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2021 Model Shoot – Ivory Flame Results

As mentioned last week we had a meeting with a difference in that members were asked to bring in their cameras and had the chance to shoot portraits of Ivory Flame a professional model

This evening we reviewed the results



Resizing Images for Projected Image Competitions and for the Internet

At the moment the standard dimensions for the Club Projected Image Competition is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Anything larger / smaller than these dimensions will be automatically resized and quality may suffer because of it. 

for Adobe Photoshop,

Open your image RAW, JPEG, etc in Photoshop.

Need to convert to sRGB Colourspace. Select Edit->Convert To Profile

And ensure Destination is sRGB

To resize image Select Image > Image Size. Ensure pixels is selected.

Change the resolution from the default (usually 240) to 72.

Ensure constrained proportions is enabled

As a general rule irrespective of if image is landscape or portrait orientated enter 1080 for the height

Check that the width doesn’t exceed 1920. If it does you need to instead set the width to 1920

or Adobe Lightroom.

To resize on Lightroom you do this at the time of Export

Select image to Export then Select File->Export

First locate the File Settings

And select sRGB for Colour Space

No locate the Image Sizing section

Set Resolution

Set size to 1080 Pixels

Now you need to set the edge. If the  image is Landscape you select Short Edge and if Portrait Long Edge



2021 PAGB Judging Special

PAGB News Letter dedicated to Judges & Judging and how tro avoid their wroth

Just 4 Fun Week 14 Red

Week 14 of Just for Fun was themed Red and had a record 39 entries from 20 members

5 3 1
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Poppy Chantal Cooper 1 4 1 1
Night Eye Steve Bexon 2 3 2 1
Red Roses Julie Holbeche-Maund 3 2 2 1
Lady In Red Peter Lawrance 4 2   2
Fire Buckets Paul Steans 5 1 1 2
Waiting For A Call Steve Bexon 5   3 1
Poppy In My Garden Margaret Waterson 7   3  
The Duchess Gary Wood 7 1 1 1
An English Rose John Smith 9 1 1  
Hoverfly Chantal Cooper 9 1 1  
Liquid Red Alan Wardropper 11 1   1
Pigglet Julie Holbeche-Maund 11 1   1
Red Bikes John Langham 13 1    
A Cut Above The Rest Alan Wardropper 14   1 1
Crocosmia Lucifer Roger Leck 15   1  
Red Red And Red Alan Cook 15   1  
Singing Robin Margaret Waterson 17     2
Apples Gary Wood 18     1
Blocked Caller John Denny 18     1
Red Bubble Peter Lawrance 18     1
Scarlet Ibis Alan Cook 18     1
A Rose By Any Name Daniel Wood 22      
Concentration Wendy Cook 22      
Cumbria At Shackerstone Loz Waterson 22      
Early Morning At Uluru Loz Waterson 22      
French Tomatoes John Denny 22      
Heavy Load Martin Hall 22      
Keyboard Daniel Wood 22      
Luzon Bleeding Heart Steve Pears 22      
Poppy Field Andy Freeman 22      
Red Arrows Ian Waite 22      
Red Art Ian Waite 22      
Robin At Brandon Wendy Cook 22      
Robin Red Breast Martin Hall 22      
Spanish Flag Andy Freeman 22      
Station Precinct John Langham 22      
The Red Chair John Smith 22      
Tower Of London Poppies Paul Steans 22      
Where Light Falls Steve Pears 22    


A Cut Above The Rest by Alan Wardropper

The Pepper was cut into slices, I then put it on a skewer and the suspended horizontally between 2 glass with a white card as background. I removed the skewer in photoshop.
A Rose By Any Name by Daniel Wood

An English Rose by John Smith

Apples by Gary Wood

My wife had the idea having visited her mother the other day where she noted a red bowl full of apples
So yesterday I had a late night trip to the supermarket to purchase required items then
spent an hour or so in the kitchen trying to perfect the lighting but keeping focus to a minimum
Blocked Caller by John Denny

I was researching family history in a churchyard and the telephone box stood out vividly against
the surrounding stonework and countryside.
It reminded me of a tardis so I took some photos thinking the subject might come in useful one day.

Concentration by Wendy Cook

taken on visit to Emma Bridgwater factory in Stoke last year

Crocosmia Lucifer by Roger Leck

Cumbria At Shackerstone by Loz Waterson

Hunslet Austerity 0-6-0T ‘Cumbria’. At Shackerstone station on the Battlefield Line
Early Morning At Uluru by Loz Waterson

also known as Ayers Rock, is a large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in Australia
Fire Buckets by Paul Steans

French Tomatoes by John Denny

The tomatoes were taken on holiday in a local shop. I thought they looked great against the colour of the tray.
The textures were brilliant too.
Heavy Load by Martin Hall

only been cropped taken on my phone for the heavy load

Hoverfly by Chantal Cooper

The Hoverfly on the lucifer.
Just saw it feeding on the Lucifer in my garden and took the shot. My aim was to get the hoverfly against
a soft red background to make it stand out.

Keyboard by Daniel Wood

My laptop is a gaming laptop which gives emphasis to the W,A,S& D keys when lit up red.
I realised that the R & E were close by so just rearranged the keys
Well to tell the truth I did this in photoshop rather then move the actual keys
Lady In Red by Peter Lawrance

After chatting to this charming lady I asked if I could take a picture of her as the sun was
shining through her parasol and there were so many red textures.

Liquid Red by Alan Wardropper

This is the same image run through Liquify in Photoshop with me trying to bring out my artistic side.

