6.83 4 123 C 6.72 4 121 T 6.72 5 121

Great detailed frame but rather dominant but good clarity to back of image and lighting handled well on rocks.

Well spotted composition, needs a bit more dodging and burning on framed scene

26 (9) Roach End Barns – Steve Bexon

Scores 20.31 15 24 I 6.78 3 122 C 6.72 3 121 T 6.72 3 121

Nice view through the window with good depth of field. Nice layering of distant hills

Good location with in keeping frame. Lighting handled well on frame.

Good tone map /HDR, fringing on the trees.

But Left barn too close to the frame

11 (8) Cromer View – John Smith

Scores 20.38 12 28 I 6.89 6 124 C 6.72 5 121 T 6.72 5 121

Impact from the very atmospheric image The sky really adds to this image. The sort of framed view you would enjoy looking at.

Compositional second framing element is distracting would prefer it if it was cropped to show the one frame with the pier end only.

Lots of interest, ice picture but better if taken from higher position as beach detail cut off.

Technical Soft over processed background but frame sharp. The muted colours of pier and sky would be enhanced by reducing saturation of bright boats in the foreground slightly IMO.

29 (7) St Mary De Castro – Andy Freeman

Scores 20.44 13 25 I 6.72 4 121 C 6.89 4 124 T 6.67 4 120

Nice composition, interesting image, Good depth of field and nice lead towards church. Like the different textures.

Good frame the arch provides excellent frame to nice receding image.

Nicely processed image and lucky to have no parked cars. Needs a distant focal point on the empty road, could clone in a person, dog or cat?

The arch perspective on the left does not feel right 🙁

Would have liked more of top of arch in shot and also some more recession in image through darkening road and church slightly.

Couls have worked on RH verticals.

08 (6) Carla In White – Phil Mallin

Scores 20.56 13 28 I 6.5 5 117 C 6.94 6 125 T 7.11 6 128

Framing element is very subtle so impact from from subjects face

Good idea but don’t like the soft skin effect which loses detail

Technical Lovely contrasts of tones and a soft rather than hard/dark frame a nice contrast to other images.

Compositional would tighter crop would have improved it ? Might have taken a bit off the bottom. Not much though.

20 (5) Mirro Lake – Julie Holbeche-Maund

Scores 21.81 13 30 I 7.22 6 130 C 7.22 6 130 T 7.33 5 132

Great natural framing with clouds, Interesting reflection

Like the different bands of colour. Clouds and branches force viewer into the centre of the image.

Lovely light and nice, natural frame. Shame there wasn’t a way, without getting wet of capturing part of tree frame in reflection.

Not much of a frame but it works for this image

12 (4) Driving Home For Christmas – James Botterill

Scores 22.94 17 29 I 7.84 3 149 C 7.53 4 143 T 7.58 5 144

Another nice staged photo which uses the frame to draw your eyes straight to central character giving impact.

Cute image. Nice idea and well taken. Atmospheric background fits the image.

Good composition, depth of field is not consistent with the car and background.

Technical Lighting has been engineered very well despite some burning out bottom RH.

Could possibly lose the moon / sun in the sky as it distracts a little?

39 (3) Waiting For Santa – James Botterill

Scores 23.18 17 29 I 7.68 4 146 C 7.68 3 146 T 7.79 5 148

A frame within a frame and a very well captured look on model looking out through frame

Another nice staged photo. Frame cut off at top, bright light on top right

Good composite, depth of field lets the image down and the fact that the girl is too sharp.

Lovely photo. Possible put together in photoshop??

Nice lighting on the hair

Nice use of frost to frame model as well as using window frame, nice light on hair

Nicely constructed image. Well thought out. Dark reflection surrounding the child emphasises her light skin. Good lighting on her hair to show off the colour.

09 (2) Cathedral Cove – Julie Holbeche-Maund

Scores 23.81 16 30 I 7.67 5 138 C 8.17 5 147 T 7.89 5 142

Impact from the string natural frame and colours. Shape of far rock mirrors the opening

Nice composition great landscape which fulfils brief very well. Epitomises ‘in the frame’ from a pure art point of view.

Technical like the long shutter? Swirling sea timed well to get just enough water in the gap. Darken the left hand cave wall slightly

19 (1) Mesa Arch – Phil Mallin

Scores 23.88 15 30 I 8 5 144 C 7.78 5 140 T 7.94 5 143

Lots of interest and nice colours, Amazing light. Well taken and processed classic Arches image

The frame is the image for me. The subject rather a large slab of rock.

