5 3 1
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd Score
Stained Glass Shapes Margaret Waterson 1 5 2 4 35
Crystal Ball Light Rays Isobel Chesterman 2 3 4 4 31
Wine Glass Steve Bexon 3 1 4 2 19
A Glasso Of Haig Julie Holbeche-Maund 4 2 2 2 18
Coventry Cathederal Old And New Ken Chesterman 4 3 1   18
Stripes Steve Bexon 6 2 2   16
Strawberry Splash Ian Waite 7 2 1   13
Solarised Glass Peter Lawrance 8 1   1 6
Stained Glass Fragments Margaret Waterson 8 1   1 6
St Ives Bottles John Denny 10   1 1 4
Artistic Bottles Roger Leck 11   1   3
Cut Glass Peter Lawrance 11   1   3
Toronto Ian Waite 11   1   3
Vandalism John Langham 14     2 2
Eye Above Alan Cook 15     1 1
The Magnifying Glass Julie Holbeche-Maund 15     1 1
The Pear In The Bubble4 Steve Pears 15     1 1
Beware The Storm Gary Wood 18       0
By The Window Daniel Wood 18       0
City Scape Daniel Wood 18       0
In The Garden Bubble Gary Wood 18       0
Morningside Ride Alan Cook 18       0
Serious Glass John Langham 18       0
The Pear In The Bubble4 In Construction Steve Pears 18       0
Two Pink Gins With Glass Backdrop John Smith 18       0
Window Dressing John Smith 18       0


A Glasso Of Haig by Julie Holbeche-Maund

Artistic Bottles by Roger Leck

Beware The Storm by Gary Wood

Taken in the back garden using a globe just as a thunderstorm was rolling in
By The Window by Daniel Wood

Taken in a photostudio in Birmingham last weekend
City Scape by Daniel Wood

Taken last weekend whilst walking back from the photostudio in Birmingham
Coventry Cathederal Old And New by Ken Chesterman

Crystal Ball Light Rays by Isobel Chesterman

Cut Glass by Peter Lawrance

Eye Above by Alan Cook

In The Garden Bubble by Gary Wood


Morningside Ride by Alan Cook

Serious Glass by John Langham

Solarised Glass by Peter Lawrance

St Ives Bottles by John Denny

Stained Glass Fragments by Margaret Waterson

Stained Glass Shapes by Margaret Waterson

I worked on these using layers in photoshop
The stained glass are from two large panels standing outside Liverpool’s Catholic Cathedral,
The stained glass shapes have a sky background , and then i used layers to select parts of the panels to create the shapes
i have used the warp tool to stretch and twist the shapes and also on some i used a distort filter ( zig zag and ripple effects )
The stained glass fragments image , i did all the same things but the background came from the lighting tool in photoshop
Strawberry Splash by Ian Waite

Stripes by Steve Bexon

Used striped material as a backdrop with a base of black card covered by a sheet of glass.
Lit by window side lighting and reflector with curtains closed to reduce the glare.
Five small wine glasses were topped up with varying amounts of water to alter the striped effect on the glass.
The Magnifying Glass by Julie Holbeche-Maund

The Pear In The Bubble4 by Steve Pears

is a focus stacked set of 40 images of a glass pear taken through a paperweight.
The Pear In The Bubble4 In Construction by Steve Pears

is a screen shot of the image being built by Affinity Photo.
Toronto by Ian Waite

Two Pink Gins With Glass Backdrop by John Smith

We had made up 2 pink gins with raspberries.
They were placed in the kitchen window in front of a glass chopping board, this gave the subject a good back light.
My Nikon D5200 was mounted on a tripod and camera settings: f8 @ 1/40th sec. ISO 160 and focal length 34 mm

Vandalism by John Langham

Window Dressing by John Smith

This was taken in Hinckley some time back when I was looking for Street photography.
The subject is window dressing at Clarkes shoe shop.
The camera was on auto so I was ready for opportunities.
Just minor adjustments in lightroom

Wine Glass by Steve Bexon

Constructed a box using black mount card with a white reflective panel at each side to cut out any unwanted light sources.
Stood one large wine glass on top of another to look like a reflection.
Used an LED torch at each side of the glass to create the effect.