5 3 1
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Flash Mob Peter Lawrance- 1 4 2 2
The Lonely Shadow Steve Bexon 2 3 2 2
This Is Not A Composite Julie Holbeche-Maund 2 2 4 1
Johnsons No 1 John Denny 4 2   1
Walk Tall Steve Pears 5 2    
Butterfly Gary Wood 6   3  
The Orangery Peter Lawrance- 7 1   3
Shadows In The Woods John Smith 8   2 1
Tate Modern Shadows Steve Bexon 9   1 1
Family Portrait Andy Freeman 10     1
Pergola Shadows Paul Steans 10     1
Sunset Shadows Steve Pears 10     1
A View From The Shadows John Smith 13      
Church Spire Paul Steans 13      
Come Into The Light Andy Freeman 13      
Forks Gary Wood 13      
Infrared Wood John Langham 13      
Mid_Day Break John Langham 13    

A View From The Shadows by John Smith

This was taken nearly 2 years ago in Palma Majorca. It is the Lago del Cisne below Palma Cathedral.
It was taken late morning in strong sunlight. f5 @ 1/100 sec and ISO 400. Minor adjustments in lightroom

Butterfly by Gary Wood

My daughter recently redecorated her entrance hall with butterfly wall paper and hung up some fairy lights
I liked how the shadow from the fairy light mimicked the butterfly. Taken on my phone

Church Spire by Paul Steans

Looking back through my archive I realise I haven’t actually taken many images containing significant shadows, so I’ll have to remedy that in the future!
This was taken in Oxford. I like the similarity between the church spire and the shadow. Processing is just done in lightroom.
Come Into The Light by Andy Freeman

This was taken on a walk around the town walls in Porec, Croatia. The old stone walls are lit, albeit fairly unevenly, hence the light and dark at each side of this shot. It wasn’t deliberately posed, no idea what they were doing here, other than having a difference of opinion as to which way to walk.

Taken on a Nikon D3100, 18-105 zoom. Shot has had a quick edit, slight crop, darkened a bit and a touch of sharpening.
Family Portrait by Andy Freeman

Shot against part of the town walls in Porec, Croatia. Fairly dim blue spotlights behind us here, throwing some interesting shadows.
No crisp edges as there were several lights. Taken on Nikon D3100, 18-105 lens.

I got the settings badly wrong here, original is much too dark, but as the camera always lies these days, it has got a bit better in the edit.  Lightened quite a bit, lost the distracting shapes at the top, and a tighter crop.

Flash Mob by Peter Lawrance

Group of model figures taken outside with natural light to get the harsh shadows. Figures are stuck on double sided tape to keep them upright but this leaves very untidy, creased background so replaced the background with a coloured wash and then tidied up the figures, removing as many of the defects in the selection as possible and processed in Light Room and Photoshop.
Forks by Gary Wood

Placed two forks with strong side lighting

Infrared Wood by John Langham

This one was taken using an infrared-converted camera in Memorial Wood in Bradgate Park…
Johnsons No 1 by John Denny

Was an old photo which I was going to re shoot for the glass theme.
Due to workload (home diy!) I entered it for the shadows which I think it fits better anyway.
Mid_Day Break by John Langham

I resisted the temptation to include a photo of my Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow !
Before lockdown, we were able to take snacks at mid-day, the harshest shadows…
Pergola Shadows by Paul Steans

was taken last week in my garden. I happened to be at the end of the garden with the sun at my back and noticed the
different patterns of the pergola beams shadows as they fell on the shed, the wall and the water butts. As usual processing was done in lightroom. I did try a version using silver Efex but I thought it failed to represent them as shadows. I have included this just for
comparison purposes during the review.

Shadows In The Woods by John Smith

I took this at Hartshill Hayes the weekend before lockdown. The shape of the trees and the shadows thrown across the path caught my eye. My camera is hand held by f10 1/80 sec and ISO 200. I did minor adjustments in lightroom and finished off in silver Efex

Sunset Shadows by Steve Pears

was photographed from Manarola, one of the Cinque Terra on the west coast of Italy just north of Pisa. We stayed for 4 days and each evening produced the same vivid orange sunset. I liked the silhouette of the trees on the hillside. Taken on a Canon 7DMk2 with a Tamron 16-300mm lens at 300mm
Tate Modern Shadows by Steve Bexon

The sun was flooding through the narrow windows in the Tate Modern Turbine Hall. This created some great shadows of people walking down the ramp below where I was standing with my camera two floors above them. Processed in Lightroom and Silver Efex Pro.

The Lonely Shadow by Steve Bexon

This image was taken from a bridge over a walkway in Camden Market. The bright winter morning sun backlit the people below creating some great shadows. Processed in Lightroom and Silver Efex Pro.

The Orangery by Peter Lawrance

Taken at Calke Abbey. Obviously built here because of its sunny aspect.  Love the shadows cast by the intricate windows and dome.
Hard to include all of the building but taken with 24mm lens captures the main characteristics. Processed in Light Room and Photoshop.

This Is Not A Composite-Julie Holbeche-Maund

As it says on the tin or at least in the title this is not a composite image but is as shot out of the camera. It was taken at a photoshoot on location. The model was placed at the top of the stairs and a cardboard cut out was used for the shadow. The shadow was created by placing a flash in front of the cut out. Flash was also used to light the model.

Walk Tall by Steve Pears

was photographed in the evening at Bethells Beach in New Zealand,  as the sun was casting long shadows. Bethells Beach is 45 minutes from very busy Auckland, but is almost deserted. It has been used in high class films such as Xena Warrior Princess, Hercules The Legendary Journeys and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Taken on a Canon 7D Mk2 with a Canon 50mm f1.4 lens.