Could you have move left and lower slightly to enhance gap between arch and scene

Of course this can’t be changed. Excellent clarity from edge to edge of image.

Technical Brilliant view. Excellent lighting underneath the arch.

Click for Gallery

Click for Full Table of Results

Click for POTY Table

2021 MCPF Midphot

This years MCPF Midphot was restricted to PDI images. We had 7 members enter in excess of 60 images with 31 accepted including awards for highly commend, MCPF Medal and MCPF Ribbon


Al Simms

Open Colour (acceptance mark 12)
“Proud”  scored 11
“What a Fright!”  scored 10
“Cariad”  scored 9
“Sweep at Lunch”  scored 9

Open Mono (acceptance mark 12)
“The Rear Gunner”  scored 12 and was accepted

“Late Night with Jim B”  scored 10
“Never!”  scored 10
“Silhouette”  scored 9

Scapes (acceptance mark 12)
“Reflection”  scored 9
“Sunset from the Island”  scored 9
“Daybreak”  scored 9
“Choppy at Porthmeor”  scored 9

Ian Waite

Open Colour (acceptance mark 12)

New Crew 12 accepted

Sydney By Night 10
The Scamp 11


Giant Asian Praying Mantis 12 accepted

Food Fight 9
Harvest Mice 9
Kingfisher 9

Isobel Chesterman

had 4 images accepted

A Storm Brewing

Forging Ahead

Paddy’s loves the Sea

That Sinking Feeling

John Smith

Open Colour (acceptance mark 12)

“The Wood Store” scored 9
“A Special Occasion” scored 9

Open Mono (acceptance mark 12)

“A Norfolk Beach” scored 9
“Port Leixoes” scored 11
“The Wood Store” scored 9
“Whitby” scored 9

Scapes (acceptance mark 12)

“Cromer Beach” scored 11
“Hunt Cliffs, Slatburn” scored 11
“Saltburn Beach” scored 10

Julie Holdbeche-Maund

Open Colour (acceptance mark 12)
“Figs on a Bench”  scored 12 and was accepted
“Lemons and Limes”  scored 12 and was accepted
“The Red Dress”  scored 12 and was accepted
“Katelyn”  scored 12 and was accepted
“Basket of Oranges”  scored 12 and was accepted
“Carrot Suspension”  scored 11

Scapes (acceptance mark 12)
“Smiling Sphinx Rock”  scored 14 and was accepted awarded a MCPF Ribbons

“Sea Spray”  scored 13 and was accepted and awarded a MCPF Medal
“Wanaka Tree”  scored 12 and was accepted

“Whitby Pier”  scored 12 and was accepted

“Early Morning in NZ”  scored 12 and was accepted

“Woolacombe”  scored 11

Triptych (acceptance mark 12)
“When Children Sleep”  scored 12 and was accepted

Peter Lawrance

had 3 images accepted

Baker Street

Hanging About

Two’s A crowd

Phil Mallin

Open Colour (acceptance mark 12)

“Feather and Silk” scored 13 and was accepted
“LBS of Carrots” scored 12 and was accepted
“Chopped Apple” scored 12 and was accepted
“Tumbled Carrots” scored 12 and was accepted
“Pears” scored 11
“Black Hat” scored 10

Scapes (acceptance mark 12)

“Te Hoho Rock” scored 13 and was accepted and Highly Commended

“SS Nornen” scored 12 and was accepted

“Moeraki Boulders” scored 12 and was accepted

“St. Clare Beach” scored 12 and was accepted
“Tarangua Bay” scored 10

Steve Bexon 

had 2 images accepted

Rain Dance

Old Man on Train

2020 / 21 Interclub v Fosse Co-Op Camera Club

Last night was the annual interclub with Fosse Co-Op Camera Club. It was held via Zoom and judged by Dr. Anne Sutcliffe FRPS EFIAP PPSA

It was over 40 high standard images 20 per club Anne provided some very insightful comments about the images and special mention should go to the following for their images all of which scored top mark of 20

Bill Allsopp of FCCC for his image “The grey room”

Inside the room is grey and depressing; escape to the outside where there is light, the landscape, travel and freedom.

Debbie Lowe of ESCC for her image “Fun In The Township”

Fun In The Township by Debbie Lowe

Fun In The Township – Debbie Lowe

Chantal Cooper of ESCC for her image “Blot On The Landscape”

Blot on the Landscape – Chantal Cooper

And Isobel Chesterman of ESCC for her image “Taking Off” which Anne said if we had needed an overall winner this would have been it.

