This weeks them was SDOF – shallow depth of field – A photography technique challenge where the image  shows a shallow depth of field of items in focus

5 3 1
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd Score
Birds At 2.8 Peter Lawrance 1 6 1 1 34
Stamen Gary Wood 2 3     15
Bracelet Margaret Waterson 3 2 1   13
Jonny Jackdaw Steve Pears 4 1 2 1 12
Ellie 048A9935 Chantal Cooper 5   2 1 7
Woodland Walk John Langham 5   2 1 7
Eagle Owl Ian Waite 7 1     5
Phlox Alan Cook 7   1 2 5
British Summer John Langham 9   1 1 4
Nespresso Coffee Pods Loz Waterson 9   1 1 4
Fergus Frog Steve Pears 11   1   3
Nandina Flower Margaret Waterson 11   1   3
Red Admiral Vanessa Atalanta Gary Wood 13     2 2
Cheetah Ian Waite 14     1 1
Highland Cow1P5A7978 Chantal Cooper 14     1 1
Keys Daniel Wood 14     1 1
Hazy Memory Alan Cook 17       0
Lilly Pond Peter Lawrance 17       0
My Old Watch Loz Waterson 17       0

Birds At 2.8 by Peter Lawrance

was taken with a shallow depth of field to isolate the birds in a particular focal plane.
I focused on the twig and then tried to capture birds that were in the same area using a Nikon 70-200 2.8 lens and fast shutter speed.

Bracelet by Margaret Waterson

Bracelet taken with Fuji XT3 camera on a tripod with an 80mm lens at f/2.8
speed 1/60
manual exposure
at f/2.8
I Set the bracelet on a black velvet bag inside the lighting tent
this was to stop any unwanted light from reflecting in the glassy beads
In lightroom i took the blacks down a touch and cropped the image
British Summer by John Langham

Was hoping to go out and take some wide aperture photos, but the weather did not comply, so taken closer to home. Leica V-Lux, f2.8

Cheetah by Ian Waite

Eagle Owl by Ian Waite

Ellie  by Chantal Cooper

Fergus Frog by Steve Pears

Hazy Memory by Alan Cook

village churchyard
Nikon 3300, 105mm nikon, F 2.8 aperture priority, ISO100
Spot meter focus though grass for flowers diffuse rest
Highland Cow by Chantal Cooper

Jonny Jackdaw by Steve Pears

Keys by Daniel Wood

Lilly Pond by Peter Lawrance

was taken focusing at f4 on the primary lilly to isolate it from the background. The hyperfocal distance was judged to allow the reflection to remain relatively sharp in the foreground.

My Old Watch by Loz Waterson

My old Watch was taken with a Fujifilm XF 50-140mm f2.8 RLM OIS WR lens @ 140mm, at 1/60sec, iso 200, in a light tent. The cuff links were just added to fill the

frame out a little
Nandina Flower by Margaret Waterson

Nandina Flower is in my garden
I took this with my XT3 from a tripod with an 80mm lens fitted
Speed was 1/1000 to because the wind was blowing the flower about
iso 500
F/ 2.8 to blur the background which is a wooden fence
I had to bring up the exposure in lightroom , and crop the image to a more square format
Nespresso Coffee Pods by Loz Waterson

Nespresso Coffee Pods was also taken in a light tent with a XF 80mm f2.8 R LM OIS WR Macro lens @ 1/60sec, iso 100.

Phlox by Alan Cook

Nikon 3300, Nikon 35mm lens, ISO100, F 1.6 aperture priority, Spot meter, 14000 sec.
7.30 am after rain fall very overcast morning
Red Admiral Vanessa Atalanta by Gary Wood

Stamen by Gary Wood

Woodland Walk by John Langham

Opened up to f2 on 50mm lens on Leica M digital .