3rd Week of Just 4 Fun and your getting more creative. 17 images submitted and 23 members voted.

Winner was Isobel Chesterman with her image “Kaleidoscopic” which achieving 7 1st 4 2nds & 1 3rd

She took a photo of some flowers in the garden and used the Twirl filter in photoshop.
First use filter pixelate and then filter blur and then filter distort twirl.
She likes doing crazy photos.

Odd One Out by Margaret Waterson cam 2nd with 41st 1 2nd 4 3rd

She spilled the pegs one day and then had an idea to create a pattern from them , this is the result.
At first she tried a light background then thought about this dark background , which is just a black mount board and liked it best
All she did was  increased the exposure , added some vibrance , and turned down the blacks , i thought this was enough then decided to change 1 peg to make ODD ONE OUT
I enjoy having a go at these it’s keeping my interest in photography going with a bit of fun added many thanks

Just piping Steve Bexon into 3rd with Patterns In The Landscape with 41st 0 2nd 4 3rd

The image was taken on my daily walk along the footpaths in the fields around Barwell. Many farms in the area have just ploughed and planted their fields. I went out early morning the capture the sidelighting on the furrows.
Taken on a Canon R with 24-105 RF lens at 37mm, f/11 1/60 sec

4th Gary wood with Stripes

The stripes were on a spare toilet seat and the wife bought a glass sphere so I used this to distort the pattern.

Spannering-Ken Chesterman

Ken photographed a spanner. Duplicated it lots of times and created a little planet by going to filter distort polar coordinates.

Crystal Bowl-Alan Cook

Made A3 red blue yellow segment print. Placed under crystal bowl of water. Camera on tripod multi shots while dropping water making bubbles.

Photoshop made right size canvas. Divided into selected one square. Copied master and pasted into

Filled rest of page to make symmetrical pattern. Then filter distort sphereize

Dandilion Seed-Phil Mallin

Convex Or Concave-Debbie Lowe

Basically experimented with all the Blend Modes in Photoshop. Liked quite a few of them, but chose this one in the end.

Boom!-Peter Lawrance

Peter used some battery powered coloured lights on a black card. Reduced the lighting as much as possible by pulling the blind and used ICM Intentional Camera Movement.

Took fifty odd photos and the patterns in this one, although more random than some, had a certain energy to them. It was processed in Lightroom in the normal way and given a white border in Photoshop.

Polarising Patterns Exposed (PPE)-John Denny

John had to lay my computer monitor flat and show a white screen. On that he put the PPE glasses and stood a polarising filter on edge in front of them.

The patterns could be seen easily enough but the filter kept rolling and falling over, it was all in one image but he had to take a lot to get a useable one.

The name uses the initials PPE and describes the process.

Unsafe Building-Ian Waite

Grass Paths-Al Simms

Wanted to take more and have more options but my back has gone so here is the best of my pattern photos from the newly sewn fields.

Cropped and adjusted the colouring, cloned a few bits of grass to fill in some bold spots and hid a yellow footpath sign (in case you were wondering what I’ve done to it) ☺

Patterns Across The Ceiling-John Smith

This was taken In the dining room where the light fitting throws out these shadows across the ceiling.  It was taken in daylight with the window blinds closed.
I mounted the tripod on the dining table and the camera pointing at the ceiling.  I used f7.1 at 1/30 sec and ISO of 250.
In Lightroom I did a little cropping and minor adjustments to highlights and shadows.

Fragrant Patterns-Steve Pears

Taken using 56mm Sigma lens on Canon M6 Mk2 – 1/4 sec at f11.

Processed in Affinity Photo Develop Persona – 20% contrast, minus 100% clarity, 50% saturation, 100% refinement, plus a big of curves for more contrast.

Following development into Photo Persona Unsharp Mask with Blend Mode Luminosity at 50% Opacity, and a bit of spot removal.

Ray Of Light-Paul Steans

Paul came up with this idea when he saw a ray of light come through the curtains in his bedroom and lit up part of the wardrobe. However, because it didn’t fall exactly where he wanted he knew he would have to set up the shot using a flash. So with his  camera on a tripod he set up a speedlight to shine downwards onto the area with the patterns. In order to get the narrow ray of light he cut a slit out of a piece of cardboard and held this in position using another tripod. he took quite a few shots, adjusting the position of the slit to achieve the desired effect. He then processed the image in Lightroom, lowering the blacks and shadows and lifting the whites. Added a gradient filter from the left to reduce the brightness closest to the light source, then slightly increased clarity before converting to black and white, even though it was pretty much monochrome anyway.

Poker Dot Madness-Julie Holbeche-Maund

Croft From 1000 Feet-John Langham


Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Kaleidoscopic Isobel Chesterman 1 7 4 1
Odd One Out Margaret Waterson 2 4 1 4
Patterns In The Landscape Steve Bexon 3 4   4
Stripes Gary Wood 4 2 2 4
Spannering Ken Chesterman 5 2 2 1
Crystal Bowl Alan Cook 6   4 1
Dandilion Seed Phil Mallin 7 1 2 1
Convex or Concave Debbie Lowe 7 1 2 1
Boom! Peter Lawrance 9   2 2
Polarising Patterns Exposed (Ppe) John Denny 10   2 1
Unsafe Building Ian Waite 11 1    
Grass Paths Al Simms 11   1 1
Patterns Across The Ceiling John Smith 11   1 1
Fragrant Patterns Steve Pears 11 1    
Poker Dot Madness Julie Holbeche-Maund 15     1
Croft From 1000 Feet John Langham 16      
Ray Of Light Paul Steans 16