Luzon Bleeding Heart by Steve Pears

taken last week at Waddesdon Manor. This is run by the National Trust but retains the aviary from the
days of the Rothschilds. The aviary has a variety of species of unusual birds, many brightly coloured.
The Luzon Bleeding Heart was the only one that met the “red” criteria and was clearly visible.
The image was taken on my Canon M6 Mk2 with the 18-150mm lens at 125mm.

Night Eye by Steve Bexon

I zoomed out my lens during a 3 second night exposure of the London Eye and liked the resulting effect.

Processed in Lightroom

Pigglet by Julie Holbeche-Maund

The image of piglet was taken on my kitchen hob.
I shed piglets feet so they looked like he was kicking the ball.
the ball was placed on a small piece of wood.
The images comprises of 4 images layered together and masked where necessary.
the lighting was a number of small flashes at low power.
the image was processed in Lightroom and Photoshop

Poppy Field by Andy Freeman

For the last couple of years, I’ve volunteered at the National Arboretum to plant the poppies sent in by members
of the British Legion ahead of Remembrance Day.
This image was taken in November 2018, of one of the sections.
Nikon D3100, with an 18-105mm zoom. Slight crop and little bit of sharpening via Snapseed.

Poppy In My Garden by Margaret Waterson

I took this photo after it had rained , the flower head was bent over by the wet and i noticed how photogenic it looked

In Photoshop I Cropped the image first , and enhanced the colour a bit , took the highlights down and then gave it
the oil painting effect to finish

Poppy by Chantal Cooper

For the poppy I wanted a mass of red poppies in the background but without seeing the individual flowers except the
one I focused on. This was achieved by getting down low and using a small aperture to get a shallow depth of field.
It turned out just as I wanted it.

Red Arrows by Ian Waite

were shot at Shackerstone on 15/9/13. I don’t know how they stumped up the £30k to pay for it but it was a full 25 minute display

Shot on a Sony A77V at 70mm 1/2500 f/7.1 iso 200

I used continuous shooting but only used four frames. Image is mostly unaltered apart from some cropping and slight
enhancement of the planes to lighten and increase saturation as they were in shadow.

Red Art by Ian Waite

was shot on a camera club outing to Oadby Botanic Gardens in July 2011 when they do an annual “sculptures in the park”
Shot at 38mm 1/13 sec f/5.4 iso 400 Very little processing although I flipped it vertically to move the focal point up

Red Bikes by John Langham

– bikes lined up for sale in Elizabeth Street in the City Business District of Melbourne taken in February
Red Bubble by Peter Lawranc

This 1957 Messerschmitt KR200 appears to be smiling at you.
This is accentuated by the use of a 14mm lens to exaggerate the bulbous contours.

Red Red And Red by Alan Cook

Red Roses by Julie Holbeche-Maund

The roses were taken on my dressing table. The curtains were drawn with a small spilt to allow natural light to fall on
the top of the roses. The images was processed in Lightroom and Photoshop

Robin At Brandon by Wendy Cook

taken on walk round Brandon marshes with Nikon 3300

Robin Red Breast by Martin Hall

Just cropped and enhanced
Scarlet Ibis by Alan Cook

my images I am afraid are archive shots as I haven’t done much for the last 3 months
the scarlet ibis I found as having just had a new pc built I was sorting out old stuff, It was taken on
negative which I used to process myself and was scanned and that was the result, taken on a
Minolta X300 with a 140 mm lens outside the old colonial building at or near Nairobi.

Singing Robin by Margaret Waterson

was taken at Hidcote Manor Gardens in Spring time

I took this with a cannon 5d with a 24×105 mm lens , taking a few one after the other and caught it with it’s beak fully open

Then in Photoshop i cropped it first then just added a bit of vibrance to boost the Red a little

Spanish Flag by Andy Freeman

This is the Spanish aerobatic team, the Patrulla Aguila, taken at the International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford in 2018.
Part of the display includes painting the Spanish flag in the sky. Image has had a square crop, and a slight colour boost.
Taken at 300mm on a Nikon 3100
Station Precinct by John Langham

I waited for ages for someone to walk past wearing red – precinct of Southern Cross railway station in Melbourne.

The Duchess by Gary Wood

LMS Princess Coronation Class 4-6-2 46233 Duchess of Sutherland passing flooded fields near Frisby on the Wreake on a main line Steam tour
in october 2019
The Red Chair by John Smith

Tower Of London Poppies by Paul Steans

Waiting For A Call by Steve Bexon

It was well worth waiting for someone to stand and pose for a photograph at the end of five red telephone boxes,
the red coat was a further bonus. Taken near Covent Garden.
Processed in Lightroom and Colour Efex Bleach Bypass to enhance the wet paving and reflections

Where Light Falls by Steve Pears

taken on 15 November 2019 at Coventry Cathedral to commemorate the Coventry Blitz. There was a continuously changing
illumination of the remains of the old cathedral. I captured different images, including this one when it was illuminated
in red. Taken on a Canon 5D Mk4 with a 16-35mm lens at 35mm, f4 and 3 tenths of a second.

