Following on from Landscape we have POTY 2 – Action : This quest of capturing and conveying motion is collectively called action photography. Action photography demands lightning-quick reflexes, a solid foundation in composition and other photo elements, and a little bit of luck.

  • Freeze the Action – The world around us is in motion but a photograph is a still medium, a good shot freeze’s the action, and obviously it need’s to be sharp
  • Being more Creative – The better image goes beyond just freezing the action. and seeks a creative way of capturing and conveying this motion to the viewer.
  • Faces – If the image includes a person you need to see their face or more specifically their eyes and the expression.
  • Balls – If the image shows some one jumping to catch a ball or to kick a ball you need to see the Ball and not just the attempt as this gives meaning to the image.
  • Focus– the main subject of the image should be in sharp focus.  However, sometimes motion blur can be used effectively to show motion.
  • Lighting/Exposure –  the subject should be easily visible and not hidden in a deep shadow or lost in the highlights.
  • Background – the background should not be a distraction from the main subject of the photo.
  • Colour – the colour of the subject should be natural.  It can be very easy, especially when shooting indoors under certain kinds of lights, to produce a shot where the white balance is substantially off and people have a greenish or other color cast to them.
  • Subject size – the main subject should fill a substantial portion of the photo; there should not be a large amount of excess space around the subject.
  • Distractions – items that detract from the main subject or action should be cropped out of the picture.
  • Noise – the picture should not be overly noisy or grainy.  Excess noise is almost always a result of shooting at high ISOs or underexposing an image.  Sometimes shooting at high ISOs is unavoidable (indoor sports, for example) in order to get a high shutter speed, but there are ways of reducing this noise during final processing of the picture.  However, noise reduction can be overdone resulting in a “plastic” quality to people in the picture and should be avoided.
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