5 3 1
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd Score
Zanzibar At Dawn Steve Bexon 1 3 1   18
New Zealand Julie Hiolbeche-Manud 2 2 1 4 17
Singapore Peter Lawrance 3   4 1 13
Auckland Julie Holbeche-Manud 4 2   1 11
North Devon Beach At Dawn Steve Bexon 4 2   1 11
The Peaceful Dales Alan Cook 6 1 1 1 9
Watching Steam Trains Gary Wood 6   2 3 9
Outback Australia Peter Lawrance 8   2 1 7
The Pub Phil Mallin 9 1   1 6
The Schmittenhoe Zell Am See Loz Waterson 9 1   1 6
Evening Sky Over Sydney Margaret Waterson 11 1     5
Forward Out Of Lockdown John Smith 11 1     5
12 Apostles John Langham 13   1   3
Pulpit Rock John Langham 13   1   3
Tongario National Park New Zealand Margaret Waterson 13   1   3
Boating On Andaman Sea Alan Cook 16       0
Enjoying A Pint Gary Wood 16       0
From Montepulciano Steve Pears 16       0
Lets Get Cruising Again John Smith 16       0
Montepulciano -Steve Pears 16       0
My Hairdressers Wendy Cook 16       0
No Virus Allowed Ian Waite 16       0
Schonbrunn Palace Vienna Loz Waterson 16       0
The Pub Again Phil Mallin 16       0
Top Of The World Ian Waite 16       0


Forward Out Of Lockdown by John Smith

This weeks Just4Fun is the first time I have attempted to put many images together.
I was inspired by the monument of discovery in Lisbon and then over the last few days I have taken photos of walkers locally.
This has included, Hinckley, Croft and Beacon Hill

Lets Get Cruising Again,John Smith

No Virus Allowed by Ian Waite

Outback Australia by Peter Lawrance

Singapore by Peter Lawrance

Top Of The World by Ian Waite

Watching Steam Trains by Gary Wood

GWR 7029 Clun Castle passing Croft hill hauling a main line charter.


North Devon Beach at Dawn by Steve Bexon

The long exposure image was taken an hour after sunrise in between tides on a North Devon beach near Clovelly.

Zanzibar at Dawn by Steve Bexon

Image was taken at dawn and low tide on a deserted beach except for the single fishing Dhow.
Had to wait for a sea mist to clear before I could see the boat detail.


12 Apostles by John Langham

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
This shows some of the eight remaining ‘Apostles’, the others being victims of erosion and reclaimed into the ocean.
Shot on Fujicolor C200 film on Hasselblad panoramic X-Pan camera. Awaited a sunset which didn’t really come to much,
so then embarked on the 4 hour drive back to Melbourne.

Auckland by Julie Holbeche-Manud

Boating On Andaman Sea by Alan Cook

Enjoying A Pint,Gary Wood

We had been for a walk along the Heddon Valley, I lost the others so whilst waiting for them to return tried a couple of the locals.
This is my first attempt at focus stacking. I took just 2 images on my phone and use Photoshop to merge them.
Evening Sky Over Sydney by Margaret Waterson

We visited these two places 10 years ago when we retired.
They bring back fond memories of a great holiday
At the time i took these i only took them for ourselves , and didn’t have any photographic equipment with me only
a canon 500d camera , no filters or tripod just basic stuff.
Just memories for us really but very nice ones

Montepulciano by Steve Pears

Where would I Rather Be, how about Montepulchiano

From Montepulciano by Steve Pears

or Looking From Montepulchiano, preferably with a glass of the local wine.

My Hairdressers by Wendy Cook

New Zealand by Julie Holbeche-Maund

Pulpit Rock by John Langham

Cape Schanck, Victoria, Australia
After descending the 492 wooden steps and then navigating across the rocks, this is the view of Pulpit Rock south of
the Mornington Peninsula.

Schonbrunn Palace Vienna by Loz Waterson

The Peaceful Dales by Alan Cook

The Pub by Phil Mallin

The Pub Again by Phil Mallin

The Schmittenhoe Zell Am See by Loz Waterson

Tongario National Park New Zealand by Margaret Waterson