Just 4 Fun Wk10 Something Blue


5 3 1
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd Score
Blue Isobel Chesterman 1 4 4 2 34
Maple Leaf On Blue John Smith 2 3 1   18
Blue Berries Julie Holbeche-Maund 3 2 2 1 17
Bluebells Visitor John Denny 4   3 1 10
Paper Flowers Peter Lawrance 4 1 1 2 10
Rhythm And Blues John Langham 4 2     10
Blue Waves Julie Holbeche-Maund 7 1   3 8
Lets Start With The Sky Alan Cook 7 1 1   8
Sanitized Peter Lawrance 7 1 1   8
My Blue Marble Ken Chesterman 10 1   1 6
Blue Letter John Langham 11 1     5
Blue Sky At Night Paul Steans 11 1     5
Burbage Common Bluebells Steve Bexon 13   1 1 4
Elsie And Blue The Dog Isobel Chesterman 13   1 1 4
Blue Flame Gary Wood 15   1   3
Come On You Blues John Smith 15   1   3
Jump For Joy Wendy Cook 15   1   3
Johnnie & Giny Steve Pears 18     2 2
Abandoned Bike Gary Wood 19     1 1
Lock Down Blues Steve Pears 19     1 1
Locked Down Photography Blues Steve Bexon 19     1 1
Peter’S Favourite Crisps Paul Steans 19     1 1
Garden Lights Daniel Wood 23       0
I’Ll Kill The Bug (Ger) Wendy Cook 23       0
My Eco Neighbour Alan Cook 23       0


Abandoned Bike by Gary Wood

Wasn’t doing very well inspiration not starting.
Walked to my daughters last night and on the way spotted the blue cycle helmet then
as i got closer realised one of the bicycles was also blue so just had to
Blue Berries by Julie Holbeche-Maund

Blue Flame by Gary Wood

Playing with light shinning on CD
Blue Letter by John Langham

Blue Sky At Night by Paul Steans

Taken on my Canon 5d during the day, obviously, and minor enhancements were made using lightroom.

Blue Waves by Julie Holbeche-Maund

Waves is a dirty pour.
Blue by Isobel Chesterman

This is folded paper photographed on blue paper.

Bluebells Visitor by John Denny

Burbage Common Bluebells by Steve Bexon

I had my daily lockdown walk in late April to Burbage Common hoping to photograph some bluebells.
Very sparse this year but managed to find a few near a broken down fence which added a little more interest to the composition.
Processed in Adobe Lightroom. Taken on a Canon EOS R at f/16, 1/60 sec, 43mm and ISO 1250.

Come On You Blues by John Smith

I won’t bother with the technical details behind the camera, just to say I thought about my old football programmes and sorted out
clubs that play in blue. Of course Coventry City have pride of place. By the way some of the programmes are very old and worth a
few bob.
Elsie And Blue The Dog by Isobel Chesterman

A photo of my grand daughter and her dog Blue staying at least two metres away from me!


Garden Lights By Daniel Wood

I’ll Kill The Bug (Ger) by Wendy Cook

Nikon 3300 with 35mm 1.8 lens
1/320sec exposure f/1.8 iso800
Johnnie & Giny by Steve Pears

Jump For Joy by Wendy Cook

Granddaughter on walk during lockdown taken on mobile phone.

Lets Start With The Sky by Alan Cook

Lock Down Blues by Steve Pears

Locked Down Photography Blues by Steve Bexon

Had a few ideas for ‘Something Blue’ and this was the most fun. I arranged some of my photography gear,
clothing and walking boots onto a few coat hangers and hung everything from a coat hook attached to the wall.
The coat hooks were cloned out during processing using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.
Taken on a Canon EOS R at f/11, 1.6 sec, 35mm and ISO 100.

Maple Leaf On Blue by John Smith

It is inspired by a piece of modern art that we bought some time back from the owner of the art shop in Castle Street.
As it is mainly blue I have used this as the background. The leaf’s are placed in a small blue vase and placed on a clear glass candle stick.
It is taken in the kitchen in natural light with a reflector board placed at the base.
The camera was mounted on a tripod and set at f7.1, 1/6 sec and ISO 250.

My Blue Marble by Ken Chesterman

this is a photography of marble held under water to reduce glare.

My Eco Neighbour by Alan Cook

Paper Flowers by Peter Lawrance

Peter’s Favourite Crisps by Paul Steans

Taken using my phone and then made some minor changes using lightroom.
Peter was placed on a kitchen worksurface and a black card placed behind him.
An empty packet of crisps, half full of water was put in front and his arm placed in the packet.

Rhythm And Blues by John Langham

Sanitized by Peter Lawrance

Just 4 Fun Wk9 Where would you rather be

5 3 1
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd Score
Zanzibar At Dawn Steve Bexon 1 3 1   18
New Zealand Julie Hiolbeche-Manud 2 2 1 4 17
Singapore Peter Lawrance 3   4 1 13
Auckland Julie Holbeche-Manud 4 2   1 11
North Devon Beach At Dawn Steve Bexon 4 2   1 11
The Peaceful Dales Alan Cook 6 1 1 1 9
Watching Steam Trains Gary Wood 6   2 3 9
Outback Australia Peter Lawrance 8   2 1 7
The Pub Phil Mallin 9 1   1 6
The Schmittenhoe Zell Am See Loz Waterson 9 1   1 6
Evening Sky Over Sydney Margaret Waterson 11 1     5
Forward Out Of Lockdown John Smith 11 1     5
12 Apostles John Langham 13   1   3
Pulpit Rock John Langham 13   1   3
Tongario National Park New Zealand Margaret Waterson 13   1   3
Boating On Andaman Sea Alan Cook 16       0
Enjoying A Pint Gary Wood 16       0
From Montepulciano Steve Pears 16       0
Lets Get Cruising Again John Smith 16       0
Montepulciano -Steve Pears 16       0
My Hairdressers Wendy Cook 16       0
No Virus Allowed Ian Waite 16       0
Schonbrunn Palace Vienna Loz Waterson 16       0
The Pub Again Phil Mallin 16       0
Top Of The World Ian Waite 16       0


Forward Out Of Lockdown by John Smith

This weeks Just4Fun is the first time I have attempted to put many images together.
I was inspired by the monument of discovery in Lisbon and then over the last few days I have taken photos of walkers locally.
This has included, Hinckley, Croft and Beacon Hill

Lets Get Cruising Again,John Smith

No Virus Allowed by Ian Waite

Outback Australia by Peter Lawrance

Singapore by Peter Lawrance

Top Of The World by Ian Waite

Watching Steam Trains by Gary Wood

GWR 7029 Clun Castle passing Croft hill hauling a main line charter.


