5 3 1
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd Score
The Gig Team Gary Wood 1 2 2   16
Food Fight Ian Waite 2 2 1 2 15
Sarah Julie Holbeche-Maund 2 3     15
Forth Railbridge Alan Wardropper 4 1 1 2 10
Gateway To Buttermere Steve Bexon 4 2     10
Early Morning In India Roger Leck 6 1 1   8
Postcard From Padstow Peter Lawrance- 6 1   3 8
Ashness Bridge Steve Bexon 8 1   1 6
All The Fun Of The Fair John Langham 9 1     5
Stoats At Draycote Water Loz Waterson 9 1     5
2012 Olympic Flame Margaret Waterson 11   1 1 4
Four Men In A Boat Steve Pears 11   1 1 4
Outback Stockman Peter Lawrance 11   1 1 4
Royal Navy Seafire At Cosby Loz Waterson 11   1 1 4
Blossom Time John Smith 15   1   3
Canna Steve Pears 15   1   3
Pennywise Julie Holbeche-Maund 15   1   3
Sharing A Joke John Langham 15   1   3
The Scamp Ian Waite 15   1   3
In The Field Daniel Wood 15   1   3
The Fen Man Gary Wood 21     1 1
Thirst Quenching Alan Cook 21     1 1
By The Window Daniel Wood 21     1 1
Charlotte Wendy Cook 24       0
Light & Shadows John Smith 24       0
Morning On Calpe Beach Roger Leck 24       0
Mount Cook New Zealand Margaret Waterson 24       0
Rocamadour Alan Cook 24       0
Youth, Love And Hate Alan Wardropper 24       0


2012 Olympic Flame by Margaret Waterson

We were lucky enough to get tickets go in the athletic stadium for the games
This was taken with a Canon 500d with a 24×105 lens I have enhanced the colours a bit but not much else
I didn’t belong to any photo club at the time, these were just memories of a fabulous games, and the flame was just great===============================8<—————————————-
All The Fun Of The Fair by John Langham

Ashness Bridge by Steve Bexon

spent a few hours searching through my archives and decided I didn’t have any specific favourites.
so I’ve senr a couple that I like taken a few years ago in the Lake District.
Not my favourite photo but my favourite area for photography
I think I used similar ones in judged comps but not poty rounds.
These two images hadn’t been processed before so must have used slightly different compositions of the same scene.
Ashness Bridge – Taken early morning in October 2013 on a trip to the Lake District.
There are some great photography locations along this road including Surprise View and Watendlath.

Blossom Time by John Smith

By The Window by Daniel Wood

this was taken at a photo studio since Covid lockdown
Canna by Steve Pears

Charlotte by Wendy Cook

Youngest grandchild taken during lockdown. She just looks so happy.
Early Morning In India by Roger Leck

The Indian one is one of my favourites as early morning across the river from the Taj Mahal was
so peaceful after the Mass of humanity in other parts of the country.

Food Fight by Ian Waite

Forth Railbridge by Alan Wardropper

Four Men In A Boat by Steve Pears

Gateway To Buttermere by Steve Bexon

During a trip to the lakes in October 2013, I photographed a large number of fences leading down
into the water on my walk around the lake. This was one of my favourites of the day.

In The Field by Daniel Wood

Light & Shadows by John Smith

Morning On Calpe Beach by Roger Leck

My second choice had to be Morning on Calpe Beach because this particular shot won me a first at the club.

Mount Cook New Zealand by Margaret Waterson

I took this photo from our hotel balcony in the Mount Cook National Park
We couldn’t believe our luck at being given a room facing this view , this was in December 2009
I took the photo with my Canon 500d with a 24×105 lens hand held from the balcony
We have fond memories of this holiday , this being one of the highlights of our tour .
Outback Stockman by Peter Lawrance

was taken on my first visit to where my daughter lived and worked in Australia and this picture captures it all in my mind.
The calf was being rescued and my daughter nursed it back to health. She has now returned there,
ten years on, to manage the station with her fiance.
Pennywise by Julie Holbeche-Maund

Postcard From Padstow by Peter Lawrance

Both have personal reasons for being amongst my favourite pictures ever.
I have used one in a POTY before so can replace this if not suitable.
Postcard from Padstow shows a snapshot of the slipway in Padstow Harbour.
I have been going there for nearly sixty years and with a few cosmetic exceptions
it is still the same place as it was all those years ago. There is always something happening.

Rocamadour by Alan Cook

This shot is a favourite as it was the first view on arriving at this medieval village in the Dordogne in 2015..
Not the finest of photography but it is the memory that counts.
Royal Navy Seafire At Cosby by Loz Waterson

Sarah by Julie Holbeche-Maund

Sharing A Joke by John Langham

Stoats At Draycote Water by Loz Waterson

The Fen Man by Gary Wood

This was the first shot of a steam train that I had taken that I liked and thought showed potential
it shows LNER 4-6-0 B12 on teh North Norfolk Railway entering Weybourne station.
The Gig Team by Gary Wood

Down in Cornwall Gig racing is a local sport. This shot shows a team going out from St Agnes
The Scamp by Ian Waite

Thirst Quenching by Alan Cook

water hole at voi lodge Tsavo west Kenya . this is my first safari and to be able to get a shot like this
although not the finest of quality in 1986 this was from a negative home processed and scanned
taken with my Minolta x300 with a £30.00 28mm lens the cost of a safari didn’t leave money for
quality equipment.
Youth, Love And Hate by Alan Wardropper