Taking Off-Isobel Chesterman

Earl Shilton won the competition with 339 to Fosse’s 317

Club Clubs Image Author Image Title FCPS ESCC
FCCC 1 Pete Swanson 1 Dusk at Callanish 16 0
ESCC 2 Chantal Cooper 2 The Thinker 0 19
FCCC 3 Derek Walker 3 Lone Swan 15 0
ESCC 4 Isobel Chesterman 4 Newhaven Storm 0 19
FCCC 5 Peter Lucas 5 Ranock Moor 15 0
ESCC 6 Graham Townsend 6 Dance Diva 0 12
FCCC 7 Bill Allsopp 7 The grey room 20 0
ESCC 8 Julie Holbeche-Maund 8 The Black Widow 0 16
FCCC 9 Clive Pearson 9 Dagger fly_Empis tessellata 15 0
ESCC 10 John Denny 10 Misty Morning 0 17
FCCC 11 Steven Passalacqua 11 Ice Bar 15 0
ESCC 12 Debbie Lowe 12 Fun In The Township 0 20
FCCC 13 Susan Cordiner 13 Lone Tree Llanberis 13 0
ESCC 14 Isobel Chesterman 14 Back With A Splash 0 18
FCCC 15 Jim Gregan 15 Lucy Flash & Blur 16 0
ESCC 16 James Botterill 16 Hot Wheels 0 16
FCCC 17 Bill Allsopp 17 A strange urn of events. 19 0
ESCC 18 Steve Bexon 18 Electric Pwer 0 18
FCCC 19 Peter Watson 19 Hereford Cathedral (Interior) 19 0
ESCC 20 Isobel Chesterman 20 The Home Turn 0 15
FCCC 21 Derek Walker 21 Fox In The Leaves 15 0
ESCC 22 Isobel Chesterman 22 Taking Off 0 20
FCCC 23 John Bollands 23 Autumn in Bradgate 12 0
ESCC 24 Julie Holbeche-Maund 24 Wanaka In The Breeze 0 18
FCCC 25 Pete Swanson 25 Castle Street 19 0
ESCC 26 Julie Holbeche-Maund 26 Floral Fantasy 0 15
FCCC 27 Silva Zenati 27 Autumn love 12 0
ESCC 28 Phil Mallin 28 The Starlet 0 17
FCCC 29 Kelvin Townsend 29 Small Skipper on Thistle 16 0
ESCC 30 Phil Mallin 30 SS Normen 0 17
FCCC 31 Bill Allsopp 31 Meg in the long grass. 13 0
ESCC 32 James Botterill 32 Three Wrecks 0 16
FCCC 33 Kelvin Townsend 33 Washday Blues-denoise 16 0
ESCC 34 Steve Bexon 34 Nightime On Tower Bridge 0 16
FCCC 35 Clive Pearson 35 Roesels Bush-cricket 19 0
ESCC 36 Julie Holbeche-Maund 36 Smiling Sphinx Rock Nz 0 15
FCCC 37 Pete Swanson 37 Last of the Light Derwent Water 16 0
ESCC 38 Chantal Cooper 38 Blot On The Landscape 0 20
FCCC 39 Steven Passalacqua 39 Magic Moments 16 0
ESCC 40 James Botterill 40 Crow Point 0 15
  Totals 317 339

Watch again

Bristol Salon 2021

Member Julie Holbeche-Maund goes for gold and achieves a FIAP Gold Medal (Best in Section) at this years Bristol Salon 2021 for hear image Rydal Mist

2020 / 21 Speaker “Sandwell to India Wildlife” by Tal Chohan

Last night we had a Zoom presentation by Tal Chohan entitled “Sandwell to India Wildlife” during Tal discussed his journey through life since taking up photography, his aims and desires.

He illustrated his talk with lots of unique images and some video.

The presentation was in 2 halves the first showing local wildlife and  his endeavours to get a unique or unusual shot of an animal be it a King fisher, fox, badger, squirrel or kestrel either showing the animal in its natural habitat or to extreme close ups using fish eye lens.

The second half moved us to India and Indian Wild life but in particular wild tigers again Tal shows us his attempts to get that more unusual image and he also discussed how the conservation for tigers is helping other wildlife and feeding back into the community and thus encouraging the community to help as tourism because of the tigers is more lucrative than poaching so hopefully a win win scenario.

To see Tals work visit his web site

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