North Devon Beach at Dawn by Steve Bexon

The long exposure image was taken an hour after sunrise in between tides on a North Devon beach near Clovelly.

Zanzibar at Dawn by Steve Bexon

Image was taken at dawn and low tide on a deserted beach except for the single fishing Dhow.
Had to wait for a sea mist to clear before I could see the boat detail.


12 Apostles by John Langham

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
This shows some of the eight remaining ‘Apostles’, the others being victims of erosion and reclaimed into the ocean.
Shot on Fujicolor C200 film on Hasselblad panoramic X-Pan camera. Awaited a sunset which didn’t really come to much,
so then embarked on the 4 hour drive back to Melbourne.

Auckland by Julie Holbeche-Manud

Boating On Andaman Sea by Alan Cook

Enjoying A Pint,Gary Wood

We had been for a walk along the Heddon Valley, I lost the others so whilst waiting for them to return tried a couple of the locals.
This is my first attempt at focus stacking. I took just 2 images on my phone and use Photoshop to merge them.
Evening Sky Over Sydney by Margaret Waterson

We visited these two places 10 years ago when we retired.
They bring back fond memories of a great holiday
At the time i took these i only took them for ourselves , and didn’t have any photographic equipment with me only
a canon 500d camera , no filters or tripod just basic stuff.
Just memories for us really but very nice ones

Montepulciano by Steve Pears

Where would I Rather Be, how about Montepulchiano

From Montepulciano by Steve Pears

or Looking From Montepulchiano, preferably with a glass of the local wine.

My Hairdressers by Wendy Cook

New Zealand by Julie Holbeche-Maund

Pulpit Rock by John Langham

Cape Schanck, Victoria, Australia
After descending the 492 wooden steps and then navigating across the rocks, this is the view of Pulpit Rock south of
the Mornington Peninsula.

Schonbrunn Palace Vienna by Loz Waterson

The Peaceful Dales by Alan Cook

The Pub by Phil Mallin

The Pub Again by Phil Mallin

The Schmittenhoe Zell Am See by Loz Waterson

Tongario National Park New Zealand by Margaret Waterson



2020 Neville Jackson Trophy Image of the Year IOTY

With the COVID-19 lockdown disruption this Open Print competition was shifted to PDI and the Judge Peter Gennard MFIAP EFIAP/p from Smethwick PS kindly did the voting remotely including returning comments and modified images showing his thoughts.

These are included below plus comments from the authors says why and what they did to the image.

A Glimmer Of Light by Alan cook scored 12

A good attempt at making an Creative image. The white areas to the left are too bright.

An Intimate Portrait by Al Simms scored 14

The double lines down her arms affect the picture, otherwise, another photographer trying to create something different.

The image was taken with a big square soft box directly behind her
Apple Blossom by Paul Steans scored 13

Perhaps a little too much in the picture. Try and simplify by choosing less complicated flower buds.

This was taken for one of the rounds of Just for fun but wasn’t used.
Cropping and dodging and burning was done using Affinity.
I also adjusted the colours.

Battling On by Peter Lawrance Scored 16

A good canoeing shot. Looks like the photographer has flipped the image as the name on the helmet looks ‘back to front’.

Holme Pierpont, September last year at national White Water Championships.
Nikon D850 and 70 – 200 lens 5000 at f2.8
Very high speed to freeze extremely quick movement.
The challenges were to avoid the far bank and to try and make it appear contestants not blinded by sun. Original Image .

Bee Fly by Chantal Copper Scored 16

Its unfortunate that there is a little area to the back of the bee that pills the eye to that area.

was feeding or pollinating our beautiful purple flowering bush (no idea what it is) so again with my 100-400 lens and camera set at fast speed
I managed to capture this after many failed attempts. Again large crop and denoise

Cariad by Al Simms Score 16

I just love the tension in her expression. I would have created the picture around that face. (My version attached)

Catch Me If You Can by Peter Lawrance Scored 13

The picture is in the bottom half of the shot. I don’t think you needed the sky.

South Bank, London in March week before lockdown this year.
Nikon Z6 24 -70 zoom 1600 sec at f 5.0
High speed trying to freeze jumping. very crowded area and had to remove some people to the left of screen and crop a great deal from right.
Also required straightening. Original image attached.

Chilly At Sutton Cheney by Rob Jones Scored 15

This picture doesn’t work in its present form. I think is be better as a monochrome. (My version attached)

Concentration by Paul Steans 16

Very well captured under difficult conditions. Good composition.

This was taken in a hairdresser’s salon in Hinckley.
I knew the owner, Joe, and went along one day and asked if I could take some photos.
Luckily he had this client and they both gave me the ok.
Originally I was thinking of using one of the images in the theme “Industry”, but changed my mind.
Taken using the available light in the salon plus daylight.
Cropping and dodging and burning was done using Affinity.

Contemplation by Daniel Wood Scored 15

I feel that the ‘street art’ actually overpowers the girl. You need to make the girl a little brighter to dominate the picture.

Dafawagen by Roger Leck Scored 13

Conditions a little too bright for this subject matter.

Disappearing by Paul Steans 13

This is a scene that I know very well. I have taken many pictures in this location. This picture looks too grey. I have tried to inject a little more drama into the shot. (My version attached).

