5 3 1
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd Score
Double Vision Steve Bexon 1 3 2   21
Grand Central Steve Bexon 2 1 3 2 16
Motor Reflection Ken Chesterman 3 2 1   13
Glasses Peter Lawrance- 4 2   1 11
Rutland Water John Langham 4 2   1 11
Empty Shell Reflection Margaret Waterson 6 1   3 8
Jog On Peter Lawrance- 7 1   1 6
Moonshine Over The Sea John Smith 7   2   6
Twin Tower Margaret Waterson 7   2   6
Reflections On The Canal John Smith 10 1     5
Crystal Ball Reflection Isobel Chesterman 11   1   3
Spirit Of Extasy Alan Cook 11   1   3
Trees Paul Steans 11   1   3
Cd Rose Daniel Wood 14     1 1
Friars Mill Steve Pears 14     1 1
Misshapen Building Paul Steans 14     1 1
Monaco Life John Denny 14     1 1
Playing Footsie With Oneself Daniel Wood 14     1 1
Bradgate By The Sea Ian Waite 19       0
Earl Of Mount Edgecombe In A Puddle Gary Wood 19       0
Formation Takeoff Failed Alan Cook 19       0
In The Read View Gary Wood 19       0
Mirror In The Lif Roger Leck 19       0
Staunton Harold John Langham 19       0
Water Jump Ian Waite 19       0
Yves St Lauren’S Garden Marrakech Steve Pears 19       0



Bradgate By The Sea by Ian Waite

Cd Rose by Daniel Wood

Crystal Ball Reflection by Isobel Chesterman

Taken in the dark using a torch with coloured foil over the front and standing the crystal ball on a mirror
for the reflection.
Double Vision by Steve Bexon

I took this image a few years ago on Londons South Bank and re-visited the site a week before lockdown.
Did not convert to mono this time as I liked the colour tones from the blue sky

Earl Of Mount Edgecombe In A Puddle by Gary Wood

Shows part of GWR 4073 ‘Castle’ Class loco Earl of Mount Edgcumbe reflected in a puddle at Tysley Locomotive works
Empty Shell Reflection by Margaret Waterson

Empty Snail Shell was taken at our photo club on a workshop evening with guidance from Julie and Phil

Formation Takeoff Failed by Alan Cook

Friars Mill by Steve Pears

Glasses by Peter Lawrance

Grand Central by Steve Bexon

I was looking around Birmingham for architecture possibles and noticed the roof shapes and reflections of part of the Grand Central building.
Converted to mono using Silver Efex

In The Rear View by Gary Wood

Driveing down the A5 passing over the M42 at Junction 10 and saw GWR 7820 ‘Manor’ Class loco Dinmore Manor in the rear view mirrow
Jog On by Peter Lawrance

Mirror In The Lift by Roger Leck

After being out at night taking some photos on holiday, I took this using the mirror in the hotels lift.

Misshapen Building by Paul Steans

Monaco Life by John Denny

Moonshine Over The Sea by John Smith

Motor Reflection by Ken Chesterman

Taken in the Coventry Motor Museum (when it was open).
Playing Footsie With Oneself by Daniel Wood

Reflections On The Canal by John Smith

Rutland Water by John Langham

Spirit Of Ecstasy by Alan Cook

Staunton Harold by John Langham

Trees by Paul Steans

Twin Tower by Margaret Waterson

Twin tower was taken at Swansea Harbour , the water was really still one evening

All i had to do in photoshop was clone out some leaves floating on the surface of the water and

added some vibrance
Water Jump by Ian Waite

Yves St Lauren’S Garden Marrakech by Steve Pears