5 3 1
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd Score
Enraptured Peter Lawrance 1 7   1 36
Sans Lumiere Peter Lawrance 2 2 2 4 20
Flying High Steve Bexon 3 1 3   14
Rock On Steve Bexon 4 1 1 1 9
Woody & Friends Roger Leck 5   1 1 4
The Table Is Set For Entertaining Steve Pears 5   1 1 4
Afternoon Tea Roger Leck 7   1   3
Entertaining The Tourists John Langham 7   1   3
War Dance Ian Waite 7   1   3
Small Audience Ian Waite 10     2 2
Entertaining The Shoppers John Langham 11     1 1
Anyone For Cards Steve Pears 12       0


Woody & Friends by Roger Leck

Rock On by Steve Bexon

Taken in Camden Town, London. Difficult to take as the guy never stopped moving whilst performing an over the top rock guitar impression

Afternoon Tea by Roger Leck

Flying High by Steve Bexon

Taken at a Moto Cross event. The guy pulled out all the stops when he saw my camera was pointing in his direction

Small Audience by Ian Waite

Enraptured by Peter Lawrance

was taken at Piccadilly Circus. It was the expression on the onlooker’s faces that appealed to me and was far more entertaining than the obligatory living statue.

Sans Lumiere by Peter Lawrance

Should it be ‘Son et Lumiere’ (sound and light show) – sans lumiere translates to ‘without light’ !)

was taken at a projected event on the front of Lichfield Cathedral on a 12mm wide angle. Have tried to keep the verticals upright with some limited success.
It was taken in the dark although the cloud patterns are quite visible.

Entertaining The Tourists by John Langham

The piper is always popular to the American tourists – Westminster Bridge, London, 105mm lens set to f4 to throw background out of focus, 1/1600 sec ISO 125

Entertaining The Shoppers by John Langham

Street entertainer in York – got in close using a 35mm prime lens, 1/125 at f9.5 ISO 400

Anyone For Cards by Steve Pears

The Table Is Set For Entertaining by Steve Pears

War Dance by Ian Waite