I waited for quite a while on the bridge into Selfridges to get just one person in the distance.
I like the curvature of the bridge with the strong lines of the structure leading towards the person.
Converted to black and white and dodged and burned within Affinity.

Eagle by Chantal Cooper 15

A very good portrait of the bird.

This was taken last year at a bird of prey centre in the Cotswolds. It was sitting on a perch against a dark background so
I made it darker and cropped in close. I also did some dodging and burning.

Electric Power by Steve Bexon Scored 17

Another location I have scene before in exhibitions. It needs a little more contrast. (My version attached)

After seeing a similar picture a number of years ago, managed with the help of Google maps to find a possible viewpoint.
On my next trip to London I checked it out and found a narrow footpath on the edge of Chelsea which seemed a good spot.
Although not too safe on my own at dusk with groups of undesirables checking me out, I balanced my camera on a fence and took a few long exposures of the scene.
Because my camera had very little stability on the fence, most shots were blurred but managed to take a couple I was happy with,
so immediately got out of the area and back to the nearest tube station.
Basic edits in Lightroom to correct white balance and colour tones.

Eyes To The Left by Daniel Wood Scored 13

This is similar to a picture we saw earlier. The background is too prominent.

First Steps by John Denny Scored 12

Somehow the squirrel gets lost in the picture area.

Taken during lockdown daily walking exercise in Sheepy Woods, next to the common and Burbage wood.
This squirrels nest (dray) was spotted whilst waiting back 2m for some people to pass, I took quite a few pictures over a series of days
but rarely were all three babies (kittens) together.
This image just had some work on the shadows and levels to give it better definition, especially in the sky. It was then cropped, all in Lightroom.

Taken 22 Apr 2020 – Sheepy Wood, Burbage, Leicestershire
11.53am, Nikon D750, Shutter priority, 1/400sec, f7.1, ISO 320, Nikon 70-300mm @ 300mm

Fisticuffs by Peter Lawrance Scored 13

The boxers are to low in the bottom left of the frame. Another picture that needs more work doing to it to enhance the tones.

1940s weekend, Quorn

Nikon D850 24-120 lens 500 at f5. Exposure bias -1 EV

Incredibly bright day.
Problems were avoiding glare, finding an angle that omitted present day features and other visitors.
Although cut off to the left of fighter I thought that this led through the picture, through the action of the gloves
and faces up to the RH corner and the guy watching.

Floating by Alan Wardropper Scored 17

The shape of the girl and especially the hands work perfectly.

I lit the model using a single overhead soft box , I positioned her so her front was lit.
I metered the flash and then moved the f stop up one to make the image darker and softer.

Follow Me by Steve Pears 13

Because of the severe lighting conditions, this factor affects the overall picture, I have tried to take out some of harsh tones. (my version attached)


Giant by Debbie Lowe Scored 14

I don’t feel that single images of elephants work. A herd would make a picture.

Harbour Reflections by John Smith Scored 12

I find the green area at the bottom of the image distracting.

Isolated by Alan Cook Scored 13

Birds on feeders do not work as well as if they were at a tree hole nest site.

Moon by Rob Jones Scored 15

An excellent picture of the moon. Not strong enough for a high score.

Morning Under Vienna by Roger Leck Scored 16

Very well composed. However, I just feel there is too much space at the bottom. Living up my name, ‘Chopper Gennard’ I would cut the bottom off up to the
main red coloured area. (My version attached)

Not The Hogwarts Express by Gary Wood Scored 15

I just like the conditions. Perhaps a little too much at the top of the picture.

Scary by Ian Waite Scored 12

Far too over saturated.

Seaplane Sundown by Andy Freeman 13

The plane is too far to the left of the frame. Good use of the night time conditions.

My IOTY image was taken on a night shoot at the RAF museum at Cosford In mid-March, just before the lockdown started.

The aircraft in shot is a Catalina seaplane from the Second World War period.
This image was taken after the sun had gone down, but facing west, hence the glow in the sky.
Shot was taken on a Nikon D3100, using an 18-105 zoom, at 18mm, f4, 100ISO, 30 second exposure.
Lighting was provided by the organisers, using fairly dim spotlights 30 yards to the right of the plane.

Serenity by John Smith Scored 15

Very simple composition. Too bright at the bottom of the picture.

Shhhh by Debbie Lowe Scored 16

Good use of dramatic lighting.

St Peters Witherley by Gary Wood Scored 13

Another picture where I find the sky is too bright.

Sunset Over Benidorm by Roger Leck Scored 13

Good sunset. The land starts to get too dark to the right of the frame.

Tauranga Beach by Julie Holbeche Maund Scored 17

I feel that there is too much at the bottom of the picture and the perhaps a little too over saturated. (My version attached)

Holiday trip to New Zealand Feb 2020.
We got to the beach for about 8pm just as people were leaving the beach.
The site was not what we had expected at all.
We wanted sunset images and the sky was not vibrant to start with.
We walked around for a while and found a couple of locations with foreground interest and I started to take some images, using a tripod.
Then by magic the lighting changed so I changed the setting to 24mm focal length, F16 ISO 100 at 20sec with a 6 stopper filter.
I wanted to get the water to be still.

The Flower Girl by Alan Wardropper Scored 16

I admire photographers who try something different. This one works except for he arms. I would cut out the arms and make it a square picture. (My version attached)

Lens 18-55 mm 1/80 f9 iso 100
The model was in a child’s swimming pool in a milk and water mix.
I was standing in the water to get the overhead shot.
The biggest problem was dealing with the reflection and cold water, also accounts for the model’s wide eyed look.
She did really well to get through the shoot without getting hyperthermia.
Took out any remaining reflections in photoshop.

The Open Door by Steve Bexon Scored 15

Very well captured. I would take some off the top.

