Week 14 of Just for Fun was themed Red and had a record 39 entries from 20 members

5 3 1
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Poppy Chantal Cooper 1 4 1 1
Night Eye Steve Bexon 2 3 2 1
Red Roses Julie Holbeche-Maund 3 2 2 1
Lady In Red Peter Lawrance 4 2   2
Fire Buckets Paul Steans 5 1 1 2
Waiting For A Call Steve Bexon 5   3 1
Poppy In My Garden Margaret Waterson 7   3  
The Duchess Gary Wood 7 1 1 1
An English Rose John Smith 9 1 1  
Hoverfly Chantal Cooper 9 1 1  
Liquid Red Alan Wardropper 11 1   1
Pigglet Julie Holbeche-Maund 11 1   1
Red Bikes John Langham 13 1    
A Cut Above The Rest Alan Wardropper 14   1 1
Crocosmia Lucifer Roger Leck 15   1  
Red Red And Red Alan Cook 15   1  
Singing Robin Margaret Waterson 17     2
Apples Gary Wood 18     1
Blocked Caller John Denny 18     1
Red Bubble Peter Lawrance 18     1
Scarlet Ibis Alan Cook 18     1
A Rose By Any Name Daniel Wood 22      
Concentration Wendy Cook 22      
Cumbria At Shackerstone Loz Waterson 22      
Early Morning At Uluru Loz Waterson 22      
French Tomatoes John Denny 22      
Heavy Load Martin Hall 22      
Keyboard Daniel Wood 22      
Luzon Bleeding Heart Steve Pears 22      
Poppy Field Andy Freeman 22      
Red Arrows Ian Waite 22      
Red Art Ian Waite 22      
Robin At Brandon Wendy Cook 22      
Robin Red Breast Martin Hall 22      
Spanish Flag Andy Freeman 22      
Station Precinct John Langham 22      
The Red Chair John Smith 22      
Tower Of London Poppies Paul Steans 22      
Where Light Falls Steve Pears 22    


A Cut Above The Rest by Alan Wardropper

The Pepper was cut into slices, I then put it on a skewer and the suspended horizontally between 2 glass with a white card as background. I removed the skewer in photoshop.
A Rose By Any Name by Daniel Wood

An English Rose by John Smith

Apples by Gary Wood

My wife had the idea having visited her mother the other day where she noted a red bowl full of apples
So yesterday I had a late night trip to the supermarket to purchase required items then
spent an hour or so in the kitchen trying to perfect the lighting but keeping focus to a minimum
Blocked Caller by John Denny

I was researching family history in a churchyard and the telephone box stood out vividly against
the surrounding stonework and countryside.
It reminded me of a tardis so I took some photos thinking the subject might come in useful one day.

Concentration by Wendy Cook

taken on visit to Emma Bridgwater factory in Stoke last year

Crocosmia Lucifer by Roger Leck

Cumbria At Shackerstone by Loz Waterson

Hunslet Austerity 0-6-0T ‘Cumbria’. At Shackerstone station on the Battlefield Line
Early Morning At Uluru by Loz Waterson

also known as Ayers Rock, is a large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in Australia
Fire Buckets by Paul Steans

French Tomatoes by John Denny

The tomatoes were taken on holiday in a local shop. I thought they looked great against the colour of the tray.
The textures were brilliant too.
Heavy Load by Martin Hall

only been cropped taken on my phone for the heavy load

Hoverfly by Chantal Cooper

The Hoverfly on the lucifer.
Just saw it feeding on the Lucifer in my garden and took the shot. My aim was to get the hoverfly against
a soft red background to make it stand out.

Keyboard by Daniel Wood

My laptop is a gaming laptop which gives emphasis to the W,A,S& D keys when lit up red.
I realised that the R & E were close by so just rearranged the keys
Well to tell the truth I did this in photoshop rather then move the actual keys
Lady In Red by Peter Lawrance

After chatting to this charming lady I asked if I could take a picture of her as the sun was
shining through her parasol and there were so many red textures.

Liquid Red by Alan Wardropper

This is the same image run through Liquify in Photoshop with me trying to bring out my artistic side.

Luzon Bleeding Heart by Steve Pears

taken last week at Waddesdon Manor. This is run by the National Trust but retains the aviary from the
days of the Rothschilds. The aviary has a variety of species of unusual birds, many brightly coloured.
The Luzon Bleeding Heart was the only one that met the “red” criteria and was clearly visible.
The image was taken on my Canon M6 Mk2 with the 18-150mm lens at 125mm.

Night Eye by Steve Bexon

I zoomed out my lens during a 3 second night exposure of the London Eye and liked the resulting effect.

