So the fifth week of Just for fun themed Animals has ended. After a slow start we ended with 23 images but a couple of entries that where more Just 4 fun than Animal

Zoe Zebra by Peter Lawrance

Have thought about it and what harm can it do by entering it. It is after all, Just for Fun. Spent ages in the garden trying to capture something.
We don’t have pets,
The birds have flown away
Even the amorous pigeons have given up.
The creepy crawlies have crept and crawled out of sight
The bees and other flying things have gone to ground
The pesky squirrel has given up being a pest.
So out came our pet Zebra, Zoe.


Then came

Feed Me by Alan Wardropper

I went into the garage and found these two Old Spanners feeding their brood , I bolted into the house and secured my camera and took the photo.
I hope with all the torque about it being just for fun the rules are adjustable to be able to include this ?


5 3 1
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Take A Bow Chantal Cooper 1 3 3 3
Lockdown Fun Isobel Chesterman 2 4 1 3
Garden Raider Steve Bexon 3 3 2 3
Here’s Looking At You Loz Waterson 4 4 1  
Blowfly Peter Lawrance 4 2 4 1
Let’s Huddle Together Paul Steans 6 1 5 2
Peek A Boo Wendy Cook 7 3 2  
Orange Tip Butterfly Margaret Waterson 8 1 2 5
What’s Social Distancing Steve Pears 9   3 2
Robin On Garden Fork Trish Rudin 9 2   1
You Lookin At Me Gary Wood 11 1 1 1
Is The Barbers Open Yet Andy Freeman 12     1
Percy Pigeon Roger Leck 12     1
Poppy Having Swing Martin Hall 12     1
A Swan And Its Reflection Al Simms 15      
Bullfinch John Denny 15      
Dawn Chorus Ian Waite 15      
Feed Me Alan Wardropper1 15      
Florence And Ffion The Barlestone Coos Andy Freeman 15      
Gold Finch Trish Rudin 15      
Zoe The Zebra Peter Lawrance 15    


A Swan And Its Reflection
by Al Simms

by Peter Lawrance

By John Denny


Dawn Chorus
by Ian Waite
Not an easy one so this is a bit ordinary.


Florence And Ffion, The Barlestone Coos
by Andy Freeman

These were taken on my daily wander around the village.
Image has had a bit of a crop, colour and sharpness boosted a bit, and I’ve lost the white house at the back.


Garden Raider
by Steve Bexon
The squirrel was part of a group that took it in turns to raid my bird feeders.
Taken on a Canon 7D Mk2 with Canon 100-400 millimetre lens at 300 millimetre f/6.3, 1/320 sec, ISO640.
Processed in Adobe Lightroom

Gold Finch
by Trish Rudin


Here’s Looking At You
by Loz Waterson

original image of the Robin. All that I did was crop it, remove the branch on the left, drop the highlights and lift the
shadows.I also increased the exposure slightly.


Is The Barbers Open Yet
by Andy Freeman

This one has had a crop, a bit of colour and sharpness, and then I messed about with the width and the inner and outer brightness on a vignette


Let’s huddle together
By Paul Steans
I came across these little baby common garden spiders on a strawberry plant leaf.
the distance across the group of baby spiders was about 10 millimetres. They are so tiny!

Lockdown Fun
by Isobel Chesterman


Orange Tip Butterfly
by Margaret Waterson

This was taken in my garden on April 16th in lockdown
It was taken with a Fuji XT3
I don’t ever remember an orange tip to visiting the garden before
I had to be quick when i saw it finally land on this plant
It stayed there for a very short time and i was lucky to capture it
In photoshop all i did was crop and zoom in a bit to get the butterfly bigger in the frame
took highlights down , added contrast with a little colour balance

Peek A Boo
By Wendy Cook

Taken on Lumix compact and photo was cropped
Tweeked exposure.

Percy Pigeon
by Roger Leck

Poppy Having Swing
by Martin Hall

Got her to sit on the garden swing did a vignette and darkened background at the top taken on my Samsung S20 64 mp Phone 1/320,sec f 2 5-9 mm

Robin On Garden Fork
by Trish Rudin

Take A Bow
by Chantal Cooper

What’s social distancing
by Steve Pears


You Lookin At Me
by Gary Wood

This cat sits on our shed roof most days hoping i’ll take pity on him and give him some food.
Choice him as getting black face against blue sky presented a challenge