The Preacher by Steve Pears Scored 14

Good use of space in the picture. Contrast well controlled.

The View From Beacon Hill by John Smith Scored 15

The photographer has recorded the mood very well. Not quite strong enough to get into the high scores.

Thinking About It by Alan Wardropper Scored 14

I feel the other picture of this girl is stronger. Her right arm needs to be put onto the side of the chair.

Both images this and floating were taken at same shoot.
Lens 18-200 mm 1/125 f13 iso 100
I lit the model using a single overhead soft box , I positioned her so her front was lit.
I metered the flash and then moved the f stop up one to make the image darker and softer.
One thing I did miss out on was I printed both images on Matt paper which again added to the softer look .

Underneath The Arches by Ian Waite Scored 13

The bright light coming from behind the girl is a distraction.

Waiting For Sunset by Steve Pears Scored 13

The person in the picture doesn’t suit the picture. A person from the region on a camel may be more fitting.

Walk On By by Ian Waite Scored 17

A good example of street photographer. Blurred images compliment the picture.

My Street image, Walk On By was planned in advance having seen similar in a magazine.
I was in Gallowtree Gate and shot with the camera at waist height using the flip out screen to be unobtrusive.
I used a shutter speed of 1/6 sec to emphasise that people were walking by and ignoring him, whilst attempting to keep the camera
still so the subject remained sharp.

What You Lookin At by John Denny Scored 13

I like the way the photographer has blurred the background, Not strong enough to get into the high scores.

Taken at Brodick ferry terminal whilst waiting for the ferry back to the mainland from Arran.
I was taking photos of both this heron and an otter swimming around below it, for a brief moment the heron
looked directly at me resulting in the beak becoming invisible.
The image was first cleaned up and cropped in Lightroom then loaded into photoshop.
Once in photoshop, to emphasise the bird more I created a new layer containing just the heron.
I then duplicated the background layer and set the blend mode to multiply, adding a gradient mask making the background
darker at the bottom to lighter at the top, to give a sense of depth. The ‘heron’ layer was then brought to the top.

Woodland by James Botterill Scored 14

Good mood in this picture. The rays of light look too dramatic.

Wren by Chantal Cooper Scored 13

The wren looks too big in the frame.

was taken in my garden now that I have more time to sit outside it was always in my bucket list to capture a Wren.
This was taken with my canon 100-400mm lens. Small amount of editing in photoshop to remove a couple of branches, otherwise just crop and denoise.


Ivory Flame  by Phil Mallin Scored 18

Holly has been photographed very well indeed. The motion and softness suits the overall image. I just think she is a little too far to the right. Cut a alittle off the left to re centre her. (My version attached)

Taken using natural light, set against a plain plastered wall.
The model is wearing one of Jules headdress and feathered skirts.
The idea was to produce an image that looked light and flowing with pastel colours.
Canon 5D mk4 – 24mm – f9 – 1/125 – Manual Exp –

Saltwick Wreck by Julie Holbeche Maund Scored 18

Another good seascape picture. A little more separation between the wreck and the rock in the background would have helped the composition. Also, don’t like the magenta cast. (My version attached)

Went to Whitby for the Weekend, travelled to Robin Hoods Bay late afternoon to find out that the wreck was a good walk away and the tide was coming in.
With wellies and a Canon 5D mk4 we started walking on very wet black rocks.
whilst climbing over rocks I slipped and fell badly and got wet, but that did not stop us we got to the wreck.
I set up the tripod and camera with a 17-40 lens and took some images after looking at several compositions.
The setting were 19mm focal length, F11, 1/50 at ISO 200.
The way back was tricky the tide had come in quite a bit and I was concerned that we could get stuck.
However, we got home and then i realised how badly I had damaged my knee, I could not walk very well and was bruised.

Te Hoho Rock by Phil Mallin Scored 18

A wonderful composition and conditions. I like the low view point taken by the photographer.

Taken while on holiday in New Zealand. At Cathedral Cove, North Island.
We walked for 1.5 hours in the pitch dark, with just head torches to guide us,to get to this place before the sun came up.
We had no idea if the sunrise was going to be worth it!
We arrived about half an hour before the sky began to colour up (we wanted to be the first photographers there, it is very popular)
Needless to say – we stayed there for about 2 hours and many a shot was taken!
Canon 5D mk4 – 17mm – f14 – 30 sec – iso 800 – Manual Exp –
6 Stopper Filter and Graduated Neutral Density Filter used

Fun In The Township by Debbie Lowe Scored 19

The photographer has caught the action this picture perfectly. The vitality of the children has been recorded very well. I would have made the picture a look more dramatic. (my version attached)

Herringfleet by James Botterill Scored 20

My favourite picture in the competition. The photographer has captured the mood of the landscape very well.

Just 4 Fun Wk 6 Lockdown

JUST 4 FUN WEEK6 – The suggestion for this weeks theme is
How about LOCKDOWN (Skype, zoom, clapping for NHS, talking to neighbours or dog walkers keeping 2 metre distance, queues outside shops, celebrations, VE Day etc , anything that you have seen or done during lockdown)
We decided to up the anti and now alloud 2 images per member
I was going to enter this Loone with Pirantical tendencies but thought it would make it to easy for you to pick the winner

Duf by Gary Wood

Otherwise known as Dress Up Friday.
At work on a Friday before lockdown we had a Dress Down Friday i.e. if we gave a £1 for the
company supported charity we could wearn non busness oriented clothing i.e. jeans and a teashirt
Well since lockdown some bright spark decided we should do a dress up to some theme instead and submit an image of
our self working so we have had Creative, Sun, Sea & Sand, 70’s Disco, favorite sport,
and last week was film characters so I choose Long John Silver

Church In Lockdown by Steve Bexon

None of your suggestions happening in my area worth photographing, so had a walk around and looked for lockdown locks!!


