5 3 1
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd Score
Bee Chantal Cooper 1 4 2 1 27
The Potato Field In Ir Steve Bexon 2 2 2 1 17
Rose Margaret Waterson 3 2 1 2 15
Rock Chick Alan Wardropper 4 1 3   14
70013 Oliver Cromwell Gary Wood 4 1 2 3 14
Day Dreaming Julie Holbeche-Maund 6 2     10
Blackberries Julie Holbeche-Maund 7 1   1 6
In The Trees Gary Wood 7   2   6
Underneath The Arches Ian Waite 9 1     5
Spoonful Of Sugar Alan Cook 10   1 1 4
Singapore Hair Line Peter Lawrance 11   1   3
Together Alan Wardropper 12     2 2
Goodmorning Now Wheres My Coffee Chantal Cooper 13     1 1
The Barley Field In Ir Steve Bexon 13     1 1
Beauty In The Cellar Ian Waite 13     1 1
Brambles & Rocks Martin Hall 16       0
Ewe_Tubers John Langham 16       0
Grounded Wendy Cook 16       0
Leaning Trees Chesterton Margaret Waterson 16       0
Lockdown Alan Cook 16       0
Mascat Souq Steve Pears 16       0
Misfat Al Abriyyin Village Steve Pears 16       0
Politically Correct Swan Roger Leck 16       0
Take Off Peter Lawrance 16       0
The Royal Footmen John Langham 16       0
Wild Marsh Orchid Martin Hall 16       0



70013 Oliver Cromwell by Gary Wood

BR 4-6-2 Standard Brittania class 70013 Oliver Cromwell heading the East Riding rail tour on 14 April
2012 near Offord Darcy on the ECML
Beauty In The Cellar by Ian Waite

Bee by Chantal Cooper

Blackberries by Julie Holbeche-Maund

Brambles & Rocks by Martin Hall

Brambles & Rocks taken on mobile
Day Dreaming by Julie Holbeche-Maund

Ewe_Tubers by John Langham

Using black and white roll film, these were shot on market day at Melton Mowbray – the photographs,
not the sheep (although they may have ended up on someone’s dinner plate not long after).

Goodmorning Now Wheres My Coffee by Chantal Cooper

Grounded by Wendy Cook

Wooden geese family taken in the grounds of Sudbury Hall.

In The Trees by Gary Wood

Leaning Trees Chesterton by Margaret Waterson

Leaning Trees Chesterton was edited in the i phone app
Lockdown by Alan Cook

taken earlier this year at Foxton
Mascat Souq by Steve Pears

Misfat Al Abriyyin Village by Steve Pears

Politically Correct Swan by Roger Leck

Rock Chick by Alan Wardropper

This I have not done much to. I have left the blown out hair and the Blue light on her face and eye lashes
I think it adds to the feel of the whole image. It was shoot with a 3 light setup a very strong light with
a blue gel from the left. a light with a red gel to right and a fill light from front left.

Rose by Margaret Waterson

these are phone photos
Rose was edited on the photos app on my computer
Singapore Hair Line by Peter Lawrance

Taken at the top of the Marina Bay Hotel in Singapore overlooking the towering buildings.
This young lady seemed far more interested in her hair than the view. I suppose if I was blessed with hair like that,
I would be as well.

Spoonful Of Sugar by Alan Cook

Taken earlier this year
trying my hand at tabletop a genre I have never
been good at this taken using daylight from window.

Take Off by Peter Lawrance

Taken from a boat on Lake Argyle in Western Australia. Pictures can never do justice to the abundance of
birds and other wildlife there. trip ended with a swim in the lake having just watched the crocs at the waters edge.

The Barley Field In Ir by Steve Bexon

The Barley was still fairly green and not yet mature so photographed in IR against the stormy sky.
This gave the image more impact than a colour image would have done. Processed in Lightroom and Silver Efex mono conversion
The Potato Field In Ir by Steve Bexon

When I photographed this scene in colour the resulting image was very green and flat with very little detail.
I went back and photographed in IR, this allowed every detail in the image to stand out, and, give some impact.
Processed in Lightroom and Silver Efex mono conversion

The Royal Footmen by John Langham

Shot at Sandringham, patiently awaiting Charles and Camilla

Together by Alan Wardropper

I have always liked this image it is from my Peaky Blinders shoot but was criticized being to bright for such a dark subject.
So I have given it a make over , placing the main subjects in a photo I took of a barn and the relight the scene
to give a much darker feel to the image. ( definitely the author lies job } I have brighten it more than the i
mage on my computer because when you put up the sliced pepper image it was very dark.

Underneath The Arches by Ian Waite

Wild Marsh Orchid by Martin Hall

Wild Marsh orchid taken on mobile phone