Processed in Lightroom

Pigglet by Julie Holbeche-Maund

The image of piglet was taken on my kitchen hob.
I shed piglets feet so they looked like he was kicking the ball.
the ball was placed on a small piece of wood.
The images comprises of 4 images layered together and masked where necessary.
the lighting was a number of small flashes at low power.
the image was processed in Lightroom and Photoshop

Poppy Field by Andy Freeman

For the last couple of years, I’ve volunteered at the National Arboretum to plant the poppies sent in by members
of the British Legion ahead of Remembrance Day.
This image was taken in November 2018, of one of the sections.
Nikon D3100, with an 18-105mm zoom. Slight crop and little bit of sharpening via Snapseed.

Poppy In My Garden by Margaret Waterson

I took this photo after it had rained , the flower head was bent over by the wet and i noticed how photogenic it looked

In Photoshop I Cropped the image first , and enhanced the colour a bit , took the highlights down and then gave it
the oil painting effect to finish

Poppy by Chantal Cooper

For the poppy I wanted a mass of red poppies in the background but without seeing the individual flowers except the
one I focused on. This was achieved by getting down low and using a small aperture to get a shallow depth of field.
It turned out just as I wanted it.

Red Arrows by Ian Waite

were shot at Shackerstone on 15/9/13. I don’t know how they stumped up the £30k to pay for it but it was a full 25 minute display

Shot on a Sony A77V at 70mm 1/2500 f/7.1 iso 200

I used continuous shooting but only used four frames. Image is mostly unaltered apart from some cropping and slight
enhancement of the planes to lighten and increase saturation as they were in shadow.

Red Art by Ian Waite

was shot on a camera club outing to Oadby Botanic Gardens in July 2011 when they do an annual “sculptures in the park”
Shot at 38mm 1/13 sec f/5.4 iso 400 Very little processing although I flipped it vertically to move the focal point up

Red Bikes by John Langham

– bikes lined up for sale in Elizabeth Street in the City Business District of Melbourne taken in February
Red Bubble by Peter Lawranc

This 1957 Messerschmitt KR200 appears to be smiling at you.
This is accentuated by the use of a 14mm lens to exaggerate the bulbous contours.

Red Red And Red by Alan Cook

Red Roses by Julie Holbeche-Maund

The roses were taken on my dressing table. The curtains were drawn with a small spilt to allow natural light to fall on
the top of the roses. The images was processed in Lightroom and Photoshop

Robin At Brandon by Wendy Cook

taken on walk round Brandon marshes with Nikon 3300

Robin Red Breast by Martin Hall

Just cropped and enhanced
Scarlet Ibis by Alan Cook

my images I am afraid are archive shots as I haven’t done much for the last 3 months
the scarlet ibis I found as having just had a new pc built I was sorting out old stuff, It was taken on
negative which I used to process myself and was scanned and that was the result, taken on a
Minolta X300 with a 140 mm lens outside the old colonial building at or near Nairobi.

Singing Robin by Margaret Waterson

was taken at Hidcote Manor Gardens in Spring time

I took this with a cannon 5d with a 24×105 mm lens , taking a few one after the other and caught it with it’s beak fully open

Then in Photoshop i cropped it first then just added a bit of vibrance to boost the Red a little

Spanish Flag by Andy Freeman

This is the Spanish aerobatic team, the Patrulla Aguila, taken at the International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford in 2018.
Part of the display includes painting the Spanish flag in the sky. Image has had a square crop, and a slight colour boost.
Taken at 300mm on a Nikon 3100
Station Precinct by John Langham

I waited for ages for someone to walk past wearing red – precinct of Southern Cross railway station in Melbourne.

The Duchess by Gary Wood

LMS Princess Coronation Class 4-6-2 46233 Duchess of Sutherland passing flooded fields near Frisby on the Wreake on a main line Steam tour
in october 2019
The Red Chair by John Smith

Tower Of London Poppies by Paul Steans

Waiting For A Call by Steve Bexon

It was well worth waiting for someone to stand and pose for a photograph at the end of five red telephone boxes,
the red coat was a further bonus. Taken near Covent Garden.
Processed in Lightroom and Colour Efex Bleach Bypass to enhance the wet paving and reflections

Where Light Falls by Steve Pears

taken on 15 November 2019 at Coventry Cathedral to commemorate the Coventry Blitz. There was a continuously changing
illumination of the remains of the old cathedral. I captured different images, including this one when it was illuminated
in red. Taken on a Canon 5D Mk4 with a 16-35mm lens at 35mm, f4 and 3 tenths of a second.