Escc Live by Daniel Wood

Forever Washing by Wendy Cook

Going Nowhere In Lockdown by Margaret Waterson

we were out walking when i spotted this one along the canal
I didn’t have my camera so used my phone , i haven’t done very much to the photo it’s more or less how i took it
Handmade V.E Day Decorations by Margaret Waterson

Again taken on my phone ,
the decorations i made for V.E day looked nice when laid out in a pattern , this photo i took today (tuesday)
i used photoshop to crop them and re – size

Ignoring ‘Stay At Home’ by Chantal Cooper

Keep Reading And Carry On by John Smith

I enjoy reading and at the moment I am doing a load more>
I thought how can I reflect this in an image. So I placed several books at an angle
on top of a sideboard. I then took a book opened it and placed my specs on top.
I utilised the lamp at the side of the sideboard by switching it on to give some high lights
and shadows. On a tripod – f/8 1/60 sec ISO 400 Just minor adjustments in Lightroom
M69 In Lockdown by Paul Steans

Making Scrubs by Steve Pears

Mowing by Daniel Wood

My Turn To Shine by Alan Wardropper

Park In Lockdown by Steve Bexon

Queuing To Shop by Chantal Cooper

Social Distancing by Loz Waterson

Socially Distanced Queueing by Andy Freeman

Some Party by Alan Cook

The Centre Of Attention by Alan Wardropper

taken at our streets VE celebrations . One of the residents is a professional singer Sam Southall
He set up Speaker on his front lawn and invited people to join in. He sang for about 2hrs interspersed with sessions from
one of the neighbours Norman who is a Saxophone player and Lauren who can really handle a Hula Hoop. We all came out again at
9.00 pm and sang We’ll meet again and he did a few more songs a great time was had by all .
the images just capture neighbourly mood I hope.
The Isolation Blues by Peter Lawrance

inspired by my desk and what I spend a great deal of time staring at including writing music for a couple of recent ESCC competitions.

The Last Post Ve Day by Peter Lawrance

was played by my neighbour on his drive on VE Day. He played either side of the two minutes silence.
Very strange as there were only a few people outside their houses but very moving as it was so quiet.

Tunnel Vision by Gary Wood

For my exercise I’ve been walking from Broughton Astley to Ullesthorpe along the old disused original Leicester to London Main line viar Rugby.
The other day the wind had blown and there was a lot of blossum lying around.
Took image on phone as thats what i had avialble then in Photoshop duplicate layer, applied a rotation motion blur blur and the a
mask to bring back path from background layer

Ve Day With The Queen On Zoom by John Smith

I was thinking about the words Zoom: Lockdown & VE Day.
Was suddenly inspired by the Queens VE 75 Speech. So we got it back on ‘playback’ unfortunately
there was a lady doing sign language, so not to let this worry me I decided to carry on
with her in the picture. We sat in front of the tv with our feet on the footstool and took
the shot hand held. I also took a selfie and brought it all together on elements.
I had downloaded an image of the Zoom task bar. I took my own image and moved it into
the bottom of the tv screen and resized. This covered the bottom of the lady doing sign language.
I then drew a black rectangle around her. Finally I took the image of the Zoom task bar
and carefully placed on the bottom of the tv screen. The original image of the tv and our
feet was taken at f/5 1/40th sec ISO 400
Ve Day by The Future by Roger Leck

VE Day The Future, taken with my Cannon 128mm, 1/200sec at f6.3, iso 100
The boy was lightened on Lightroom with the back ground darkened
Virtually In The Office by Gary Wood

From the same week as DUF I initially couldnt find a parot so decided I would be Rodney Skinner from The League
of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Walking Through The Golf Course by Steve Pears

Walled In by Roger Leck

taken in my lounge with my IPad using the Photo Booth App
Exposure 1/50 sec at f 24, focal Length 3.3mm iso 32.
Where Has All The Traffic Gone by Loz Waterson


5 3 1
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd Score
Forever Washing Wendy Cook 1 3 4   27
Keep Reading And Carry On John Smith 2 4 1 2 25
Virtually In The Office Gary Wood 3 3 1 1 19
The Isolation Blues Peter Lawrance 4 2 2 1 17
Socially Distanced Queueing Andy Freeman 5 3   1 16
Making Scrubs Steve Pears 7 2   1 11
Some Party Alan Cook 6 2 1   13
M69 In Lockdown Paul Steans 8   2 4 10
Park In Lockdown Steve Bexon 9 1 1 1 9
Ve Day With The Queen On Zoom John Smith 9   2 3 9
The Centre Of Attention Alan Wardropper 11   2 1 7
Tunnel Vision Gary Wood 11   2 1 7
The Last Post Ve Day Peter Lawrance 13 1   1 6
Ve Day The Future Roger Leck 13   2   6
Church In Lockdown Steve Bexon 15   1 2 5
Social Distancing Loz Waterson 15 1     5
Walled In Roger Leck 15 1     5
Going Nowhere In Lockdown Margaret Waterson 19   1 1 4
Escc Live Daniel Wood 15   1 2 5
Handmade V.E Day Decorations Margaret Waterson 20     1 1
Duf Gary Wood 21       0
Ignoring ‘Stay At Home’ Chantal Cooper 21       0
Mowing Daniel Wood 21       0
My Turn To Shine Alan Wardropper 21       0
Queuing To Shop Chantal Cooper 21       0
Walking Through The Golf Course Steve Pears 21       0
Where Has All The Traffic Gone Loz Waterson 21       0

Just 4 Fun 3 Patterns

3rd Week of Just 4 Fun and your getting more creative. 17 images submitted and 23 members voted.

Winner was Isobel Chesterman with her image “Kaleidoscopic” which achieving 7 1st 4 2nds & 1 3rd

She took a photo of some flowers in the garden and used the Twirl filter in photoshop.
First use filter pixelate and then filter blur and then filter distort twirl.
She likes doing crazy photos.

Odd One Out by Margaret Waterson cam 2nd with 41st 1 2nd 4 3rd

She spilled the pegs one day and then had an idea to create a pattern from them , this is the result.
At first she tried a light background then thought about this dark background , which is just a black mount board and liked it best
All she did was  increased the exposure , added some vibrance , and turned down the blacks , i thought this was enough then decided to change 1 peg to make ODD ONE OUT
I enjoy having a go at these it’s keeping my interest in photography going with a bit of fun added many thanks

Just piping Steve Bexon into 3rd with Patterns In The Landscape with 41st 0 2nd 4 3rd

The image was taken on my daily walk along the footpaths in the fields around Barwell. Many farms in the area have just ploughed and planted their fields. I went out early morning the capture the sidelighting on the furrows.
Taken on a Canon R with 24-105 RF lens at 37mm, f/11 1/60 sec

4th Gary wood with Stripes

The stripes were on a spare toilet seat and the wife bought a glass sphere so I used this to distort the pattern.

Spannering-Ken Chesterman

Ken photographed a spanner. Duplicated it lots of times and created a little planet by going to filter distort polar coordinates.

Crystal Bowl-Alan Cook

Made A3 red blue yellow segment print. Placed under crystal bowl of water. Camera on tripod multi shots while dropping water making bubbles.

Photoshop made right size canvas. Divided into selected one square. Copied master and pasted into

Filled rest of page to make symmetrical pattern. Then filter distort sphereize

Dandilion Seed-Phil Mallin

Convex Or Concave-Debbie Lowe

Basically experimented with all the Blend Modes in Photoshop. Liked quite a few of them, but chose this one in the end.

Boom!-Peter Lawrance

Peter used some battery powered coloured lights on a black card. Reduced the lighting as much as possible by pulling the blind and used ICM Intentional Camera Movement.

Took fifty odd photos and the patterns in this one, although more random than some, had a certain energy to them. It was processed in Lightroom in the normal way and given a white border in Photoshop.

Polarising Patterns Exposed (PPE)-John Denny

John had to lay my computer monitor flat and show a white screen. On that he put the PPE glasses and stood a polarising filter on edge in front of them.

The patterns could be seen easily enough but the filter kept rolling and falling over, it was all in one image but he had to take a lot to get a useable one.

The name uses the initials PPE and describes the process.

Unsafe Building-Ian Waite

Grass Paths-Al Simms

Wanted to take more and have more options but my back has gone so here is the best of my pattern photos from the newly sewn fields.

Cropped and adjusted the colouring, cloned a few bits of grass to fill in some bold spots and hid a yellow footpath sign (in case you were wondering what I’ve done to it) ☺

Patterns Across The Ceiling-John Smith

This was taken In the dining room where the light fitting throws out these shadows across the ceiling.  It was taken in daylight with the window blinds closed.
I mounted the tripod on the dining table and the camera pointing at the ceiling.  I used f7.1 at 1/30 sec and ISO of 250.
In Lightroom I did a little cropping and minor adjustments to highlights and shadows.

Fragrant Patterns-Steve Pears

Taken using 56mm Sigma lens on Canon M6 Mk2 – 1/4 sec at f11.

Processed in Affinity Photo Develop Persona – 20% contrast, minus 100% clarity, 50% saturation, 100% refinement, plus a big of curves for more contrast.

Following development into Photo Persona Unsharp Mask with Blend Mode Luminosity at 50% Opacity, and a bit of spot removal.

Ray Of Light-Paul Steans

Paul came up with this idea when he saw a ray of light come through the curtains in his bedroom and lit up part of the wardrobe. However, because it didn’t fall exactly where he wanted he knew he would have to set up the shot using a flash. So with his  camera on a tripod he set up a speedlight to shine downwards onto the area with the patterns. In order to get the narrow ray of light he cut a slit out of a piece of cardboard and held this in position using another tripod. he took quite a few shots, adjusting the position of the slit to achieve the desired effect. He then processed the image in Lightroom, lowering the blacks and shadows and lifting the whites. Added a gradient filter from the left to reduce the brightness closest to the light source, then slightly increased clarity before converting to black and white, even though it was pretty much monochrome anyway.

Poker Dot Madness-Julie Holbeche-Maund

Croft From 1000 Feet-John Langham


Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Kaleidoscopic Isobel Chesterman 1 7 4 1
Odd One Out Margaret Waterson 2 4 1 4
Patterns In The Landscape Steve Bexon 3 4   4
Stripes Gary Wood 4 2 2 4
Spannering Ken Chesterman 5 2 2 1
Crystal Bowl Alan Cook 6   4 1
Dandilion Seed Phil Mallin 7 1 2 1
Convex or Concave Debbie Lowe 7 1 2 1
Boom! Peter Lawrance 9   2 2
Polarising Patterns Exposed (Ppe) John Denny 10   2 1
Unsafe Building Ian Waite 11 1    
Grass Paths Al Simms 11   1 1
Patterns Across The Ceiling John Smith 11   1 1
Fragrant Patterns Steve Pears 11 1    
Poker Dot Madness Julie Holbeche-Maund 15     1
Croft From 1000 Feet John Langham 16      
Ray Of Light Paul Steans 16    
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